Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite 2023: Which Is Best Product Research Tool? (#1 Reason)

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Bottom Line Upfront:  JungleScout is not only a market research tool it also has features as they provide chrome extension and many more things. JungleScout is the best tool for those who have their businesses on Amazon. JungleScout has all the things which are need to Amazon FBA seller.  These details are the reason that JungleaScout is better than AmaSuite. Get started with JungleScout today to get their benefits.

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Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite 2023: Overview

Here, I would like to compare both the products on the basis of three segments which are on the basis of value for money, ease of use, or how user-friendly it is and in terms of effectiveness.

This would give us a broad idea or an overview of both the platforms and then moving ahead with other areas.

Jungle Scout Overview

Overview- Jungle Scout vs Amasuite

  • Jungle Scout being launched in 2015, they have a stirringly packaged tool-kit that is completely cloud-based specifically designed for selling on Amazon.
  • This is a platform that boasts and promises to effectively organize and swing through the sales data for businesses that would help them in three different areas which include suites of three tools that are- the product database, the niche hunter, and a product tracker each of which does their tasks efficiently and effectively in a timely manner.
  • Moreover, as their marketing says and speaks extravagantly, sellers who work through their platform could benefit by always staying one step ahead by having a premium database of Amazon through their toolkit.
  • New users have also reviewed to have had the ease of navigating through the website without the support which is a bonus that states how user-friendly the dashboard is.
  • Needless to say, their pricing is in comparison cost effective that ranges between $29-$69 for the features and benefits that they want to offer to their customers.

AmaSuite Overview

Amasuite Overview- Jungle Scout vs Amasuite

  • The recently launched platform ensures to exhibit and unravel the keywords as well as products that would ensure and guarantee that online businesses could make profits over Amazon.
  • They have created a set of five tools that would give you an all-around advantage of searching, researching, and analyzing the products listed over the platform of Amazon.
  • They have designed their platform in a way where you would have the database and information of the products that have been liked or disliked which would invariably ensure the product performance that the online seller is striving for. 
  • One of the advantages that an online platform would possibly like would be the AmaKeyword generator that would show results that are most searched for which will ideate your keywords for the products and hence list your product in priority.
  • Talking about the pricing, the platform is priced at $197 which can also be paid in four installments of $67.

Here are some questions that I am going to answer for you in this blog:

  • What are the advantages of using Jungle Scout?
  • What does “Fulfillment by Amazon” mean?
  • What other features are included in AmaSuite?
  • What is the difference between Jungle Scout and AmaSuite?
  • How would I go about finding products that are popular on Amazon?
  • What are similarities of Jungle Scout and AmaSuite?
  • Which one is better Jungle Scout or AmaSuite?

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Features

Since we have already set the basis and have an overview of what both the platforms would provide us with, there are a certain set of features that you would want to have a look at before your go ahead with any of the platforms for your online business. 

This part would also give you a brief comparison of the features provided under four broad categories which will create a distinction between the features of Jungle Scout and AmaSuite which include the following:

Jungle Scout Key Features

1). Education and Training 

Academy- Jungle Scout vs Amasuite

  1. Jungle Scout is a platform that basically focuses on it is in the form of unrestricted and on-demand video guides. They also ensure they regularly update video guides weekly which gives a surety over the fact that you get quality training from time to time.
  2. Alongside the video guides, you would receive a step-to-step guide on the case studies that will give an opportunity of understanding several situations through the case studies from time to time, giving an advantage of conceptual clarity.
  3. Access to blog posts and having to go through them would be insightful and ensures you have the right kind of knowledge related to affiliate marketing.

2). Product Research and Validation

With the education and training access being top-notch, Jungle Scout has ensured one of their features to be product research and validation.

This is one of their key distinctive features.

Product Tracker- Jungle Scout vs Amasuite

  1. Jungle Scout has ensured that they have a top-notch feature in terms of having data accuracy and ensuring that have successfully acquired a tag of being a leader in this aspect without a doubt. This is a feature that would provide a pool of information, knowledge, and insights on various aspects ensuring they provide 100% research-based data and completely authenticity.
  2. For ease of their customers and clients who join their platform, they have ensured you have access to their product discovery tools that would enable you to learn more about the top searching products over the platform of Amazon.
  3. One of their key features under this main feature is to have an opportunity score analysis that would help you understand better where your business stands in terms of other businesses alongside your competition.
  4. Without a doubt, to ensure their users have an outlook over the past performances and analysis of their competitors or any of the products, they ensure you have a historical data analysis. This may be deal breakers for many experienced users who already deal with online shopping platforms and want to explore more options in terms of more options.
  5. Rest be assured, they have ensured the users are ahead by having hands-on experience over the product tracker that will have an insight on how their products are performing in the market to up their game in terms of online sales.
  6. Jungle Scout ensures their users and clients are always a step ahead by having access to the global supplier network that ensures you have the necessary information to understand the supplier market much better and come up with plans for making their user’s products better.

3). Launching on Amazon

With the fact that launching a seller’s business on an online platform, it is important to understand that there are a few key features that the platform provides you with:

  1. Jungle Scout ensures you get a feature which is the Keyword discovery and Keyword Rank Tracking which is an important feature that will help the seller to find the most searched products in their niche. KeyScout
  2. They have an inbuilt feature of optimization score which is a keynote advantage if you are looking at marketing the products that you are listing on the website. According to the optimization score, you can easily understand at what rank your product stands out in a market place.
  3. Jungle Scout gives added features of ensuring that the online sellers that they are working with get regular product promotions and discounts and customization alerts for their online platforms.

4). Business Management

  1. This is an area where Jungle Scouts provides a feature of Business Management in terms of a lot of tools that would help an online seller to build their online presence.
  2. There are numerous tools like Sales Analytics, profitability dashboard, email performance reports that help a business to broadly look at their numbers.
  3. They also ensure customer aspects like product promotions and offers that you could provide to the customers as well as have a market segment analysis that ensures which market to focus more on ensuring your products sell out faster.

Key Features of AmaSuite 

 1). Education and Training

  1. AmaSuite being one of a kind platform, would provide you with unrestricted video guides depending on areas that actually need that kind of explanation. However, video guides are provided for areas that are much more complex and require time that needs to be invested.
  2. Case studies are provided depending on what concept is to be focused more on and areas that would need complex understanding and accordingly working the way through ensuring proper concept clarity and a piece of deep knowledge that may be required.
  3. One beautiful benefit that you would find at the platform is that you would have unlimited access to their blog posts that give deep insights on relevant topics from time to time.

2). Product Research and Validation

Amasuite Product Analyzer- Jungle Scout vs Amasuite

  1. They ensure that you have all the product discovery tools depending on the requirements and the market research you want to do.
  2. Opportunity score is a key factor in the growth of an online seller. This is an indicator that ensures you have the correct idea about your competitors and how well or how behind you would be performing or your products are doing.
  3. Historical data is something that is required by the sellers to analyze the market trends that have been going on to ensure necessary additions could be made to the products and their online presence.
  4. An additional feature that AmaSuite ensures their users have is the listing review downloader which is a feature that would make the job easier to have one-page access to the reviews that the seller receives to get a critique over their products.

3). Launching on Amazon

  1. With having to launch on Amazon, they ensure you have the right Keyword discovery and Keyword Rank Tracking to ensure you get maximum optimization.Amasuite Keyword Generator- Amasuite vs Jungle Scout
  2. Keyword index checker and having PPC automation tools would make your tasks easier in terms of marketing your products in the right way without having to spend time in this area.
  3. Ensuring you get support in terms of optimization scores and having to receive customization alerts whenever required.

4). Business Management

  1. AmaSuite is a platform that provides sales analytics and profitability dashboards if you are looking and aiming at getting the numbers to push forward your business.
  2. Business management on the mobile app is a feature that you would receive in terms of access to having on multiple devices.
  3. You as a seller would have Inventory demand forecasting to ensure you have a timely update on your inventory or stock of products.
  4. In terms of customer service, you would have a feature of Refund reimbursements where you could track the refund that you would have to process and a market segment analysis to ensure that you target the right audience.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Feature Comparison

Below I have discussed a few of the features of both the platforms Jungle Scout and AmaSuite which would basically give you a version that you could compare alongside.

Comparing Jungle Scout

  • Education and training

Unrestricted, on-demand videos YES
Free step by step videos    YES
Blog posts and resources YES
  • Product Research and Validation

A leader in data accuracy  YES
Product discovery tools    YES
Opportunity score  YES
Historical data analysis YES
Product tracker  YES
Global supplier database YES
Listing review database  NO
  • Launching on amazon

Keyword discovery  YES
Keyword rank tracking  YES
Keyword index checker  NO
PPC automation tools NO
Listing optimization score      YES
Product promotions and discounts    YES
250000 shopper marketplace  YES
Customizable alerts YES
  • Business Management

Sales analytics 
Profitability dashboard
Email performance reports   
Business management on the mobile app  NO
Inventory demand forecasting 
Refund reimbursements      NO
Market segment analysis  PARTIALLY


  • Education and training

Unrestricted, on-demand videos PARTIALLY
Free step by step videos  PARTIALLY
Blog posts and resources    YES
A leader in data accuracy  NO
Product discovery tools  YES
Opportunity score    YES
Historical data analysis YES
Product tracker  PARTIALLY
Global supplier database NO
Listing review database YES
Launching On Amazon
Keyword discovery YES
Keyword rank tracking  YES
Keyword index checker  YES
PPC automation tools YES
Listing optimization score PARTIALLY
Product promotions and discounts  NO
250000 shopper marketplace NO
Customizable alerts PARTIALLY
  • Business management

Sales analytics    YES
Profitability dashboard YES
Email performance reports  NO
Business management on the mobile app YES
Inventory demand forecasting PARTIALLY
Refund reimbursements YES
Market segment analysis  YES


With the above-given features, Both of the platforms are really good in terms of the services that they would be providing to their users.

What I believe is that with each of the features that Jungle Scout and AmaSuite provide, they ensure the features an online seller would find depending on the requirement that they would have at the time of setting up an online business.

While AmaSuite ensures exemplary marketing services as a headstrong feature that it would provide, JungleScout ensures you have neutrality in all of the features taking into consideration, pricing.

It is for the online seller to choose on the basis of requirements and the situation.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Benefits

After considering the features of both the platforms- Jungle Scout and AmaSuite, I wanted to discuss the benefits each of them provide:

Benefits of Jungle Scout

  1. They are an all-in-one solution for the sellers which involves giving all the benefits under one platform without reaching out to other platforms for the same tasks. This ensures efficiency for sellers selling online to save time and focus on areas that they want to focus more on.
  2. As discussed in the features, they have several metrics where you could measure your performance from time to time ensuring you have enough data and information to focus on your weak areas and push forward strongly. This ensures you are ahead of your competitors.
  3. With one click you could easily retrieve your salles analytical dashboard for your perspective as a seller as well as get reviews for a customer’s perspective ensuring a 360-degree outlook.
  4. They work on all devices ensuring you do not miss out on work

Benefits of AmaSuite

  1. AmaSuite has the benefits of analyzing the top-performing products ensuring you have an analysis of current market trends.
  2. Their Instant Category feature helps you find and search sub-categories which would fetch you results within seconds ensuring you save time on data analysis and focus on areas that you want to.
  3. To make fetching your data easily, they have ensured you have filters that are fast to ensure you get the right data on time and the exact data whenever you want.
  4. This is functional on any device that you want to use on making multitasking made easier.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Performance 

Jungle Scout

This is a platform that mainly is designed for product researches and launches which ensures you have a smooth hit over the platform named Amazon and upscale your sales with their key features allowing you to save time and have a steady increase in your revenue.

With their extension, you will have assured ease of use and instant results that you as a seller may need.


In terms of Performance and Speed of the platform, many of their users have reviewed that they enable fast and userfriendly functions keeping the performance and speed on a check.

With various tools under one page, each has been designed in a way that the tasks can be performed with ease in an effective manner where each of the analytics has been designed uniquely to meet the requirements of the user as well as ensuring it can be understood them without efforts.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Security | Which One Is Secure?

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides a secure payment gateway for the payment of their software.

A specific and unique URL is sent to each of its users to ensure the privacy of the data.


AmaSuite provides a secured payment gateway ensuring ease of payment of their software and hence is secure.

Privacy and security are maintained for each of their users.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Ease Of Use

Jungle Scout

With the user-friendly platform, they have ensured you have ample and comprehensive training modules and videos making it user-friendly and beginner-friendly.

This is a platform that is more preferred by beginners to use due to the training material available for clarity and scope for growth.


This platform might be slightly comprehensive for beginners as it mainly aims at analytics and advanced data. This would be best suited for sophisticated sellers.

However, this platform works more on social media platforms and websites that might be slightly more chaotic and confusing.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: Customer Support

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout focuses mainly on live customer support which enables new users and beginners to get the right guidance at the beginning. Their customer support is structured and a useful setup aiming at reverts that may require instant action.


AmaSuite also focuses on life support over social media platforms as well as their website but can get slightly confusing for beginners or might end up being an unhelpful situation that might be problematic. This is something that may require upgrades.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: The Pricing Battle

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout offers three plans and there is no free trial or free version for any of these plans.

Jungle Scout Pricing- Jungle Scout or Amasuite

1). For the Basic plan

It costs around $19 per month and it contains

  • Registration for a single user
  • Full access to their entire extensions.

2). For the Suite plan

It costs around $49 per month and it contains the following features

  • More user registration
  • Historical research data for products

3). For the Professional plan

This plan costs around $84 per month and it has the following features

  • All-suite plan features plus
  • Priority onboarding feature etc..

AmaSuite Pricing

Amasuite Offers only a single price option which is known as a full-pay option.

Full-Pay Option charged $97 from you to use full Amasuite tools.

Amasuite Pricing- Amasuite comparison

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite: The Pros and Cons

Jungle Scout


  1. The platform ensures a large and unique database.
  2. Fetching accurate results depending on searches 
  3. Reliable and user-friendly
  4. Offers a 14 days money-back guarantee.


  1. The price is comparatively higher than in AmaSuite.



  1. AmaSuite is a platform that could be used on any device whether it is an iOS or an Android device.
  2. They come with a variety of proxies you could use.
  3. User-friendly user interface.
  4. In terms of pricing, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. Website navigation and design might be complex for beginners.
  2. Lacks a few features that may tend to be a setback for users.

Jungle Scout Customer Reviews

jungle scout customer reviews jungle scout user reviews jungle scout customer stories

AmaSuite Customer Reviews

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Why Should You Choose Jungle Scout for Amazon FBA?

Between 2019 – 2020, Amazon’s net revenue has increased by $100 Billion, which makes it a 40% increase in just a year.

In fact, their revenue is continuously accelerating- Check this out:

You can make money online and the best part about it is that you’re not limited.

According to Financial Post, 62% of new sellers said their profits increased in 2020 alone- but there’s more too!

Amazon allows for easy access so you don’t have to worry about shipping or storage space which will leave plenty of room for other things like family dinners and exercising every day.

Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite FAQs:

😄Would the Jungle Scout platform provide free trial before purchase?

You can consider a free trial as they have a 14-day money-back guarantee if you do not like the service. You could cancel the subscription and would get an easy refund for the same.

🤩Would the AmaSuite platform provide free trial before purchase?

AmaSuite, unfortunately, does not have a free trial. However, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

🤭How do I activate my software?

If you have installed AmaSuite version 4 or higher, then you must insert the email address you used when ordering the software online. If you are having difficulties, contact our support team here.

🤔Where can I get support?

For all support questions and inquiries, please submit a support ticket here. Alternatively, you can email our support team at: support@amasuiteapps.com

✌️Jungle Scout Review: Is It Really Worth It?

Jungle Scout is the most comprehensive Amazon research tool available. Yes, it's a little expensive, and yes, the lack of a free trial is a bummer, but if you're serious about building your FBA business, it's 100 % worth the money. If you can't figure it out, just request a refund within two weeks and you're set to go.

👍Is it necessary to use product research tools?

No, it is not necessary to use product research tools but if you start researching on your own it will take hours and hours and yet your research will not be as efficient as the information by product research tools.

🙌Is Jungle Scout worth the money / Is Jungle Scout Worth it?

Jungle Scout is the most comprehensive Amazon research tool available. Yes, it's a little expensive, and yes, the lack of a free trial is a bummer, but if you're serious about building your FBA business, it's 100% worth the money.

👱‍♂️ How Much Does Jungle Scout Cost?

Their Basic plan supports a maximum of one user. Their Suite plan includes one user, but you may add as many as you need at $ 49 per month per seat (or $ 468 per year on an annual plan). Their Professional plan covers six users, but additional seats are available for $ 49 per month (or $ 468 per year on an annual plan).

🤷‍♂️Do You Actually Need It / Conclusion – Should You Get Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is the most comprehensive Amazon research tool available. Yes, it's a little expensive, and yes, the lack of a free trial is a bummer, but if you're serious about building your FBA business, it's 100 % worth the money. If you can't figure it out, just request a refund within two weeks and you're set to go. With tools like Jungle Scout, it's never been simpler to get access to insights that enable you to make data-driven choices when purchasing your Amazon goods. When used properly, Jungle Scout substantially reduces the risk of buying the incorrect product by providing real facts to support your choice. This eliminates a lot of the guesswork associated with operating your Amazon FBA business and makes achieving the success you deserve that much simpler.

🙋Which Jungle Scout Plan is Right For You?

It entirely depends on how much time and features you are going to use Jungle Scout for and certain other factors. However, we highly recommend the Suite Plan.

👓How much can you earn with Jungle Scout?

According to a study by Jungle Scout, new Amazon sellers make between $ 26,000 and $ 810,000 per year in earnings.

🌟Why Should You Buy Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that enables you to discover profitable items, forecast sales, do keyword research, and spy on rivals all from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Essentially, it immediately identifies the most lucrative and easiest-to-grow items for your company. It is highly recommended to buy it. It will definitely help your business grow.

⚡️Is There a Free Trial For Jungle Scout?

While they do not currently offer a free trial, we do provide a seven-day money-back guarantee on their regular plans. If you determine within 7 days that the product is not a good fit, they will offer you a full refund, no questions asked. To contact the team, just send an email to support@junglescout.com.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite 2023

Jungle Scout being widely popular and preferred by many sellers, it is definitely a platform that would help you towards extensive product research through its tools.

The training lessons cater to even beginners as well as existing individuals in the business and hence making your selling and affiliate marketing journey more resourceful as well as guiding you through areas that you lack with their tools and extensions.

AmaSuite offers a combination of software that would help you boost your sales and paves your path of becoming a better seller.

Using the data accuracy and precise predictions, you would find it easy to filter out the data and searches according to your choices to get the results that you would possibly want.

All this would be available at a price that is decent for a platform that would provide you with five software with different functionalities.

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