Sellzone vs Viral Launch 2023 : Which Is The Best Amazon Seller Tool? [Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing Comparison]

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Learn about Sellzone vs Viral Launch to make sure you can handle these key aspects of your Amazon selling business effortlessly, it would be wise on your part to use an Amazon Seller tool that provides you with the best and most powerful tools for managing your selling game on Amazon at the most reasonable prices.

If you have been searching the web for the best Amazon Seller tool for your brand and are confused about which to go for, then we are here to ease your work as today we will be giving you a head to head comparison review of two of the most popular reseller tools in the market, Sellzone, and Viral Launch.

So, Let’s Begin!

Sellzone vs Viral Launch Overview:

What is Sellzone?

sellzone review

Sellzone is a powerful marketing and sales machine created by Semrush that includes a number of key tools and features designed to help growth-oriented Amazon sellers improve their performance through listing audits, split testing, effective optimization insights, and traffic-boosting suggestions.

Sellzone is now widely regarded as the perfect toolkit for product sellers and retailers on Amazon’s marketplace (Amazon-based businesses) looking for dependable ways to improve their success and increase their sales.

Sellzone is powered by one of the leading business tools producers that have produced over seven million marketers and so it provides one of the best platforms to do your business on.

What is Viral Launch?

Sellerly vs Viral Launch viral-launch

Viral Launch is a popular Amazon Seller tool that provides your company with the ideal tools for effortlessly selling and expanding on Amazon.

You own the competitive edge with their easy-to-use app suite (which has helped drive over $8 billion in Amazon sales).

A versatile PPC tool that allows Amazon sellers to save time and money by automating their PPC campaigns.

With powerful Amazon seller tools at your fingertips, you’ll be more successful and profitable than ever before.

Our top-notch data science squad, AI-powered insights, and billions of Amazon data points (far more than anywhere else) give you the upper hand.

Key Features & Tools 

Features of Sellzone

features of sellerzone

Sellzone is a rich online marketing site with the appropriate and perfect tools for making Amazon sellers maximise and organise their overall e-commerce performance results easily and explore their revenue growth points.

Listing Protection

Sellzone’s Listing Protection tool is an online monitoring system that enables Amazon sellers to keep count of their listings’ rankings and exposure, as well as sales price, descriptions and specifications, and modifications in Buy Box ownership and control, among many other things, by giving them information and warning about list hijacking and other infringement concerns.

This tool focuses on automating the tracking of your Amazon listings by alerting you about your keywords and rates of your items, as well as your Buy boxes.

The software also alerts you about any listing suppression, taking into consideration the use of the Amazon MWS tokens and the connection to your Amazon account page.

This tool also makes it easy to manage scouting programs, as well as track and analyze adjustments in rival selling prices and Buy Box ownerships.

This allows the user to manage their marketing approach effectively and formulate strategies that will help you surpass your opponents by generating additional sales and increasing profit margins.

Traffic Insights

Sellzone has created a unique technique to let you have meaningful data on the traffic of your company or any competitor.

This Traffic Insights tool is for marketers and advertisers who would like to discover and assess the most effective external (non-Amazon) traffic sources that can direct even more traffic to their brand’s Amazon page.

You could use this research to identify the best Amazon listings for which you or your business will be competing by conducting a fast Amazon search for your item’s keywords.

The software will immediately evaluate and inform you which external traffic sources will have the greatest effect on your product sales technique.

Listing Quality Check

The Listing Quality Check system from Sellzone is indeed an audit tool that has been created to help you boost the popularity of your product page, as well as many other important advertising statistics like profits and CTR.

This is a robust Amazon listing audit tool that ensures that the item listings completely follow the standards and guidelines that regulate Amazon marketing and sales.

Consequently, the software can give you lots of data-driven insights for increasing the exposure of your products and, as a result, growing your conversion rates.

These techniques and insights are focused on the experience and knowledge of several commercial and individual professionals who can recommend the right and perhaps most successful business practices that will help your company flourish on Amazon.

Sellzone tool is the most detailed auditing platform on the market since it contains the biggest number of checks.

Not only it assesses whether a listing complies with Amazon requirements and style guides, but also gives recommendations based on best approaches of the most successful sellers on Amazon

Split Testing

All Amazon sellers could use Sellzone’s Split Testing tool completely free of cost, and it’s provided both in free and premium subscription plans.

This tool is simple to use and assists Amazon sellers in fine-tuning and modifying their listings in order to make split tests and optimize main listing elements such as page/product title, description, pricing, and photos in order to guarantee maximum page attractiveness and increased sales.

There are still no restrictions on the number of Split Tests you can perform with the application, which ensures you can conduct several experiments and play with your Amazon listing specifications to create the perfect listing that will generate further conversions and ultimately lead to increased sales.

Features of Viral Launch

Sellerly vs Viral Launch viral-launch1

The software is a tool suite that integrates a variety of functions into a single, well-organized framework.

As a result, information gleaned from one of its methods may be shared with the others for further analysis and value addition.

All here is designed to help you accomplish one main goal: to increase your sales.   

Keyword Research 

The Viral Launch Keyword Analysis tool is used as consumers search for items using keywords, and Amazon then rates the results using a particular search algorithm.

It aims to assist you in identifying unique phrases that you might use to capture your target audience with better search rankings.

The tool is built on a massive database that contains a large amount of Amazon search data.

Viral Launch basically scans it with an AI system and then performs a thorough study of the search patterns to assess the possible effect of different keywords.  

The keyword insights you obtain in return are now incredibly useful. For my product listings, for example, I started by sampling a list of suggested keywords.

I simply pressed a button, and the tool produced thousands of keyword suggestions, complete with search statistics.  

Product Discovery 

Demand alone is insufficient to qualify an object when it comes to selecting the best items.

Instead, you can take a dynamic approach that considers demand as well as other factors such as competition and future profit margins.

Ok, it turns out that’s just what Viral Launch’s Product Discovery platform tries to look at. It doesn’t end there, though.

Viral Launch also considers factors such as sales volume, number of ratings, categories, products, and number of sellers.

Just for your record, this entire information comes from the Amazon and Viral Launch integration.

To provide reliable, real-time insights, the tool conducts in-depth searches into a huge database of genuine current as well as historical Amazon data points.

As a result, you may review your estimated profits as well as the necessary every product’s upfront capital, in addition to revenue forecasts and product trends.

While you’re at it, you may as well use Viral Launch’s Market Intelligence platform to complement the data you’ve already gathered.

Competitor Intelligence 

When you need to spy on your competitors, use the competitor intelligence app. When it comes to keeping track of your competitors’ results, Viral Launch actually does an excellent job.

As a consequence, you can count on the tool to warn you if the search rankings change in your favor or against your competitors.

Aside from this, you may utilize this feature to keep an eye on the strategies of your competitors.

If you want to find out what keywords they’re ranking for, for example, Viral Launch is going to dig pretty deep to show everything including their top keywords, but even the related high volume keywords, underutilized keywords, best-performing keywords, and any other keywords your rivals might have overlooked. 

Viral Launch’s competitor intelligence platform can also allow you to retain market supremacy by letting you stay a step ahead of your rivals.

More precisely, it will keep a check on their activities and inform you if anything drastic changes. 

Market Intelligence 

The market intelligence tool is the ultimate resource for market knowledge, while the other tools provide strong insights about various key market factors.

Remember how we said there were millions of data points of Amazon? They also feed data into Viral Launch’s market intelligence platform in real time.

As a result, you will keep having access of a steady stream of industry dynamics information flowing through the entire Amazon website.

I’m referring to data on projected product income, needed upfront investment levels, and expected product sales, among other items.

This data includes historical patterns, current events, and future forecasts based on sophisticated prediction algorithms. 

User Interface


Sellerly vs Viral Launch sellerly2

Sellzone, maintains the very same popularity of a user-friendly design that it’s parent company Semrush have been acknowledged for.

Sellzone does have one of the best and smoothest user interfaces.

The greatest thing about creating Sellzone is that you’ll have to use a single cohesive dashboard that centralises all of the resources required in one spot and allows you coordinated access to them as well.

Any Sellzone function is readily available from the Tools tab on the primary dashboard menu.

All Sellerlly resources, such as Traffic Insights, Listing Security, Listing Quality Check, and Split Testing Toolare accessible from this page with only a few other mouse clicks.

For example, After selecting the Listing Protection alternative from the dashboard menu, you can insert any listing and track additional features such as product rankings, listing suppression, and Buy Box modifications.

Or, To use the Traffic Insights application, simply tap the Traffic Insights key and then you’ll be taken to a page with comprehensive statistics on simple or complex items, including mobile advertising and references.

Viral Launch

Sellerly vs Viral Launch viral-launch2

Viral Launch’s interface is well-designed to provide fast revenue forecasts and market analytics without a hitch.

In reality, this version of the Viral launch is simple enough for even beginners to use. Every single role is easy, and you can bet that learning the ropes won’t take long.

But wait, there’s more. Because of the convenience, you will not obtain any of the tools.

The Viral Launch Chrome Extension is a valuable addition to the company’s arsenal, but it’s mainly designed for fast market analysis. There’s nothing else.

In other words, the extension is only useful for product exploration. You’ll have no choice but to turn to the other edition after that.  

I’m referring to the key Viral Launch dashboard, which is web-based.

You’ll find that this version is sufficiently detailed, with all of the resources the company has developed so far, once you sign up and log into your account.

Overall, Viral Launch’s dashboard and menu choices have been well-organized. Viral Launch, on the other hand, will not provide you with all of the features.

The features you have access to are decided by the package you want to subscribe to. 

Subscription Plans at Sellzone vs Viral Launch


sellerzone pricing

Sellzone currently has two plans available, which can be found in the pricing section of their official website.

You can choose between a free plan and a paid plan, which includes a 7-day free trial period if you want to try out the paid features before deciding whether to invest.

The Split Testing tool is included as a complimentary free tool for both the free and paid plans, which is a major plus.

Sellzone pricing is simple and straightforward – you get all the features of the platform for FREE, or you can upgrade to our Growth or Pro plans for more features and benefits.

1. Free Plan

Their Free plan includes comprehensive product research, unlimited split testing, and listing checks to make sure your listings meet Amazon’s requirements. You can also use our Listing Protection feature to keep your listings safe from hijackers.

2. Growth Plan

For more powerful tools and features, upgrade to our Growth plan for only $50/month. This plan includes the full set of listing quality checks and improvement ideas, in-depth reverse ASIN reports for Amazon and other traffic sources, and listing protection with all security alerts.

3. Pro Plan

If you need even more features and benefits, upgrade to our Pro plan for only $85/month. This plan includes a personal account manager, private onboarding sessions, extended limits, and a 30-minute consultation each month with one of our experienced sellers.

Viral Launch


Viral Launch currently offers the following 4 subscription packages to choose from, all of which are paid with prices starting at $59 per month (Monthly) for the Beginners Plan.

You can also take advantage of the free trial opportunity by visiting Viral Launch’s free trial availability page.

If you pay for the tool weekly, you get 14 days of the free trial, and if you pay for it annually, you get two months.  

1. Beginners 

Price: $59 per month (Monthly), $50 per month (Annually) 


  • Track Competitors: 3
  • Product discovery
  • Product idea score 
  • Market intelligence 
  • 24/7 Customer support

2. Pro 

Price: $99 per month (Monthly), $83 per month (Annually)  


  • Track Competitors: 3
  • Hourly ad tracking and keyword rank tracking: 30 
  • Daily ad tracking and keyword rank tracking: 2,000
  • Listing analysis: 50  
  • Keyword research
  • Listing builder 
  • Product discovery
  • Product idea score
  • Market intelligence 
  • 24/7 Customer support 

3. Brand Builder 

Price: $149 per month (Monthly), $125 per month (Annually)  


  • Track Competitors: 100
  • Hourly ad tracking and keyword rank tracking: 100
  • Daily ad tracking and keyword rank tracking: 5,000
  • Listing analysis: 100  
  • Keyword research
  • Listing builder 
  • Product discovery
  • Product idea score
  • Market intelligence 
  • 24/7 Customer support 

4. Kinetic 

Price: $199 per month (Monthly), $166 per month (Annually) 


  • Track Competitors: 250
  • Hourly ad tracking and keyword rank tracking: 100
  • Daily ad tracking and keyword rank tracking: 5,000
  • Listing analysis: 100  
  • Keyword research
  • Listing builder 
  • Product discovery
  • Product idea score
  • Market intelligence 
  • PPC data and insights
  • Automate your PPC strategy 
  • 24/7 Customer support

Customer Support


Since Semrush is the founder of Sellzone, consumers can expect exceptional customer service.

You can also reach out to the customer service department using their official social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

To get quick help, you only need to send a letter to their customer service department using their official email or submit a form on the website and expect a timely response by one of their employees.

You can also reach out towards the customer service department using their official social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Apart from personalised one-on-one support, Sellzone even has a big online base of knowledge where you can read and learn something about their services, as well as address any minor issues with their services without getting to waste more time searching for answers.

This provides thorough training via blogs, webinars, FAQs, sales presentations, and also a specialized Semrush Academy training program.

Viral Launch

When it comes to customer support and assistance, Viral Launch has a dedicated support team in place who are super responsive and willing to cater to all your doubts anytime round the clock.

Users have the option to connect with them via the customer service email or even via phone call, which is active 24/7.

You can even contact the team via their official social media handles on Twitter and Facebook. Just drop them a text regarding your query and they will revert back to you shortly.

Apart from 1 to 1 assistance, Viral Launch has also curated a nice collection of blogs as a part of the knowledge base that consists of several articles and guides, composed to help users solve trivial issues on their own without having the need to contact the support team for it.



Here are some of the key advantages you will be entitled to while using Sellzone for your Amazon Selling business.

Value for Money

Sellzone’s paid kit includes some of the most cost-effective methods and services you could ever find

Even though they’re not the cheapest, they are priced reasonably, meaning that your purchase would be a decent “Value for money” investment.

You get unrestricted access to all four core tools for $50 a month, enabling you to also have absolute control over the various key elements of your Amazon seller progress.

And furthermore, you get a 7-day trial of all of Sellzone’s paid features, everything in one single spot.

Easy to use

Sellzone has a user-friendly interface that has been regarded as one of the most user-friendly amongst graphical interfaces.

The greatest thing about Sellzone is that you’ll have to just use a single unified platform that combines all of the required resources in one location and provides you with organised accessibility to them all.

Performance-Oriented tools

Seller puts together all the precise resources Amazon sellers need to improve and seamlessly monitor their total listing success on the eCommerce website, as well as explore where their profits may flourish.

Viral Launch

Here are some of the key advantages you will be entitled to while using Viral Launch for your Amazon Selling business.  

  • A keyword manager that keeps track of your products’ rankings in Amazon search results and offers insights into ranking optimization.
  • A Kinetic PPC suite for handling and increasing the ROI of your PPC campaigns.
  • A keyword generator to help you get started with the best keywords possible. It uses Amazon’s algorithm to produce SEO insights.
  • A Split Testing Tool that runs tests on different product names, price points, titles, and image variants, then decides the best selling combinations.  
  • A Listing Analyzer that offers actionable insights into tricks that can maximize your conversion potential and, as a result, your income.
  • If you need traffic from paid and organic search, use this keyword research tool to find the most promising keywords to use on your Amazon goods.
  • A Competitor Intelligence Tool that allows you to spy on your Amazon FBA competitors and then provide information about their tactics and results. Finally, you should be able to reverse engineer everything in order to outsmart your rivals.
  • A tool for analyzing and evaluating product concepts based on their level of competition, consumer demand, and potential opportunities. This assists you in identifying the most promising items to pursue.

User Reviews at Sellzone vs Viral Launch

Customer Reviews at Sellzone

customer reviews

Customer Reviews at Viral Launch

Viral Launch customer

Viral Launch review

Quick links:

FAQs | Sellzone vs Viral Launch

😁What is Sellzone?

Sellzone’s mission is to make selling better. We want your business to grow and overachieve, and we hope that our solutions will help you get there. Sellzone is brought to you by the Semrush team, and its 12 years of experience in providing solutions for marketers. Being trusted by over 7,000,000 users, we know the value of our community. That’s why we are more than eager to listen to you, and the needs of our user base. We plan to keep refining our toolkit and adding new tools and features by taking notes on your workflow’s hiccups and itches.

👉How does the 7-day trial period work?

After the free trial, you’ll be charged $50 monthly. You can cancel your subscription if you don’t want to continue using our paid tools. Otherwise, your subscription will be automatically continued.

🤩What is Listing Protection tool?

The Amazon Listing quality Check tool is an audit tool for Amazon sellers that checks listings for incompleteness, Amazon Guidelines fit, and content errors, and provides recommendations for listing optimization

👌What is viral launch and what does it mean?

Amongst the competitors, Viral Launch is an excellent Fulfilment By Amazon and regular product market research tool. To better understand what viral launch is, it is an online market metrics performance indicator that rates products in current markets.

😍How much does viral launch cost per month?

Viral Launch pricing ranges depending on your desired use. The available plans currently include: Beginner = $50 per month; Pro = $83 per month; Brand Builder = $125 per month. Additionally, they offer their latest product, Kinetic, for $166 per month.

😋Is there a trial for viral launch?

We do offer trials on some of our tools upon setting up your free Viral Launch account, however, we do not offer a durational trial. Does Viral Launch have a Chrome extension? Yes! We offer a Market Intelligence Chrome extension included in every plan to allow you to seamlessly review accurate sales estimates and market data while browsing Amazon.

Final Thoughts – Sellzone vs Viral Launch


Honestly, every Amazon retailer should give Sellzone a shot to see whether it can boost conversions and enable them to make higher quality listings quicker or not.

Sellzone has a very simple, easy user interface, is economical, and is operated by Semrush, an award winning creator of digital marketing software with a reputation for relevant data.

The split testing tool is totally free, and it is really a great deal of fun to see even the small adjustments have a significant impact on your Amazon profits.

Listing Protection is a good way to achieve your Amazon profile, and listing Quality Check ensures that any item you have had on Amazon has the ultimate guide.

Last but not least, Traffic Insights is the first and only tool of such type among all existing Amazon toolkits. Only here will you find data-driven insights on how your competitors attract their audience.

It uncovers such traffic acquisition strategies as using lucrative keywords for Google organic search, acquiring traffic-rich backlinks, and placing beneficial ads on Google Display Network and in Google Shopping.

Viral Launch

When you need real Amazon FBA insights, Viral Launch is the tool to use.

You can use Viral Launch to analyse different facets of the market to spot openings, keep an eye on your competitors’ tactics, monitor the success of your company, and refine your product listings accordingly, thanks to its deep data integration with Amazon.

In other words, Viral Launch performs essentially the same function as tools like Sellzone and other tools.

Sellzone assists you in enhancing your Google SERP score.

Sellzone on Social Media

Viral Launch On Social Media 

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