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Finding a profitable product to sell on Amazon can be hard. You want something that has high demand, but also a low competition so you can make the most money possible. Why don’t you roll over to this Jungle Scout Review to know how?

Jungle Scout solves this problem by having all of the data about your competitors and their products at your fingertips.

Solution👉: With Jungle Scout, you can easily find what’s selling on Amazon and where there is profit to be made! It gives you everything from estimated sales rank to average review count for every product in any category or subcategory available on Amazon! If that weren’t enough, it even breaks down which sellers are doing well with each specific product! This way you know who to learn from and who not to compete against.

💡Bottom Line Upfront: What is the cost of Jungle Scout? Is this tool useful for Amazon FBA? What are the best features of Jungle Scout?

JungleScout is the best tool for those who have their businesses on Amazon, with JungleScout they can get all market data and they know about your competitor on amazon.

Jungle Scout has all sort of data about Amazon, which can help you to find the best selling products in your niche.

It helps merchants make informed decisions about their product marketing strategies by providing a review of the sales potential and ability of all competing products.

JungleScout is not only a market research tool it also has features as they provide chrome extension and many more things. With JungleScout you can do lots of things on Amazon related to their businesses. Get started with JungleScout today to get their benefits.

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Jungle Scout Review 2022: Overview🔥

Jungle Scout provides all the basic data for your Amazon business, including product type and description, latest price, product rank, sales forecasts, reviews.

Do you wish you could find out what your competitors are doing on Amazon so you can gain an edge on them?

Do you often get the feeling that your startup or business is going nowhere? Well, worry not. 

I’m here for your help and promise to assist your ideas as we bring an online support system for your passion–your business-Jungle Scout. 

With this product, you’ll be able to find out what your competition is doing on Amazon. You’ll know how they rank for keywords, which products they sell, and more.

With just the tip of your mouse, you can unlock the path to success. You can reveal the greatest and most accurate marketing research. The data found from Jungle Scout is sure to take you and your business to the next level!


Jungle Scout

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Offers interactive sessions

😩  Cons

Lack security


JungleScout is the best tool for those who have their businesses on Amazon, with JungleScout they can get all market data and they know about your competitor on amazon. Jungle Scout has all sort of data about Amazon, which can help you to find the best selling products in your niche.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

About the JungleScout Company🤓

Jungle Scout provides information and resources to help entrepreneurs and brands to grow their business successfully on Amazon.

Jungle Scout was created by Greg Mercer in the year 2015. Greg Mercer is an engineer turned E-commerce entrepreneur. The headquarters of Jungle Scout is located in Austin, Texas.

Jungle Scout Overview- Jungle Scout Review

  • Looking to know more about how JungleScout works for your business? Check out the detailed Junglescout Review and find if it’s worth it!

It also has two international offices present in Vancouver, Canada, and Shenzhen. It is an all-in-one platform where all the brands and entrepreneurs promote their products.

Amazon is an E-commerce platform that unites entrepreneurs and brands to sell their products through Jungle Scout. 

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t. So, that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t. 

So, with Jungle Scout enter into the world of passion and wisdom to run in the race of competitions achieving big heights by being a whizz- kid and the boss of your own.

What is the use of the Jungle Scout tool?🤔

Features: You can track the keywords and numbers on Amazon, get a list of competitors, and even do targeted advertising based on your competition.

Advantages: Jungle Scout is easy to use, simple to set up, and has a built-in system that takes care of the analytics aspect for you.

Benefits: The Jungle Scout tool allows you to keep an eye on your competition through the Amazon platform.

Jungle Scout Review: What is it all About?👌

Jungle Scout will help with your product research when you are starting your own Amazon FBA business and to source a product line.

Jungle Scout also helps in saving time to discover the products; speeding up the process to sell the products and gives much more accurate information.

It is one of the best research tools and it is recommended by so many. Jungle Scout research tool has a web plan.

The web plan also consists of different plans. They are as follows:

  • Jungle Scout Business Plan 
  • Jungle Scout Standard Plan 
  • Jungle Scout Start-Up Plan 

If I have an Amazon Seller Central account, can I still purchase Jungle Scout?🥺

Yes, you definitely can and you must. First, let us understand what Amazon Seller Central is.  Amazon Seller Central is the interface used by sellers to directly promote and sell their items to Amazon shoppers.

Amazon Seller Central accounts are marketplace or third-party Amazon seller accounts (3P).

First of all, go to the Sell on Amazon Pricing Page. There you will see something like this.

Jungle Scout

I would recommend you go through these plans in detail. Check out which plan would be ideal for you. When you are ready with a decision, scroll down, and click on ‘Sign up for Individual’, or ‘Sign up for Professional’ depending upon your needs.

Jungle Scout

Then, you will be taken to another page. There, click on ‘Create a new account’ if you want a new account, or you can simply sign in with an existing account. 

I will recommend creating a different account as you will do all your business transactions here.

Jungle Scout

Fill up the details and click on ‘Next’.

Amazon Seller Central

Then you will be asked for a legal name. Fill it up, check the box, and click on ‘Next’.

Jungle Scout

Later you will be asked for some more details related to your business and a few personal things. Fill them up. 

In the next step, you will be asked for a billing method. Make sure you check this box ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Review: Pricing😀

Jungle Scout Business Plan is a yearly plan where you can get access to track 150 products. You have to pay $69.

Jungle Scout Pricing -Jungle Scout Review


Jungle Scout Standard Plan🤷‍♂️

Jungle Scout Standard Plan is a half-yearly plan where you can get access to track 80 products. You have to pay $49.

Jungle Scout Start-Up Plan😎

Jungle Scout Start-Up Plan is a monthly plan where you can get access to track 40 products. You need to pay $29. 

Jungle Scout is providing a 14-day free risk trial and money back. In case if you want to stop purchasing Jungle Scout you can simply refund your money. Jungle Scout provides safe and secure investments with cashback. 

Working for Jungle Scout🤓

Jungle Scout offers a crate of technically sharpened online tools that guide businesses—small, medium, and large alike—to analyze their Amazon product listings and help expand their presence and profit.

Through their web app, the online third-party company allows users to make informed decisions that are predicted and verified by statistics.

Organizations can run their FBA business up the hill with a steady grip over finances, public outreach, and industrial acclaim by running various PPC campaigns and audience-engaging review sessions as well. 

How will it help your Business?💡

Metrics finances can be tracked down with the Sales Analytics of Jungle Scout.

Profits can be viewed at your product level and trends are compared over time and insights are discovered to minimize the costs which really help in your business growth and profits.

Streamlining your Amazon business puts insight to get on with your more reviews, more finances, and more power to boost the sales of targeted campaigns.

The Products that are available with Jungle Scout🙌

The common feature of Jungle Scout is estimating sales, promoting the products, and providing powerful information and resources to help entrepreneurs and brands to grow successfully on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Products - Jungle Scout Review

There are over 70 Million Products that are available in Jungle Scout. You can find products that can supply a larger amount of people to promote their products but in most cases, products are disturbed in large bulks rather than in small bulks.

This happens because the sales of the products give profits according to the distribution of the products and to avoid competition.

The products which are available with Jungle Scout are as follows: 

  • Beauty Products 
  • Electronic Gadgets 
  • Industrial & Scientific Supplies 
  • Retail Goods
  • Tripods, Cameras, and Drones
  • Kitchen Items
  • Jewelry
  • Watches 
  • Mobile Phones
  • Luggage 
  • Earphones & Headphones
  • Computers & Laptops
  • Home Improvement 
  • Car & Motorbikes
  • Clothing 
  • Routers 
  • Mobile Accessories

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension🤑

JungleScout Chrome Extension

Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience.

They enable users to tailor chrome functionally and behave to individual needs or preferences. Extensions are distributed throughout the Chrome Developer Dashboard and published to the chrome web store. 

Our thoughts on Chrome Extension👉

JungleScout Chrome Extension pricing plan helps us to better understand the software programs which are available to customize the browsing experience.

The users can either choose Chrome Extension Pro which costs $197 or Chrome Extension Lite which costs $97. 

In Chrome Extension Pro you can explore more options compared to Chrome Extension Lite. In pro, you are having Historical Sales & Pricing, Product Profit Calculator, Fee Estimator, and Product Opportunity Score. 


Trackers are of three types. They are:

  1. Product Trackers
  2. Database Trackers and
  3. Niche Hunter.

Product Tracker🤷‍♂️ 

JungleScout Product Tracker- Detailed Jungle Scout Review

Product Tracker will help you find daily sales, inventory data, and revenue for any Amazon Product.

It will track potential product ideas over time, monitoring daily inventory and sales & price. It will also track the best seller rank so you can easily measure each product’s performance. 

Our thoughts on Product Tracker🔥

Let’s say if you visit Amazon through Jungle Scout, you want to know the daily sales of a product. 

For example, if you are working in a mobile accessory store and you are selling mobile covers or earphones at Jungle Scout . You want to know the report of all the overall sales of these products per day.

Then you will get the sales history of the products where you can monitor all the sales on an average. You get the exact details of the products through Jungle Scout about your product ranking, sales & promotions, and revenue on an average.

You can also check the history of a particular product and create different categories for tracking the products and monitoring the sales of the products. 

In Case, if you are importing a product from China. You can still monitor the products through the Jungle Scout amazon Research Tool.

You can analyze the data and resources and grow your business successfully. It’s helpful for you to decide whether to buy the product or not. 

Opportunity Finder😎

Opportunity Finder helps you in uncovering product ideas related to your particular products and can find products that have low competition but are in high demand.

JungleScout Opportunity Finder

It also displays historical graphs of your products and helps in providing potential profitability to your products. It also helps you keep track of your products if they are imported through different countries.

Our thoughts on Opportunity Finder🤨

Since Jungle Scout is available globally and all the brands and entrepreneurs can sell their products throughout the world. The potential growth for a particular product will be in demand.

It can be with low competition with high demand or high competition with low demand. The best thing about this is you can keep track of all your selling products which gives a perfect opportunity for your business to grow successfully by getting potential profits.

You can find different opportunities once you start promoting your products on Amazon

Product Database🤔

Product Database helps in organizing, exploring, and evaluating product ideas. It is a searchable catalog of 475 Million Products pulled directly from Amazon. 

Product Database generates product ideas and starts to discover the products which match your specific search criteria. There are categories where you can sort estimated sales, sales rank, revenue, and help in quickly revealing profitable opportunities.

Our thoughts on Product Database🥺

You can track the products and judge whether or not you want to buy the products from product trackers. If you have a sales history of a particular product you can even have an idea about the revenue on an average of the product.

If you are selling your products on Amazon then the Product Database will help you find accurate information and resources while selling the products.

It will help you decide in which category you should target the products and see the opportunities for the targeted products and sales of expectations of the targeted products. 

Supplier Database😉 

Supplier Database is a feature on Amazon selling tools that help you find extremely huge global suppliers used by the world’s best brands. 

Our thoughts on Supplier Database🤔

There are three types of Supplier Database. They are as follows:

  • Find Verified Suppliers
  • Match products to factories
  • Locate Niche suppliers

In the supplier database, you will find global suppliers who will source your product and validate known suppliers by viewing their customer volume and confirmed shipments.

You can match your products to factories by using the match score to find the supplier of a specific product which you are searching on Amazon. You can also search the products by a specific brand, company, or supplier name. 


Academy is accessed directly within Jungle Scout from both web application and Extension users in an app-resource. You can find content that helps you grow your brand as an individual.

JungleScout Academy- Jungle Scout Amazin Tool review

The app resource helps you to grow successfully in a business by showing step-by-step processes on how to sell on Amazon. You can view interviews and suggestions from successful industry experts. 

Our thoughts on Academy🤓

Academy is an app resource that will help sellers how to sell their products on Amazon. It will also help you to guide advanced training videos.

It will also help you in providing the tutorial on how to navigate and use all the Jungle Scout’s features.  

It makes it easy for you to watch quick lessons with less time invested in them. You can watch these lessons whenever you want and start from where you left them off. 

Keyword Scout🙋‍♀️

Keywords scout is one of the global level tools used to increase sales of any corporate body by providing a keyword search engine, which helps the customers to find their desired product on the company’s portal.

JungleScout KeyScout- Jungle scout free version review

Keyword scout mainly focuses on identifying market changes and it aids in enhancing your listings and improving organic Amazon SEO and rising PPC campaigns.

Keyword scouts recognize powerful keyword usage and find the product position in 10 found marketplaces.


  1. Identify the most influencing keywords to focus your efforts.
  2. Recognize the past searches, drifts, and seasonality
  3. Trace organic search of any products and their ranks for the chosen keywords.

Our thoughts on Keyword Scout💡

Keyword scout provides the best keyword research tool. If you are in search of any tool that helps in promoting your product in this digital world, I suggest “Jungle Scout ”, as it has unique features that help in expanding product sales and advertisement in this electronic world of business.

As it’s a business-friendly tool, it helps the business to have a quick overlook of the product and the market trends. It enables 10x reviews in one click which helps the management to know the insights of the product. And for a reason, it’s the tool used by Amazon.

Keywords are just not to trace our product but they help us to find our position in the market.

Rank Tracker🤑

Jungle scout’s keyword scout tool provides another unique facility that helps the product to create an atmosphere of competition.

It even enables the business to monitor their product insights as well as competitors insights too. Rank tracker helps to trace the performance of the product over a while.


  1. The keywords history helps in tracking the products which hold the impact of PPC.
  2. Ease at tracing the competition and identifying the most used keywords.
  3. Helps in the creation of amazon PPC campaigns.
  4. Ease at tracking the listing of products in the market

Our thoughts on Rank Tracker🙋‍♂️

Jungle scout holds the best tracking features which are important for a business organization to know the insights of the product which help your bunnies to explore different fields of market and understand the area of demand for your product. So get subscribed to jungle scout

Listing Builder😐

What’s a race without competition?

To survive in this market we must make an atmosphere where we find ourselves in the race. Jungle scout gives a feature to list a product and help it in gaining visibility.

Jungle Scout Listing Builder

It optimizes the listing through its keyword scout tool which helps in enlarging the product outrage. It even helps in tracking the rank of a product.

Listing builder holds a real-time grade measure like the title of the product, details of the product, keywords, features, related pictures, and feedback.


  1. Simple synchronization to amazon
  2. Helpful to track product insights
  3. Improves visibility
  4. Enhance amazon algorithm
  5. Provides a space of the product

Our thoughts on Listing Builder👌

Listing of a product is as necessary as blood to a human being as it enables a product to get exposed to the market. The more exposure, the more profits. Get listed through Jungle Scout right now.

Sales Analytics🤓

Business is not just about balancing assets and liabilities, it’s about profit maximization and cost management. Until and unless we have a clean record of our sales and expenditure we cannot determine how much a company has gained over a period of time.

Jungle scout provides a space where a product can get its insights with accurate results. Which helps the organization to focus on profit maximization and cost-effectiveness.

It provides a full financial picture of the business depicting the revenue, explicit costs, profit\loss earned by the sale of old goods, taxation, operation expenses, and many more.


  1. picture of financial status
  2. improves PPC campaigns
  3. overview of profits
  4. data on current and historical sales.

Our thoughts on Sales Analytics😉

Business organizations spend a lot of money to maintain the records of sales and get an overview of the business status. Perhaps, Jungle scout provided a sales analytics feature at a very worthwhile price. What else does an organization aim at? Do join with Jungle scouts.

Inventory Manager🤷‍♀️

A systematic record of data is always important for the survival of any business. Jungle Scout provides a feature of “inventory manager” that helps a business organization to maintain clean transaction details.

This helps in easy understanding of flow, outflow, and sales analytics. Inventory manager helps in easy predictions of the future and stock maintenance.

Jungle Scout Inventory Manager- Jungle Scout review


  1. Helps in maintaining records
  2. Prediction of FBA sales and profit
  3. No amazon storage fee
  4. Avoid stockouts

Our thoughts on Inventory Manager💡

Business is all about uncertainty, so it’s really important to be ready to face unforeseen conditions and predict the future. Inventory managers are the only things that help us to be ready to face those situations.

Jungle scout provides the inventory managers with a very specialized format. We suggest you to use Jungle scouts inventory managers to maintain inventory.


No matter how good a product is manufactured, until it is promoted and sold out it doesn’t hold its worth in the market. Jungle Scout provides a feature of promotion in its very own unique way.

It got the world’s best advertising campaigns which lead a product through great paths of the market. It helps in enhancing product visibility in the digital world, which leads to a great rise in sales.


  1. High visibility of product
  2. Boost the performance of listing
  3. Enable customers reviews
  4. Helps in tracking the product profile
  5. Results in gaining sales and profits

Our thoughts on Promotions🤔

We believe Jungle Scout has the very best platform to promote your product into this digital world. As they provide so many advanced features.

It is something that is so important in the current world. We suggest you get your product promoted through Jungle scout.

Email Campaigns🤨

In this fast-growing world, it’s important to stay connected with customers. Jungle Scout provides a very important tool to hold on customers is carrying campaigns to their gadgets through mails.

Jungle Scout Email Compaigns

Email campaigns, mainly focuses on promoting amazon products directly to the customers.


  1. Boosts up product listing:

It enables a product to gain more customers attraction and quick results to the searches.

  1. Attain customers feedback:

Provide a feature to gain customer feedback in a click, which helps in a better understanding of products in the market.

  1. Prevents promotion abuse:

The inventory capabilities put a limit on excessive purchasing so that the product can gain the most friction.

  1. A global tool:

The email campaign feature is supported in 8 international marketplaces. It provides automated emails to amazon seller central accounts in all the markets.

Our thoughts on Email Campaigns:

Email campaigning is very important to retain customers. So it’s basically very important to any of the products to get the feature of email campaigning.

Jungle scout is the only place that a listed product gets the feature of adding email campaigning. We assure it adds as a feather for the survival of your product in the market

What Makes Jungle Scout Unique?🤨

The company stands a class apart as it has gone on to prove its mettle by securing the top position of the FBA rankings issued by Amazon itself.

In our aim to provide services to help brands grow their business, Jungle Scout favors none but works for all.

Be it a newly formed start-up, an existing business, or even an agency that’s been in the field for quite a while, the organization aids all in need of assistance.

Not only does it maintain professional relations with several of its clients, but prioritizes personal feedback equally too. With promises of giving instant results, it disappoints none and graces the future of the business with its presence.

Who does Jungle Scout cater to Solutions for?👉

First Time Amazon Sellers

  1. Aided by experts exhibiting diverse business ideologies and strategies. Learn as you travel through the high road and discover the entrepreneurial world for they’ll guide you through every roadblock and assist you in your path to success.
  2. We’ll help you gain knowledge of business traditions, current market culture, and product inclination that the customers have adapted and adopted over the years.
  3. Powered by AI, analyze profits, sales, and other business-related statistics to comprehend how your product is bound to fail in the time to come.
  4. Get the perfect software interface on your screen and suit yourself just the right way by comfortably navigating through profit calculators and filters. These will enable you to easily differentiate between products liable to your company and those that prove to be an asset.

Previously Listed Amazon Sellers

  1. Grow your business with fresh and unique ideas—ones that instantly attract the crowd. Release more products under your brand by analyzing the latest products, various search results on Amazon, and understanding what exactly the customer looks for.
  2. Manage your finances using our portal and feel relieved of the need to maintain diaries, tables, and whatnot. From previous sales and prices to current turnover, revenue, gain/loss statements, and PPC campaign analysis, we’ve got all covered for you.
  3. Expand your presence with your audience and customers by earning reviews online. Engage in intimate review sessions with them and walk hand-in-hand in your quest to renew and rebrand different FBA orders.
  4. With an automated stock management system, get notified of critical stock overload or situations otherwise. Monitor the numbers according to demand forecasting services provided by the AI-run system.

Brands and Agencies

  1. In this neck-to-neck competition that brands share with each other, we understand how tough it is to stay in the game. Thus, to help businesses understand where they stand in such critical situations we offer services that allow them to track and keep an eye out for competitors.
  2. Walk shoulder-to-shoulder with other competitors and traders in the field by analyzing your share’s ups and downs in the market.
  3. By tracking current product dynamics, formulate and tweak strategies by processing data through an analyzing eye.

How to Sign in to Jungle Scout?

To sign up for a fruitful future and a life among the stars, visit the company’s official site junglescout.com and become part of our family.

Once you’ve decided on what you are aiming for and understood what you desire—click on any one of the options below to proceed further:

  1. Start selling on Amazon
  2. Grow my existing business
  3. Explore brand & agency solutions

After choosing one of the few mentioned above, pick a plan that suits you best; along with the mode of subscription—yearly or monthly.

Before finalizing one, make sure to review all of the services offered in each plan—a calculated decision fits well for everyone and tackles chances of discrepancies in the future.

 Subsequently, create a new Jungle Scout account and proceed to the payment details.

Transaction complete? Bravo! Welcome to the family, dear customer. 

Jungle Scout Cost and Pricing Details🔥

Pricing- Jungle Scout Affiliate

For first time sellers and already existing businesses:

  1. Basic plans offer $19/month(if paid yearly) and $39/month(if paid monthly) packages to choose from—each awarding a single-user license and full access to the chrome browser extension.
  2. Suite plans offer $49/month(if paid yearly) and $69/month(if paid monthly) packages to choose from—each awarding ability to add more users, advanced seller features, and access to the chrome browser extension.
  3. Professional plans offer $84/month(if paid yearly) and $129/month(if paid monthly) packages to choose from—each awarding provision to include 6 users, 2 years of historical keyword data, priority onboarding, and 6 months of historical data.

For larger brands and agencies:

Clients can enter personal and company details, request a demo, and then collaborate with Just Scout to work on their brand value by availing of paid services. Refer to the details of these services as described in this Jungle Scout review.

Jungle Scout Free vs. Pro

People looking forward to expanding their businesses often find themselves in the “To pay or not to pay” dilemma—particularly ones involved with newly formed start-ups.

To come out of it and understand why Jungle Scout provides no free services, we would like to bring to your notice the highly sophisticated tools that the company offers.

One must understand—that in a quest to achieve greater heights, the subscription with Jungle Scout is nothing but an investment—one that promises great returns.

 With technology and interface provided by no other business-assisting brand, we’ll leave you no reason to stay disappointed.

 It is thus with immense gratitude that we hope that you’ll continue to collaborate to work with us and achieve greater heights—hand-in-hand and with love and heart.

How to use Jungle Scout?

The right place starts from here if you decide to trade your products on Amazon. By clicking on the search bar helps you in discovering an option to select the most loved countries of your choice and helps to wish and desire for your best products.

How to Add it to your Business?

In order to establish your business use a tool like Jungle Scout.

If you deal with a product, say any handicraft items or anything, it is vital to find products that are sold on high demands but are there residing in low competition.

Jungle Scout helps us to get to that nerves and helps you to build an empire of your own and become a successful entrepreneur.

Here are some steps that are just one click away from you to run a business enduring it to great heights:-

 The article will furnish you with steps on how you can sell your product at profit by using the easiest and accessible tool called Jungle Scout.

On the world’s largest e-commerce store, Amazon, it helps you to find the best profitable products. It showcases the date of the sales of millions of products sold on Amazon.

The Four Elements:

At the top-corner toolbar of the Jungle Scout, there are four elements for the grounds of the Jungle Scout Web Application. These are as follows:-

  • Product Tracker
  • Product Database
  • Niche Hunter

These become available to you when you avail of the subscription that starts at $39.99 per month.

The Steps:

1) Paste the URL of the product in the search bar of Jungle Scout. There is an option for selecting and choosing the countries of which you want to check the desired product, located right next to the search bar.

2) Click on the “Add Tracker” button which is next to the region option. For locating all the possible answers and the information, it will take 48 hours. The information provided to you will have the following:-

  • Product category
  • Estimated fees
  • Net profit
  • Seller’s name
  • Total number of sellers
  • Product rating
  • Total number of reviews
  • Dimensions and weights

The histogram shows the total number of products sold over the timeline.

Jungle Scout Main Competitors🤔

AMZ Scout 

It is the tool used in finding new Amazon products whereas Jungle Scout is the first Amazon tool that starts with Chrome Extension used in Product Research. AMZ has 4 ratings whereas there is 5 rating for the Jungle Scout.

AMZScout starting price is $29 and $39 for the Jungle Scout per month.

Unicorn Smasher

It is a product of AMZ tracker founded in 2015 a great tool for product finders and researchers. It can be used completely free of cost but Jungle Scout refunds you in 14 days.


Scope is created by Seller Labs. It provides information regarding all the categories and niches. It also features a robust calculator that provides a clear picture of the profitability of their decisions.

The price for 1 month is just $32.50 compared to the $39.50 for Jungle Scout.


It is a suite of five tools that help you to research profitable Amazon products.

These are:-

  •  Top Product Analyzer
  •  Search Analyzer
  •  Keyword Generator
  •  Review Analyzer
  • Ali Inspector

It usually costs $197 or in four installments $67 and in Jungle Scout basic plans start from $39.  

Viral Launch 

A viral launch is an essential product research tool for Amazon delivering spectacularly in this area. Viral Launch has its advantage as it includes chrome extension in its plan whereas Jungle Scout charges extra for the same.

Why is Jungle Scout better?

In 2014, Greg Mercer founded Jungle Scout that helps in finding winning products and spy on all the competitors from one easy-to-use dashboard. It is vital to your success.

It helps in determining a budget and saves money on PPC campaigns. The relevance of keywords is being understood here very well.

 Jungle Scout is truly worth because of the following reasons:-

 1) It saves your daily hours of work.

2) Classify the best products to sell for your business. 3) Show the exact terms used to optimize your listings.

4) Informed decisions can be easily made as it shows you the full history of sales data.  

5) PPC budget is fully estimated.

6) Untapped products are found instantly to explore every niche.

Overall Pros and Cons of Using Jungle Scout👉


  1. Provides accurate, detailed predictions of sales and offers an applause-worthy user-software interface
  2. Systematically guides newbies and beginners through basic business strategies and terminology alike.
  3. Offers interactive sessions for gaining reviews and sympathizing with customer issues.
  4. Runs a 24/7 friendly and sympathetic customer support service to rectify problems across various domains.


  1. Even after subscribing to one of the offered plans, it seems highly illogical to pay separately for a necessary asset—it’s a Chrome extension.
  2. The lack of a mobile app stops it from a wider user base and audience and simultaneously compromises on the comfort of the ones already present.
  3. Integrations across web app and Chrome extension platforms lack security and threaten the loss of sensitive data.
  4. Suite and Basic plans under provide for what they have been subscribed to–thus the pricey nature of the packages.

Why Should You Choose Jungle Scout for Amazon FBA?🔥

Amazon’s net revenue has increased by $100 Billion between 2019 – 2020. That’s a 40% increase in just one year!

In fact, their revenue is continuously ACCELERATING – Check this out:

jungle scout statistics

You really can make a LOT of money on Amazon! For example, 62% of new sellers saw their profits increase in 2020. And when you partner with Amazon:

-You don’t have to worry about shipping or storing products yourself; it doesn’t stop there though…

– You also won’t need to deal with all that work trying to find “winning” items – just click your way through the process and everything is taken care of for you at no risk!

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✅ Is Jungle Scout worth the money?

Yes, of course, it’s worth the money. It is a little bit high-priced but it is the best Amazon research tool out there. If you are serious about growing your FBA, then just subscribe to Jungle Scout and yes, then it will be 100% the worth.

👉 Can I use Jungle Scout on the phone?

It is best viewed on computers or laptops but yes, it can work on any device whether phone, tablets if it has an active internet connection.

🎉 Is Jungle Scout owned by Amazon?

It leads Amazon as a software suite. The Jungle Scout provides tools and resources that help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through the medium of education, community, new ideas, and innovation.

🤔Is jungle scout the best?

I found that Jungle Scout was accurate 99% of the time, being just a few units off in most instances. If you are worried that the info you receive from the web app or Chrome Extension is inaccurate, do not worry. The information is good and true

🔥How do I find most sold items on Amazon?

To start, you can go to the Amazon Best Sellers page where you'll be able to quickly find the most popular items on the website. The list is based on sales volume and is updated hourly with their most recent data. It's divided by category so you can see which products are most popular in every Amazon category

🙋‍♀️Is there a free alternative to jungle scout?

There are only 2 free alternatives for JungleScout: Unicorn Smasher and Helium 10 Xray (free for the first 1000 product lookups).

🤔Can you cancel jungle scout at any time?

Jungle Scout Terms of Use state that they don't offer pro-rated refunds after cancellations. You can cancel your Jungle Scout subscription and use your account until the end of the billing period. Even though the company doesn't give prorated refunds, they do have a money-back guarantee.

🤷‍♂️ Is AMZ scout free?

There are three tiers of AMZScout membership. The basic plan costs $29.99 per month. The start plan costs $39.99 per month and the business plan costs $59.99 per month. ... The web app also has 7 days of the free trial included with every plan.

🔥Is FBA still profitable?

Amazon FBA is definitely worth it in 2020 — for some sellers. Before you determine if it will be a profitable solution for your business, you need to calculate how much you're likely to spend. You may even like to try Amazon FBA with just a few types of products to see if it works for your business.

🙋‍♀️Is jungle scout a rare skin?

The Jungle Scout Skin is an Uncommon Fortnite Outfit. It was released on February 28th, 2018 and was last available 57 days ago. It can be purchased from the Item Shop for 800 V-Bucks when listed.

🔑Is Jungle Scout accurate?

Although, from a relative standpoint, Jungle Scout is still about 30% more accurate than Viral Launch, based on the median values.

🤔Is Jungle Scout owned by Amazon?

Amazon-selling platform Jungle Scout has clinched $110 million to expand. And it's already applied those funds toward an acquisition: the ad tech startup Downstream Impact, which helps brands and entrepreneurs optimize their ecommerce businesses.

🤷‍♂️Which is better jungle scout or helium 10?

The accuracy of the results varies, and it's highly dependent on the product niche and volume. Overall, however, our reports indicated that Jungle Scout was more accurate than Helium 10 in almost every head-to-head test.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Review 2022 | Is it worth trying?

It is useful and beneficial to stick with Jungle Scout as it helps in saving your time and growing your business.

It provides aid to help you get through product research, product launches, post-launch strategies, and financial. The tips provided help you to succeed and make more money.

If you are looking for the right way to start your journey in eCommerce or even just want to know more about what’s possible with online retailing, then this post should give you some great ideas!

It’s always awesome to get insights from the transparent Amazon sellers and guides. 

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46 thoughts on “Jungle Scout Review 2022– Is It Best Amazon FBA Tool Available? (Pros & Cons Of JungleScout)”

  1. We all have areas in which we need help. When it comes to entrepreneurship, this is another area of expertise where people can consult with Jungle Scout review.
    It helps you get through product research, product launches and post-launch strategies as well as financial. It will provide you with the tips necessary to succeed and make more money via eCommerce .

    In case anyone out there needs some sound advice on going into home business – or they just want a better sense of what’s possible in online retailing – then this post will provide some great ideas!

  2. I freaking LOVE this tool. I never knew how much data Amazon collects and what’s available with Jungle Scout. It give me the power to find the best-selling products in my niche and develop my own strategy with an edge on the competition. Plus, I’m PROBABLY going to be one of those people who is ranked number 1 in their market!

  3. Jungle Scout is an intuitive program that helps to consolidate product searching and gives the user a more efficient way of researching products for their online store. Making account on Jungle Scout enlists you for access to information such as reviews, rankings, prices and upcoming sales on anything from webpages to Amazon. The innovative technology allows sellers in both traditional retail stores or eCommerce businesses alike the opportunity to get detailed information about how individual items are performing in any category on Amazon without needing to search through millions of listings themselves – all at no cost!

  4. This is a useful tool for businesses who want to buy products using FBA. It helps you identify the best keywords and improve your listings, so customers will find them more easily on their searches. I recommend this to anyone with a physical product business – it’s well worth the investment.

  5. Jungle Scout is a fantastic desktop-based app that is perfect for anyone who just wants to get their feet wet in eCommerce or help them expand the possibilities of their online retail. You can use Jungle Scout’s tool to find product opportunities, manage your business, and more.

    “Jungle Scout gets you so much bang for your buck with this terrific range of features.”

  6. “I LOVE Jungle Scout!”
    “It’s so cool to easily spy on competitors and find out who is doing what. I can see when someone comes up with a good idea for something, copy them before they make the product, and crush them before they get started.” “Jungle Scout” is better than spying because you know your competition while remaining undetected! Your friends won’t even know you are tracking their new products or their keywords. And it doesn’t matter if they see your ads-you already have all the data on them! The best part about creating an awesome product scout organization? You’ll be able to find soaring opportunities that will help you succeed in business online.

  7. Jungle Scout is a product of excellence, delivering innovative growth tools for merchants. They handpick the top sellers to help their clients grow and succeed!

    The team at Jungle Scout strive to make eCommerce simpler than ever by providing data-driven insights on everything from price optimization to keyword selection.
    Their products are unequalled in quality and invaluable in content. The ultimate goal is not only helping you understand plummeting trends but keeping your business competitively successful during all challenges.

  8. Jungle Scout is a great product and it has been really beneficial. It provides the necessary things for me to make good decisions about my business options. I’m happy with what this thing has done since getting it as then I was able to go over everything that I needed to get through product launches, post-launch strategies, financials all with ease thanks to these clever tips from Jungle Scout!

  9. Jungle scout has been a useful tool for me as of late. I learned about it from another hunter who had gone on a successful trip, and she recommended it to me. Now, I’ve found myself using Jungle Scout more often than before – whether at my computer or on the go with my new tablet! You can try this amazing new product too for yourself!

  10. I’ve been a Jungle Scout user for years, and it never disappoints. It is by far my favorite Amazon app on the market because it can track ranking changes within minutes, set alarms to keep you in check when prices drop or rankings swell over a certain threshold, as well as give you beautiful graphs that help you identify your best-selling products all in one place.
    And then there’s their mobile browser extension that makes doing research on the go so much easier—way too many details are lost between mini displays and cell phone links alone. I can’t imagine running my business without this kind of information at my fingertips! Even if you’re new to FBA, Jungle Scout will make understanding how everything works easy with comprehensive video tutorials

  11. I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t be able to handle all this running around if it weren’t for Jungle Scout.

    It’s an online research tool that ensures the most accurate data possible is used in decision-making when it comes to product listing optimization and profitable products on Amazon. At first I was kind of skeptical – did I really need a third party doing my work for me? – but turns out they’re life-savers!

  12. This product will help you find Amazon products to sell on your online store with the push of a button. It also helps in saving time and cutting down on cost by providing accurate information about sellers, competition, and details about how much traffic each product gets.one of the best tool i have used till now. recommended👍.

  13. I think this is a wonderful product. It was easy for me to register and not difficult at all for my own web page with all the available information I need for my research.

    The part about that is important or one of the best parts about it are it has a web plan, so you don’t have to download anything. And they have over 450 Amazon sellers in their directory which makes it easier than ever before.
    From what I see its like a cherry on top! The price didn’t make sense because there was no catch. There were still other features included and they had added bonuses too. thus why it made sense! Overall I am very pleased with jungle scout tool I hope everyone else feels the same way while using one of the best tool in the market.

  14. The jungle scout tool enables businesses to identify unused keywords that they can bid on for their products! This way, the business has a better chance of gaining exposure in search results. The rank history lets you know how your product is doing overall compared to others. With this information, you can see when it’s time to give up on your marketing ventures and when you should just keep going!

  15. I was worried about where to start when it came to sourcing a product line for Amazon FBA, and I had no clue what I should research. Then my coworker told me about Jungle Scout.

    With Jungle scout you can see the Prime Ranking of products in whatever niche or category that you are looking for. You can also use this genius tool to scan barcode of products at any major retailer like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target, Toys “R” Us etc., in order to find out if a product is profitable before you even make an investment by ordering the samples for testing.
    I will suggest u folks to give it a try.

  16. As a new seller, the best part of this tool is their videos and step by step guides of how to open an Amazon account, how to register, search and select a product, how to find a manufacturer, how to sample the product, how to order and ship the product and the amazon requirements for FBA and all such step by step tutorials.

  17. Jungle Scout is really great software that allows you to have a very effective Amazon FBA business. The thing I like most is surely the product search tool, very instinctive and simple to use. Recommended 👍

  18. jungle scout niche hunter is the best liked web app.which helps you to identify best products, niche ideas and keywords based on parameter in just a minute. Namely listing quality score (LOS), competition, average price and many more. You set the parameters and boom your list showed up based on your parameters and you can explore. And i would recommend to give it a try because it is the easy way to identify niche oppurtunities.

  19. I use Jungle Scout every time I want to move into a new niche. really It’s so much fun and obviously good too.

    It not only provides you with the opportunity to see Amazon listings in specific categories, but it also shows rank and daily sales along with competing products and what influencers are talking about it saves your most valuable time while gathering useful information at the same time. The research for each individual category is so easy because of all the great data they provide. It’s like one-stop shopping “jungle” shopping .

  20. Jungle scout is one of the best amazon research tools out there. yes, it is a bit pricey, and yeah, it sucks that there is no free trial, but if you are serious about growing your FBA biz, it’s 100% worth the money. if you can’t figure it out, just ask for your money back within two weeks and you’re all good.

  21. Jungle Scout will help with your product research when you are starting your own Amazon FBA business and to source a product line. Jungle Scout also helps in saving time to discover the products; speeding up the process to sell the products, and giving much more accurate information. It is one of the best research tools out there. Highly recommended by so many people who have used it before!

  22. I don’t regret a single purchase with this app! I bought it just out of curiosity and was surprised on how much you can learn about your business. It’s as simple to use as any other app and the design is intuitive. Highly recommend it for Amazon sellers looking for ways to improve their product listing strategies—it’ll be amazing what you learn!

  23. If you’re tired of taking a chance with your sales on Amazon, try using Jungle Scout’s tools. You can analyze and predict what people want to buy in any kind of marketplace by visiting their site. They also offer plenty of other resources for all aspects of running an online store. Give them a shot today!

  24. At last, a life saver for FBA businesses. Jungle Scout has helped me make informed decisions about my Amazon product listings and what I’m currently selling through their web app. Along with this handy piece of technology, you are given access to all sorts of statistics that will help guide your future marketing tactics and public outreach capabilities -definitely worth the investment.💯 satisfied user here✌.

  25. Jungle Scout offers a crate of technically sharpened online tools that guide businesses—small, medium, and large alike—to analyze their Amazon product listings and help expand their presence and profit. Through the website’s web app you can find statistics to make your decisions easier on everything from finances to public outreach to reputation management. You won’t regret getting this one-of-a-kind service for your FBA business.

  26. I would recommend this for anyone who’s looking to expand their business with eCommerce. It has been a lifesaver for me, and I can’t imagine managing everything without it now that my company is taking off. Being able to track the competition, knowing what is ultimately going on within Amazon itself has been a huge advantage over everyone else trying to do the same thing as me. I feel like I’m actually ahead of the game!

  27. Jungle Scout has been a huge predictive and analytics software for me this year. I’ve had my eyes on one of the products, and because I knew exactly what keywords to search in Jungle Scout, not only did it show me other items but also other sellers who sell similar products.

    Furthermore, after compiling a list of other vendor’s names from Jungle Scout so that I could target their ads towards them while they’re advertising, I started noticing an increase in sales by roughly 2%. Powerful stuff!

  28. Loved this tool – a real eye opener for growing your business on amazon. Check it out!”
    “I highly recommend Jungle Scout Web App if you’re looking to sell anything on Amazon”
    There is so much value here and I’m very happy with it.

  29. When I decided to start my own business, I knew there were so many things I would need. When you research the internet for articles they are difficult to understand and never answer all your questions. That’s why I found jungle scout which provides an easy way to find profitable locations for your business on Amazon that requires less work. With the touts of accurate projections of sales combined with dozens of interactive sessions it really is a one stop solution for your needs as a newbie or someone trying run successful Amazon business
    You may think the same service has the same information but using different charts makes it easier make decisions quickly on better alternatives. Not only does Jungle Scout provide this service at competitive prices they also offer 24/7 customer support

  30. This is a great tool for keeping tabs on my competition and I love how simple it is to set up. It’s such an easy app with so many important features. You never know when you may need the Jungle Scout tool, so I always keep mine installed and ready to go!

  31. I’ve been using Jungle Scout’s software for a few weeks now and it’s amazing. I was able to really nicely leverage the competition I have on my products.
    I was able to figure out how many searches were done on their site monthly, what keywords they rank for in searches, and where I could do some advertising through Amazon PPC myself to make sure that nobody else beat me there. If you want an edge on your competitors-that who may impede your progress from creeping up the ranking pages-you need Jungle Scout!

  32. I tried Jungle Scout and found exactly what I was looking for the first day. That’s how soon I managed to use this search tool. It can help you get on top of your competitors quickly, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your company, like design or marketing strategies.

  33. Jungle Scout is fun! Jungle Scout allows you to track the keywords and numbers on Amazon, get a list of competitors, and even do targeted advertising based on your competition. It’s easy to use, simple to set up, and has a built-in system that takes care of the analytics aspect for you. The tool speaks “to” entrepreneurs with helpful hints and tips. You can enter basic market information like price point or best sellers in an instant and it tells you if your idea will fly–or not–within minutes. If there’s any question about whether this is worth trying out, look at how many happy customers they have!

  34. This product is the only way to stay ahead of your competitors. It is useful and beneficial to stick with Jungle Scout at all times, as it helps you save time and grow your business. The tips provided by this optimization tool for Amazon sellers help you succeed in both life and work. If you are looking for the right way to start your eCommerce journey or want to know more about what possibilities are possible with online retailing, then this post will definitely give some excellent ideas!

  35. Jungle Scout is an online research tool for people who are interested in selling products on Amazon. It helps you find profitable product opportunities by identifying the most eyeballed, best-selling and top trending product ideas and makes it easy to compare different ASINs (Amazon’s internal code) and sales histories of similar products.

    Jungle Scout also has a “Fulfillment By Amazon” integration that provides information about suppliers, inventory levels, weights etc., which can be sorted by entering a desired range or searching for specific keywords such as FBA fees, dimensions etc. This way potential sellers can see if their supplier satisfies these requirements before giving them authorization to sell your goods via Amazon FBA.

  36. “Jungle scout has helped me to take my Amazon PPC campaigns to the next level. I am able to easily trace and identify the most in-demand keywords in order for me to optimize and continue to grow in customer interest.”
    “This tool is so helpful when it comes to understanding your competition and what they are doing. It truly feels great always knowing the high rankings of the products you sell compared with your competitors!”
    “I love that this product shows me real time stats about how well my listings on Amazon look when put up against competing products, such as what words they use for keywords, their actual listing titles, which colors entice buyers more than others, etcetera.”

  37. I found it and I love it! Jungle Scout is the best because:
    1. It tells you prices of different sellers in your area so that when you’re at a store looking for items, you already know the price range.
    2. You can set up alerts to let you know about discounts or lowest prices becoming available for your item(s) on Amazon or eBay.
    3. They have this awesome keyword research tool which allows me to find all sorts of keywords related to my product idea but keep in mind not every one will work well together

  38. Jungle scout, an advantageous tool for growth in the market with its key word research. This product offers assistance to choose up the most used keywords by their competitors. Where ever these are being forgotten or less pursued then they can be made into one’s ranking tracker list which is additionally of huge help in PPC campaigns and ranking on amazon. It makes jumble work out of tracking competitors’ rankings- like grading a student on homework done, it never misses any detail which provides great power for all!

  39. Jungle Scout is a powerful tool used to help create an amazon listing, gauge the competition of amazon listings, and find the most effective keywords for a new or existing product. Jungle Scout can also be used as a ranking tracker of amazon.com products and their whereabouts in the competitive world. The rank tracker will tell you how your competitor’s strategy on pricing has been performing recently while keyword history keeps tabs on which words have been driving traffic from PPC ads since last year. These two features are just two flashy add-ons that work together with many other handy analytics to help users get on top of things! Get this product before your competitors do!

  40. The Jungle Scout Tool really helps the business in tracking the competitiveness of products. It provides market insights too. The rank tracker also keeps track of product performance over a while, and it even helps in tracing best keywords for marketing with PPC campaigns!

  41. The Jungle Scout Tool is an incredible asset for sellers on Amazon. Once you sign up, the toolbar will pop up and help to find profitable products to sell like a charm. I would highly recommend this product to any beginner who wants an edge in the market and the competition!

  42. This app is soooo cool! I, literally, have no complaints. It is super intuitive and incredibly easy to use. My favorite part? The placement of the keywords. I can literally see which products are doing well on Amazon right now in one simple glance.

  43. I have been looking for ways to improve my sales on Amazon, and the Jungle Scout tool is one of the best investments I have made. The software gives you a list of keywords that are popular in your niche, as well as shows you what your competitors are doing to make their products rank higher than yours! With this information at my fingertips it’s no wonder why I’m now able to beat out other sellers on Amazon with my excellent product pages.

  44. Wonderfully easy to use and the service takes care of your analytics needs, this tool allows you to keep tabs on your competition. If you’re competitive in sales and know how to stack against someone else then get Jungle Scout to get an up close view at any co-promotion opportunities that might present themselves!

  45. Jungle scout has been a life changer for me. I have always struggled with the tediousness of tracking my competition and how they do on Amazon, as well as figuring out what keywords best fit theirs to make sure mine is more appealing. However, with this tool all that got easier! I now know my number one competitor even better than before thanks to Jungle Scout’s analytics system, which provides screenshots of their product pages that show you the words and images THEY use!

  46. I’ve only been using Jungle Scout for a couple days, but I already can see how powerful this app is. It allows me to track specific keywords like widget or widget king that interests me and let’s me know what other people are buying in the niche market that looks like my site/products. Don’t be afraid–this isn’t some big scary industry tool; it has tabs on the screen with simple instructions to help you out. I set up my product list in less than 30 minutes! You should give it a try if your goal is to make money by selling widgets (or anything really).

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