Top 5+ Best Jungle Scout Alternatives In 2021 (Which One Is Best For Amazon FBA?)

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There are many tools available in the market to help you in growing your Amazon FBA business. However, each of them has its own limitations and flaws.

Jungle Scout Alternatives will help you out to find the other best amazon ranking tools other than Jungle Scout. Helium 10, Viral Launch, AMZScout, Unicorn Smasher, and ASINspector are some of the competitors of Jungle Scout. 

If you’re looking to know more about Jungle Scout then check out our Jungle Scout Review.

Bottom Line Upfront: What is Jungle Scout? What are some of the alternatives to Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a premium tool that helps you in your product research phase by providing a huge amount of data on demand from Amazon marketplace. It comes with an affordable price tag but it’s not free like other alternatives such as Viral Launch or AMZScout which are completely free for basic versions. The paid version of AMZScout is also very cheap.

But if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to start your business then choosing Jungle Scout would be the best option because this tool has all the features required to get started quickly without any hassle and save time & money on unnecessary things that can slow down or even stop your progress when starting out selling on Amazon FBA platform.

Get started with JungleScout now.


Best product research tools for Amazon. The best part about this tool is that it can be used by both sellers as well as non-sellers too.


ASINspector is a smart tool developed for Amazon sellers. Smart and intelligent work including thorough research.

Are you curious to know what I am going to cover for you in this article? Have a look at these questions:

  • What are some other Amazon tools?
  • What other tools can I use to start business on Amazon FBA?
  • What are the competitors for Jungle Scout?
  • What is a good alternative to Jungle Scout?
  • Is Jungle Scout Best?
  • What is the cost of JungleScout?
  • What are features of Helium 10?
  • Why is Jungle Scout better Amazon tool than others?
  • What is the pricing of Viral launch?
  • What is AmzScout?
  • What are the features of Unicorn Smasher?
  • Is Jungle Scout better than Helium 10?
  • What is so special about Jungle Scout?

Table of Contents

JungleScout Overview:

Whenever we communicate about product research, Jungle Scout will nearly honestly spring to mind.

A company preferred with dealers, Jungle Scout is to be had as a chrome extension or net app and offers customers the possibility to quickly and without problems seek through heaps of merchandise.

As nicely as product searches, Jungle Scout consists of an entire host of functions together with an area of interest hunters, unfastened webinars, and case studies.

Jungle Scout Overview -Jungle Scout Alternatives

Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool helping users choose products, prices, suppliers, etc.

It is an Amazon research tool that allows you to discover prevailing merchandise, estimate sales, study keywords, and spy on competition all from one clean-to-use dashboard.

Basically, it right away suggests to you what products could be the maximum worthwhile and simplest to develop your enterprise with.

As nicely as product searches, Jungle Scout consists of an entire host of functions together with an area of interest hunters, unfastened webinars, and case studies.

Jungle Scout’s Product Database consists of over 70 million products from the Amazon catalog.

If you think Jungle scout is the only tool available for your Amazon business, then you are probably wrong.

There are a number of other options available as an alternative to Jungle Scout.

Why Should You Choose Jungle Scout for Amazon FBA?

Amazon’s net revenue has increased by $100 Billion between 2019 – 2020. That’s a 40% increase in just one year!

In fact, their revenue is continuously ACCELERATING – Check this out:

jungle scout statistics

How would you like to make money while sitting at home? Well, now there’s away! Selling products on Amazon is the new wave of entrepreneurship.

You can sell anything from books and DVDs to furniture and clothing with just one click. It doesn’t stop there; according to Financial Post, 62% of sellers saw an increase in profits by 2020 which means that this trend will only continue into further years ahead.

Not only do we not have to worry about shipping or working hard finding “winning” items – it’s all right here waiting for us thanks to Amazon partner programs (it even includes developing your own marketplace).

Major Difference Between JungleScout & other Alternatives


Let’s dive into each of these individually:

5+ Best Jungle Scout Alternatives You Should Try In 2021

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is a comprehensive tool including a dozen features. As an FBA seller, keyword research is highly important for increased sales.

Helium10 Overview -Jungle Scout Alternatives

Helium 10 is a reliable tool that helps sellers simplify Amazon keyword research, track keyword ranking, find profitable products, and spy on competitors, and optimize the listing to increase sales.       

It has its own product database, which allows you to define each parameter(category, sales, price, reviews, etc.) by setting Filters. Helium 10 retrieves products from the backend product database that match your settings and displays them centrally.

The benefit is that it greatly improves the efficiency of product selection.

  • Looking to read more about Helium 10? Read the Helium 10 Review with features, pricing, pros, and cons and know if it is worth it?

Some of the features of Helium 10 are:

Features of Helium 10

  • Black box Research

The product selection is actually selecting keywords, the goal is to search for keywords with a large search volume, but small competition intensity.

The keywords and all data come directly from Amazon. You can intuitively see the monthly search volume of each keyword, which is also the most important reference data for selecting keywords.

The data of all keywords here (Monthly Revenue/Price/Review Count/Review Rating) are from the Top Ranked Products under the keyword, that is, the product that best reflects the market situation.

  • Keyword Research

Powerful filters to get the keyword you are looking for; digs out the keyword that your competitor gets indexed for; find out the highly relevant keyword based on your seed keyword.

Get an insight into keywords with metrics like search volume, purchase, conversion rate, purchase rate, search/purchase trends, competition, etc. Enhance your keyword strategy and SEO by tracking your daily keyword rankings.

  • Web App

Helium 10 has Amazon product databases where you can input particular product criteria (i.e baby products with less than 200 reviews that generate at least $7k in monthly revenue) and find products that meet these criteria on Amazon’s product catalog.

It’s said that Helium 10 has the largest database of Amazon products. What really sets Helium 10 apart is the advanced filtering functionality.

Two filters that Helium 10 has and Jungle Scout does not is the ability to filter products by sales to review ratio and number of images.

Pricing Plans at Helium 10

Helium 10 has a free plan that you can try but you need to upgrade your plan if you want to experience more features.

Helium10 Pricing- bets jungle scout alternative

Helium 10 Customer Reviews

Helium10 review

Conclusion: Helium 10

People who have used Helium 10 give a high compliment on its feature and it covers everything you need to manage your Amazon business.

Helium 10 is indeed a real deal for Amazon sellers – accurate, easy to use, and affordable, no seller should be selling on Amazon without this incredible box of tricks.

2. AMZScout 

AmzScout is one of the product research tools Amazon. The best part about this tool is that it can be used by both sellers as well as non-sellers too.

AmzScout Overview - Jungle Scout Alternatives

So before selling on Amazon, you can decide and research your business move. AMZScout allows finding the number of exporters and the price of each item. 

Apart from providing product information and stats, you can actually get foresight into the sales and income estimated according to your products thus helping you to grow your business.

AMZScout also comes with excellent features for its users. Some of them are:

Features of AMZScout

  • Product Database

A complete database of all the products will be visible depending on the region/country selected. You can filter out all the products based on the different categories available. The rankings then help the sellers decide their products accordingly.

  • Chrome Extension

You can find AMZScout both as a Chrome extension as well as a web application.

While both these help in increasing the sales, the Chrome extension retrieves the data in real-time and the web application is an extensive one with more features and functionalities and can be used with any browser.

One perk of the web application is you do not need to open the Amazon website every time you use the application. Even Chrome extension gives the chance for optimization of the businesses. 

There are some other features such as Product score and Potential Score which will help the users to sell their products by making wise decisions. 

The tracking system gets easier with the web application where almost the rates of 80 products can be viewed. Not just ease tracking, but also offers a keyword researcher feature to find out the most used and sold products. 

  • Product Searches

The type of product you choose to sell plays a major role in sales. A clear understanding of the product ranking needs to be present for boosting your business.

AMZScout helps you in this matter by letting you know the products in most demand on Amazon. This information comes with the days, months, or a year’s record. Apart from that, you can also view how sales changes with respect to holidays and weekends.

  • Estimating Sales

When a seller plans to sell his products, there’s an utmost need to know the profits of his product. For this purpose, AMZScout offers a feature of estimating sales.

Here one can get a clear picture of the interest of the product among the users by providing a database regarding the sales of the product. 

This simplifies the job of the user by knowing the performance of the product and thus can estimate the profits to be obtained. 

You can even rely on the accuracy of the data provided as it offers the database for products related to 30 different categories. 

This tool is highly recommended for those who are just starting off their business 

Pricing Plans at AmzScout

Just like other tools, AMZScout too offers its users a pricing plan depending on their requirements. There is a monthly, yearly, and lifetime plan too. 

AmzScout Pricing

Not just this, AMZScout has a web application too that tends to offer its users three different plans.

AMZScout Customer Reviews


Conclusion: AMZScout

Overall AMZScout is a great tool one can rely on for increasing its sales on Amazon. There are excellent features such as proper keyword research and various features helping one to gain insights about the overall performance of their product. 

3. Viral Launch

As an Amazon seller, you will look for tools that simplify your work of researching the appropriate keywords thus boosting your growth.

Viral Launch Overview -Jungle Scout Alternatives

If this is your primary goal, then another alternative to Jungle Scout is Viral Launch. This is most suitable for the newbies who have just started their careers in Amazon FBA.

This tool is packed with several outstanding features that will surely elevate your business. A few of them are :

What are some Features of Viral Launch?

  • Kinetic PPC

This is one feature that has been added lately to Viral Launch. This feature has already gained applause for its monitoring the results, tracking the performance, and giving timely updates to the users.

This feature actually boosts the growth through repeated actions thus increasing the ads. As there are several templates provided, you can also optimize according to the needs of the user.

Apart from these automated features, there are campaigns provided that help the seller to keep track of the products displayed in every campaign.

  • Product Discovery

Before going out for actual sales, you need to have an idea about the performance of your product in the markets.

This tool of Viral Launch helps you to understand and know more about the products that perform exceptionally well. Choose the criteria in which you are interested in and then you’ll find a whole list of items present.

The data will be so huge that you don’t need to worry about storage. There’s a tracker that will store all your viewed and saved data. 

  • Market Intelligence

As an Amazon seller, you need to show some intelligence while choosing your products to be sold. This work will be done by a special tool called Market Intelligence.

This feature uses certain algorithms to actually display the viability and the potential of the product to perform in the market. 

What is Viral Launch Pricing Plan?

Viral Launch has four levels of pricing plans for its users offering a wide variety of features. Depending on the need of the seller, they can opt for either the Beginner, Pro, Brand Builder, or the kinetic plan.

Viral Launch Pricing- alternatives to junglescout

What do customers have to say about Viral Launch?

virallaunch-review virallaunch-review2

Conclusion: Viral Launch

This tool is of immense importance and needs to the users who wish to extend their Amazone sales significantly. The several features of Viral Launch mark the true quality of being an excellent product to the users. 

4. Unicorn Smasher

While you plan for a successful venture as an Amazon seller, you must and should have tools that will perform the market analysis and provide you with the right database about the sales of your product.

Unicorn Smasher Overview

Unicorn Smasher is one such alternative to Jungle Scout having all these functions and added to an extraordinary feature of having zero cost price! 

This is a chrome extension tool which also makes this tool quite handy.

Features of Unicorn Smasher

  • Filters

As small as the name sounds, there is such a small option below on the page that offers a huge help to the sellers.

Using Filters, you can categorize and shorten the range of your products. In this way, you can save a lot of time by actually finding what is needed.

  • Dashboard

As a seller, you may come across several products while having a search in the tool. You can access all these searches using the Dashboard feature where you can save them and later can be viewed when necessary.

This feature, in fact, saves your time by not needing to visit over and again.

  • CSV File

Not just selling products, but you also need to compare the prices of several products and how they are ranking in the market. For this tedious task, you do need to take a paper and jot it down randomly.

For this, Unicorn Smasher has a feature where the data can be stored in an a.CSV file which is similar to Excel spreadsheets. This tabular form of the page will help you sort your products accordingly. 

  • Opportunity score 

This is a new feature that has been added to Unicorn Smasher. This feature will score your Amazon product to be sold according to the rankings and traffic obtained in the marketplace.

With this, you can get an idea of whether your choice of product will lead you to profits or not. With three scores such as low, medium, and high, you get to act and plan accordingly. 

Pricing Plan at Unicorn Smasher

Talking about the pricing feature, Uniform Smasher is an exception to its competitors where this tool is completely free of charge.

So you want to give a trial or continue your business, Unicorn Smasher is there for you to pick up at any time. 

Unicorn Smasher Customer Reviews


Conclusion: Unicorn Smasher

If you are naive to the FDA Amazon business and just want to give a trial free of cost, you can go with Unicorn Smasher.

But the point to be remembered is that this tool is not the one to help in product discovery rather it helps in product research.

So if you have decided on a product and are looking for a platform, a Unicorn Smasher is a good idea. 

5. ASINspector

ASINspector is a smart tool developed for Amazon sellers. Smart and intelligent work includes thorough research of the product and providing instant results.

Asinpector Overview -Jungle Scout Alternatives

This tool is highly known for its deep research which is the prime quality needed for good sales. 

If you do not have any product ideas framed in mind, do not worry as this tool will also sort you in choosing the right product by giving several options and their performance in the market. 

Features of ASINspector

  • Rankings Display

As already mentioned this tool has an exceptional feature to make you understand the different products in the market and how they perform.

All the products are listed and ranked based on the searches and the profits made. With this, it becomes easy for you to unearth new products that will help you in your business. 

  • Profit Estimations

After you decide on any product, you also need to have an idea about the profits you will be generating.

For this purpose, ASINspector has a function that calculates the revenue you might be getting on a monthly basis for that particular product.

This quality helps the seller to move in the right direction in expanding his business. 

  • Scanning

This is one of the mobile-friendly features where the product details can be found by scanning the product with the given barcode.

Doing this will present you with the list and information about the sales and rankings of the product you are interested in.

  • Filters

As there is a lot of competition for the sales of any product, it’s highly essential to cut short your search for the precise product.

Filters are extremely necessary and ASINspector is highly advanced in this respect. The filter feature can immensely ease your work by applying suitable filters. 

Pricing Plan at ASINspector

When it comes to the pricing plan, this tool is extremely convenient for users. Either you can choose the free plan which costs you zero dollars or you can go with the pro version too. 

Asinpector Pricing- Best junglescout alternative

It’s not only the paid version that grants you excellent benefits but also the free version guarantees you boosting your sales and business.

Jungle Scout Reviews

Jungle Scout Testomonials -Amazeowl vs JungleScout

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FAQs: Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

✅ Is it possible to export the data in ASINspector?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to export all your data. This can be done using Excel or a CSV file. Stack your information there and analyze your products accordingly.

👉 DoesUnicorn Smasher work with other browsers except for Chrome?

Well, for now, Unicorn Smasher works only with Google Chrome. Other browsers such as Firefox, Safari do not have the support system to run this tool.

⚡Can I cancel my subscription to AMZScout?

Yes, you can cancel your paid subscription. For this, you need to contact the support team via the mail given. After providing a suitable reason for the cancel of membership, you will have to confirm your license and then your subscription will be canceled.

🤔 Is jungle scout the best?

I found that Jungle Scout was accurate 99% of the time, being just a few units off in most instances. If you are worried that the info you receive from the web app or Chrome Extension is inaccurate, do not worry. The information is good and true

🔥 How do I find most sold items on Amazon?

To start, you can go to the Amazon Best Sellers page where you'll be able to quickly find the most popular items on the website. The list is based on sales volume and is updated hourly with their most recent data. It's divided by category so you can see which products are most popular in every Amazon category

🙋‍♀️ Is there a free alternative to jungle scout?

There are only 2 free alternatives for JungleScout: Unicorn Smasher and Helium 10 Xray (free for the first 1000 product lookups).

🤔 Can you cancel jungle scout at any time?

Jungle Scout Terms of Use state that they don't offer pro-rated refunds after cancellations. You can cancel your Jungle Scout subscription and use your account until the end of the billing period. Even though the company doesn't give prorated refunds, they do have a money-back guarantee.

🤷‍♂️ Is AMZ scout free?

There are three tiers of AMZScout membership. The basic plan costs $29.99 per month. The start plan costs $39.99 per month and the business plan costs $59.99 per month. ... The web app also has 7 days of the free trial included with every plan.

🔥 Is FBA still profitable 2020?

Amazon FBA is definitely worth it in 2020 — for some sellers. Before you determine if it will be a profitable solution for your business, you need to calculate how much you're likely to spend. You may even like to try Amazon FBA with just a few types of products to see if it works for your business.

🙋‍♀️ Is jungle scout a rare skin?

The Jungle Scout Skin is an Uncommon Fortnite Outfit. It was released on February 28th, 2018, and was last available 57 days ago. It can be purchased from the Item Shop for 800 V-Bucks when listed.

🔑 Is Jungle Scout accurate?

Although, from a relative standpoint, Jungle Scout is still about 30% more accurate than Viral Launch, based on the median values.

🤔 Is Jungle Scout owned by Amazon?

Amazon-selling platform Jungle Scout has clinched $110 million to expand. And it's already applied those funds toward an acquisition: the ad-tech startup Downstream Impact, which helps brands and entrepreneurs optimize their eCommerce businesses.

🤷‍♂️ Which is better jungle scout or helium 10?

The accuracy of the results varies, and it's highly dependent on the product niche and volume. Overall, however, our reports indicated that Jungle Scout was more accurate than Helium 10 in almost every head-to-head test.

Conclusion: Which is The Best Jungle Scout Alternative?

When you wish to take your business to greater heights, ASINspector is quite difficult to ignore because of its smart and unique features that promise the users the best results. 

You’ve been introduced to Jungle Scout, an Amazon research tool that can help you find estimate sales, research keywords, winning products, and spy on competitors all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

If this sounds like something you need in your life or business, there are many alternatives for Jungle Scout depending on your needs. We hope this post has given you some good information about how it works and what it does.

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Jungle Scout Alternatives will help you out to find the other best amazon ranking tools other than jungle scout before going into the topic let's have a brief introduction about today’s Amazon market. 

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32 thoughts on “Top 5+ Best Jungle Scout Alternatives In 2021 (Which One Is Best For Amazon FBA?)”

  1. The Chrome extension of JungleScout is amazing. Right from the amazon page, you are able to see every product with the number of sales per day/month and also its revenue. I also like the simplicity of automated e-mail campaigns that JS provides. I could keep using it for years with the advantage of this product.

  2. ASINspector is a smart tool developed for Amazon sellers. It used Artificial intelligence and it does really smart and intelligent work including thorough research.

  3. Being a memeber in amazon FBA business I can assure you that jungle scout is one and only research tool which makes your business go with flow. It is very easy to use interface for most people also it provides tools you need to attract and retain customers. Which helps you to create customized email campaigns to research your customers and offer them coupons and promotions to boost sales.

  4. It’s never been so easy to find great deals on Amazon than with the Jungle Scout. I love how this app not only tells you the price of a product from different vendors, but also gives estimated profit margin that would be based off of selling just one unit. This is an addictive app and will have you on your toes for hours. strongly recommended.

  5. I love Jungle Scout! I have been looking for a way to increase my profit margin because Amazon’s prices change so often. The lower price alert is the most important one: When a product with less than 40% on-hand inventory drops below 10%, I buy immediately and make lots of money fast. Thank you, Jungle Scout.

  6. I don’t know what to say. When I first started using Jungle Scout, all I could think is, “FINALLY! This is EXACTLY the tool that everyone needs!!! THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL!” After only a few days of use and one follow up email later (then within 6 weeks), I was offered so many potential Amazon flips that my head might explode or something. It literally makes magic happen if you use it in the right way- which can be tough for people starting out who are totally lost on how anything works more than just [insert product name] but this is not an exaggeration at all when I stress. this product will change your life forever. give it a try.

  7. I used this app to identify great opportunities and it saved me a lot of time. I found at its best, Jungle Scout can find products that are in the top 10% for profitability ratios. It’s amazing — you just put some filters in place for things such as niche type or rank dynamics and boom! You have 50+ great opportunities for easy profit margins. The only drawback is really timing, but there’s an alarm function that will let you know when price has dropped again so no need to worry about missing out on those sweet gains.

  8. Jungle Scout is good! I love Jungle Scout because it’s the most easy and reliable way to find profitable opportunities on Amazon. With so many deals all over the internet, I was spending my whole day scrolling through not-so-promising products trying to find something that would work for me—something with a good profit margin. Thankfully, there are people like Pat who created this app completely dedicated to finding high profit margins. As soon as I log in it scans my criteria of what I’m looking for and starts listing products that meet those specific needs and want. Trying literally saves me hours a week; I don’t know how anyone could go about finding great deals without this amazing software at one’s fingertips.

  9. I wish I knew about this sooner.
    Jungle Scout is the best way to find profitable bargains on Amazon. Not only can you search for products based on criteria, but without even checking prices (shipping costs etc.), it will send me alerts when there’s a lower price! This seriously saves so much time and energy because if something falls under your margins not only do you earn more profit from the sale, but Jungle Scout also sends you an alert when to buy at that lower sale price. highly recommended.

  10. Jungle Scout is the most comprehensive product research software. It gives you all the information you need to check a product before making a purchase and tell your friends about it. Just type in any keyword, think of an item or market that interests you, or simply scroll through Jungle Scout’s go-to trending products pages and find out more about them.

  11. Jungle Scout was helpful with my business today. I had an great opportunity to find another product that’s listed at a lower price, and Jungle Scout automatically sent me alerts! It didn’t take much research time, either. The platform is easy to use and comes with all the information you need.

  12. I used to not know nearly anything about selling on Amazon, but after a year of looking into the Jungle Scout I used to be able to generate all my income from there. It was straightforward and interactive and helped me understand what items that often sell who a lot money they might produce for my business. There are different nice features too like high level info about your competition, key phrase search engine optimization, basic product hunting based mostly in your wants… there’s something for everyone among Jungle Scout’s functions!

  13. Jungle Scout is an fantastic tool that assists you find the most profitable products to promote on Amazon. It provides a ready-to-use dashboard for ranking merchandise, estimating sales, studying keywords, and spying on your competition to assist you’re making knowledgeable decisions concerning how to take your enterprise subsequent. Jungle Scout consists of many different features together with product searches and area of interest hunters so there’s no scarcity of instruments at your fingertips. Finding out what folks are buying can help you set up astounding offers which might be imaginative for shoppers want it.

  14. The Jungle Scout tool is one that everyone needs and it can help growth. It does all types of research, not just Amazon products and prices but also shares competitors’ information and tells you what kind of competitive edge they’re working with to produce their own business successful. It’s a perfect way for any company new to the market or old school that never knew about these kinds of digital tools could quickly become much more profitable in the blink of an eye!

  15. Jungle Scout is the best product research tool for eCommerce business owners looking to grow their sales and revenue. It provides an easy way to know the best products, sales, and keywords pertaining to you or your competition. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone trying their hand at something new because it’s simple for any level of knowledge-set.

  16. Jungle Scout is perfect when you’re searching for quick Amazon product research, sales information or even need to know what your competition is carrying out.

    The dashboard gives you all the info you want about an item AND it tells you which items would be the best match for your business needs. There are free informational webinars and case studies that can help you get the grasp of how Jungle Scout works plus its significance in marketing nowadays.

  17. Jungle scout is the best Amazon research tool I’ve seen because it lets you identify products, prices, suppliers and more.

    They have an inkling of a deal with on what merchandise could be a great possibility for your company and helps you spy on competing businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

  18. I have been utilizing Jungle Scout as a product research tool for over 12 months now and I could not be happier with it. I’m a longtime seller on Amazon who has scrutinized numerous numbers of products to see what’s ranking nicely, why potential clients are doing that, how much competitors value this or that particular characteristic, etcetera. That being said, the product gets far higher marks from me because everything is right at my fingertips. If you’re looking for an all-in-one dashboard to assess merchandise pricing and sales info combined with keyword insights and supplier prices…this app is the answer.

  19. Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool helping users choose products, prices, suppliers, etc. It does this by showing you what merchants are advertising out the sweetest deals on merchandise you wish to sell. Jungle Scout brings these deals straight to your inbox so that all you have got to do is select which one’s finest for your business! So save yourself some time and give these folks a go next time you need some help with appearing at merchandising paradise.

  20. I find Jungle Scout to be an invaluable resource for help with my Amazon FBA business, I can keep track of competition and traffic on different products so I know what items are worth investing in. There is also a section where you can see trending keywords which helps me come up with ideas for developing businesses. The product research tool confirms to be user-friendly, easy to understand, and has nearly every data point at your fingertips. Testing it out was one of the best things that happened during my whole time as an Amazon FBA seller!

  21. I’ve been using Jungle Scout for over a year now and I can’t imagine doing research without it. It’s an Amazon product research tool that makes determining which products to sell on Amazon way easier by showing you all the features of a particular listing. This means you know before making a purchase whether or not this is going to be a profitable item to sell on Amazon FBA, saving both time and money from being spent trial-and-erroring with various products only to find out they’re just not worth it. Another great aspect of Jungle Scout is that everything goes back into their database which allows future users get access to the updated data when it becomes available.

  22. Time is a commodity that I don’t have. Jungle Scout makes it easy to scan for profitable products and find out what your competitors are doing.

    I cannot be the only one looking to find a quick, effective, and trustworthy way to get started on Amazon FBA. That’s why I was so relieved when I found Jungle Scout! Their search filters give me all the info I need about any product right at my fingertips. In addition, they provide both the cost estimation of the product as well as insights from previous sells of this type of merchandise in order for me to make an informed decision about whether or not this will be a worthwhile investment for myself

  23. “This is an amazing tool that allows you to find profitable products on Amazon without having to guess the sales rank. That way, it’s a lot easier and faster for me to figure out what items I need to just jump into Amazon FBA wholesale because this app has done all the research beforehand. Definitely worth giving a try!”

  24. I can’t even believe how much I love Jungle Scout. I was a little bit hesitant at first about whether it would be worth the price, but after going through everything and setting things up, there is no way I could ever do my research again without this product because it does all the work for me.

    It just really helped speed up my process of getting started with Amazon FBA as an online entrepreneur and let me focus on other important matters such as tracking what inventory sells best and figuring out any customer feedback that might come in from customers. It has been amazing so far!

  25. There are a lot of things to consider when selling products on the Amazon FBA platform, and it may seem overwhelming at first.

    That’s why I find that Jungle Scout is such a beneficial product for finding products, suppliers, pricing data – it really is going to make this process much easier. Beyond my initial needs with using their tool, my team has been very interested in some of the other features they offer as well. Whether you have never tried selling online before or feel like an expert already, Jungle Scout will help you grow your business from the ground up – no matter what stage businesses are currently in!

  26. Jungle Scout is the perfect solution for any business looking to start quickly and efficiently with Amazon FBA. It’s easy to download, there are an unlimited number of products you can search for, and it is constantly updated so all of your research is up-to-date! The tools offered in Jungle Scout will give you just about everything you need when starting out on Amazon FBA. Start searching today!

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