Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch 2023: Battle For The Best Tool For Amazon FBA (Our Pick)

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Are you looking for the best way to do product research and find your next big money-making opportunity? If so, then you need to look no further than Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch.

With two of the top products in this field, it can be hard to decide which option is right for you.

Both tools offer unique features and capabilities, meaning the decision isn’t always an easy one – but with our in-depth analysis below we’ll help make sure that your choice is an informed one and that whatever tool you end up choosing will meet all of your needs!

Keep reading to get a complete overview of both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch, learn what makes each resource stand out from the rest, and understand which solution should be at the forefront of your eCommerce marketing strategy!

Jungle Scout

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Viral Launch

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Pricing Suite: 49$/month Pro: 99$/month
Best for

They offer some premium features like Product Tracker, Opportunity Finder, Niche tracker, and many more such features that crawl through the wide database to offer an in-depth while researching for a specific tool.

Viral Launch has some distinguishing features like Kinetics PPC, Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, Listing Analyzer, and some more features.

  • Rank Tracker
  • Listing Builder
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Manager
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Kinetics PPC
  •  Their prices are lower as compared to Viral Launch
  •  The Keyword Search tool is one of the greatest tools for pr
  •  They have a great Product Development tool
  •  Market Intelligence offers great insights into the product
  • Their Product Research tool is not robust and doesn’t provid
  • There are a limited number of searches they provide with the
  • There is sometimes no monetization of paid content
  • They have a higher price as compared to Jungle Scout
Check out Check out

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This review on Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch will take care of your demands as we proceed further.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch 2023: Overview

Jungle Scout Overview

JungleScout Overview- Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Jungle Scout has captured the market for four years now and has a loyal customer base as a product research tool.

They offer some premium features like Product Tracker, Opportunity Finder, Niche tracker, and many more such features that crawl through the wide database to offer an in-depth while researching for a specific tool.

The most noticeable thing is the two types of version which is seen on the website they offer two distinct products which are a chrome extension and a web app.

Chrome extension allows you to freely browse on Amazon without clicking on a specific product and will list tables of price, niche rank, sales, and PPC there and then. 

The extension is like doing window shopping just to know what is better and where to find it.

On the other hand, web apps allow one to dive deep into product analysis for a better understanding of that product in the current market.

It will offer much-enhanced filters and tools to spy on competitors and generate better PPC.

There is a distinguishing feature I found on the site which was very compelling they have three separate columns under Solutions columns like First time sellers, Existing ones, and Brands & Agencies.

So far, Jungle Scout has covered nine Amazon markets in countries like the USA, India, Spain, Italy, Mexico, France, Canada, Germany, and the UK.

Viral Launch Overview

Viral Launch Overview

Viral Launch was launched one year later than the Jungle scout which means it is three years old now.

But that isn’t a problem as it has already grabbed ten markets as compared to the former software which means more databases and more products estimated at up to 350 million products.

Viral Launch has some distinguishing features like Kinetics PPC, Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, Listing Analyzer, and some more features.

These features provide results based on more focused and in-depth research with the help of market intelligence which generates surveys based on last year’s sales of that particular product.

Most of their packages include all the basic features which a beginner or an expert requires. Let’s find out a more detailed comparison between Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch. 

Key Differences Between JungleScout & Other Competitors

key differences

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Key Features

Viral Launch Features

1) Kinetics PPC

2) Competitor Intelligence

3) Keyword Manager

4) Listing Builder

5) Listing Analyzer

6) Split Tester

Read about Viral launch features in this blog post.

Jungle Scout Features

1) Supplier Database

2) Listing Builder

3) Rank Tracker

4) Sales Analytics

5) Inventory Manager

6) Launch 

Read in detail about Jungle scout features here.

1. Research about a Product

Viral Launch Research

This is the primary tool that is needed by every seller as without the dynamics of the product, a seller cannot comprehend what to sell and how to do it.

Viral launch lists this product under the category of Product Discovery which relies on sophisticated algorithms to generate high-quality and real-time validation of a product.

With this feature, you can select various categories like clothing, food items, tech products, and many more to know about their niche.

After selecting a niche, one can also dive deep with filters like sales, revenue generated, size, monthly sales, and reviews to make an informed decision.

A brand is only with the value it provides in its customer’s life, hence, the Viral Launch has some additional filters for researching a product.

The advanced filters include:

  • Shipping Size
  • Change in reviews 
  • Net Profit
  • Number of sellers
  • Change in Sales

And many more that help in enhancing the perspective about a product to a greater extent.

Jungle Scout Research

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Jungle Scout also provides a very powerful tool that enables the user to generate a verdict about his product in a reliable manner.

The same product-choosing category is decided under the  Product Database tab which enables you to specify a niche for your product.

The more advanced search can be done with the help of filters like type of sellers, desired weight, reviews of the product, ratings, sales, and price ranges.

Surprisingly, you can switch Amazon markets in between like India to Canada to expand your product’s sales globally.

The chrome extension of Jungle Scout offers a much simpler version of product research by displaying on the top all the average sales, reviews, and ratings.

The search is on an extension just above the webpage so that you can research while you browse and it will also draw a comparison between top sellers and sales change.


Both of the products have similar algorithms and target audiences and don’t provide much differentiation.

Still, due to the varied filters of viral launch as compared to Jungle scout, I would say at this point Viral launch is winning here.

2. Market Research

Viral Launch Market Research

Doing market research is very important before investing your money into a specific product, it can be possible that you invest in a product that is trending but also there is a high price to pay for it.

Hence, Viral Launch provides a feature that Is market intelligence to track all the features of a particular product.

On the Detailed Statistics tab, one can view the top 10 listings, top 5, and sellers which are no.1 right now. With this feature, one can review the changes which happened over time between the top 10 listers.

It might be possible that new ones surpassed the old ones which paves the way to hope that your product can be listed there too.

There is a market trend tab that tells about the current trending products in the market or your product will rank in the market, for example, you wouldn’t want to sell summer boots in the winter season.

VL Analytics lab is another feature predicting the monthly sales and idea score of your product to give you a fair idea for investing.

Jungle Scout Market Research

The features which are described for market research in Viral Launch are particularly covered in the Product Database tab.

But every software wants to extend its production capability to meet the client’s increasing demand.

Hence, they have Niche Hunter which does not represent a single product but rather lists the whole of that product.

If your product is related to beauty apparel then it will list and rank all the beauty apparel with their sales, reviews, top sellers, and price listings.

Hence, niche hunting alone would not benefit a seller but combined with a Product Database, it can be really useful for an in-depth analysis of the market for your product.

With that being said, Niche Hunter can be used to generate potential ideas when a seller is confused about what to sell on Amazon.


Both products are providing their best to their clients but if a seller wants to go for a more reliable market search then, Viral Lunch is the go-to option due to its more comprehensive approach to Market research.

3. Keyword Search

Viral Launch Keyword Search

Keyword Manager Viral Launch- Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Keywords are very important to list your product so that it can rank when the customer is searching for it.

Hence, Viral Launch provides you with the feature of Keyword Research so that you can optimize your product listing with the most searched keywords for that particular product.

It’s very easy to use, you can simply enter a keyword according to your category and Viral Search will generate all the keyword phrases and additional analytics that are important.

Exact Search Volume will tell you about the preciseness of a phrase and how many times that phrase has been searched by the customers and the cost per click will determine the amount that will be paid for i

However, Relevancy Score generates points for the primary keyword search. It will be an average of all the phrases and not precise.

Other than that Priority Score and Broad Search Volume will tell you about the phrase in a broader sense and compare it with each word in all of the phrases.

These all features combined will give you an opportunity score which will give you a rough idea of how your product will do if you rank it with the particular key phrase.

Jungle Scout Keyword Search

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout also provides you with a wide array of features to rank your product with the best keywords and high cost per click

The features like exact search volume and broad search volume are exactly like the ones in Viral Launch and their function is very well similar to it too.

Another subtly different feature is Headline Search bid Ads with CPC.

Recommended giveaway is another feature that is very different from other software. It recommends giving coupons or discounts with your product to increase its sale and popularity on the website.

To combine all of this, Jungle Scout has a tab of Easy to Rank which will generate the rank of your product. Higher the rank, the higher the visibility of your product.


With more depth of keyword search and ranking tabs, Jungle Scout will be the winner here as some advanced features provide a clear and concise depth for listing your product.

4. Data Accuracy: Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Jungle Scout

Amazon sellers recognize the importance of reliable information when making business choices. In fact, more than one-third of Amazon sellers believe that having the right tools and knowledge is crucial to their success.

Jungle Scout is an all-inclusive tool for managing Amazon businesses. Among its rivals, it has the longest history of data collecting and analysis, and data accuracy is essential to its operations. Developers at Jungle Scout aim to guarantee that every choice a seller takes is based on real-time Amazon marketplace behavior and industry-leading data.

Regular case studies demonstrate that Jungle Scout routinely outperforms competing technologies in terms of data accuracy.

This figure displays the data accuracy of different systems as a proportion of total errors.

The closer to 100 percent, the better, pushing Jungle Scout to the number one position for data accuracy.

Jungle Scout’s Data Accuracy:

In a hypothetical situation, I’ve developed an innovative product to sell on Amazon. Estimated sales figures from Jungle Scout indicate that the product provides a lucrative prospect.

Before I purchase a large quantity of inventory, I want to assess my investment risk; after all, no product’s success on Amazon is assured.

My fictitious product is anticipated to sell around 500 units each month. I identify a manufacturer in China that can produce 1,500 pieces for $5 each, resulting in a charge of $7,500 for three months of inventory. In a perfect scenario, all 1,500 units will sell, and I will get a healthy return on my investment. However, I want to evaluate the possibility that they won’t.

A handy method to assess this risk is to compare the cost of inventory to Jungle Scout’s data accuracy error margin — that is, the percentage chance that the sales projections for my possible product are completely off, and I’ll lose money by selling it.

Simply said, I will deduct the accuracy of Jungle Scout’s statistics from 100 percent (100 percent representing the best-case scenario: all units sold).

With Jungle Scout, I have a 15.9 percent margin of error (100 percent minus 84.1 percent), meaning a 15.9 percent possibility that I overestimated sales and won’t sell enough units to cover the cost of inventory.

That’s a roughly 1 in 7 possibility that I’ll be $7,500 in the red, in addition to the time and money spent negotiating with the supplier, preparing the listing, and doing promotion for a failed product.

Any product listed on Amazon has the chance of failure. However, the danger is much greater if I utilize Viral Launch’s statistics as opposed to Jungle Scout.

Viral Launch’s Data Accuracy:

Viral Launch’s margin of error is 20.7 percent bigger than that of Jungle Scout.

A variation of a few percentage points between your estimate and Jungle Scout’s estimate may not seem significant until you consider the amount of money involved. Using Viral Launch’s data increases your financial risk in comparison to using Jungle Scout. This is particularly crucial when vendors acquire more goods.

While Viral Launch is roughly a year older than Jungle Scout, the latter is more established with Amazon merchants and provides more accurate statistics. Jungle Scout’s models continue to evolve, which is significant since entrepreneurs risk their own capital.

Using data from Viral Launch entails increased risk. This disparity might result in fewer sales, more corporate expenses, and perpetually unsold inventory.

5. Resources

Viral Launch

Amazon launched various programs to invite more sellers to their platforms which can be very tricky for people as there are various software included.

Hence, they have created a library on their website to help people around their software.

Various things are included such as free courses that can be done at the user’s pace. Simultaneously, they have a dedicated podcast just to explain their software.

If technology or video is not your cup of tea then they also have free e-books that can be read easily and are detailed with various steps.

Jungle Scout

They have created an exhaustive amount of resources for users to consume and understand their software as well as the Amazon FBA program.

 There is a dedicated column for the Amazon FBA program and timely webinars with the founder of the software which gives practical knowledge of the software.

They have provided e-books to help people more precisely.

There is a very distinguishing resource that they have provided is Million Dollar Case Studies which includes case studies of sellers and how they leveraged Jungle Scout for their convenience and became successful.


Resources are something that does not have competition because they are given to users so that they easily use the software

But, it also suggests to users how much the brand cares for them. Hence, Jungle Scout is the winner here because they have included various features for their users including motivational stories.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Pricing Plan

Viral Launch Pricing

viral launch pricing

Prices are the factors that could turn upside down the sales of software if the consumer cannot afford the software then its features are of no use.

The Viral launch has four plans according to the users. Although in all their plans users will get 24/7 support, automation of data, and integration with other tools you use.

There is also an annual and monthly plan. With the annual plan, one will get 2 months free which will save a little bit of money.

For details about Viral launch pricing plans, click here.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout Pricing


To read in detail about the Jungle Scout pricing plans, visit the blog here.

Verdict: It depends upon the user and their vision behind this. I would recommend going Jungle Scout as now they are offering their extension with their packages at lower prices than Viral Launch.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Pros & Cons

Pros of Viral Launch

 Cons of Viral Launch

 They have a great Product Development tool  They have a higher price as compared to Jungle Scout

 Market Intelligence offers great insights into the product trend

 There is sometimes no monetization of paid content

 They have a database from 10 marketplaces


Pros of Jungle Scout

Cons of Jungle Scout

 Their prices are lower as compared to Viral Launch  Their Product Research tool is not robust and doesn’t provide significant insights.
 The Keyword Search tool is one of the greatest tools for product listing  There are a limited number of searches they provide with their plan.
 They offer a wide variety of resources for the users
 Historical data searches to predict the trends in the product variation
 One can create a spreadsheet for future use.



It depends upon the user and their vision behind this. I would recommend going to Jungle Scout as now they are offering their extension with their packages at a lower price than Viral Launch.

Jungle Scout Customer Reviews

jungle scout customer reviews

jungle scout user reviews

jungle scout customer stories

Viral Launch Customer Reviews

virallaunch-review virallaunch-review2


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Conclusion: Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch 2023 | Who is the Winner?

In the battle of Viral Launch vs. Jungle Scout, it is very clear about the winner which is Jungle Scout as it does have more pros compared to Viral Launch.

Not only, Jungle Scout comes at a cheaper price with the extension now but it offers many more features that are not offered by Viral Launch at that price.

But, every person has their specific needs and vision and a review cannot justify that. So, in the end, it depends on the buyer as to which product suits his needs comparatively.

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