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Are you looking to take your business to the next level but unsure where to start?

Introducing Viral Launch, a revolutionary all-in-one platform designed to help small and medium businesses capitalize on their opportunities through powerful features and advanced analytics.

Read on for an overview of what this incredible service can do for you, including product optimization tools, market analysis capabilities, keyword research insights, sales reporting dashboards, digital marketing campaigns, and more!

Viral Launch Features In [Year]

1) Kinetics PPC

Kentic PPC Viral Launch- Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

This feature allows the user to automate and customize their PPC campaigns to get more in return. The user will be guided by an expert via one on one call.

Not just that, the automation will automatically remove the keywords which are not optimized and insert the ones which are required.

Track and monitor every change in sales when it takes place and also monitors the graph between organic sales and PPC-generated ones.

2) Competitor Intelligence

Competitor Intelligence Viral Launch

This gives you an insight into the keywords which your competitor is using and you can reverse engineer and watch all the attributes like sales, profits, reviews, and PPC for that particular keyword.

It helps in choosing the right keyword which is possible that your product is in demand but your keyword is ranking at the bottom of the list.

3) Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager

It is a dashboard where all the keywords which are essential for the product listing are stored in one place.

It is very easy to use and integrated with other tools that you are using currently to have more organized analytics.

4) Listing Builder

This tool allows the user to create a list of the keywords which are ranked higher in the keyword research and remove the ones which are ranked lower in the SEO.

5) Listing Analyzer

This tool works with the other two tools which are Keyword Manager and Listing Builder to comprehensively create a robust listing for your product

It will compare your product immediately with the high-ranking competitors and will suggest ways to improve your product performance and hence, the sales.

6) Split Tester

It is a tool that helps in improving your listing on amazon by comparing it with the Listing Dojo to increase sales and marketing.

You can compare up to 7 features with this such as prices, titles, images, descriptions, etc to increase the outreach of the product and make it more profitable.

7) Keyword Optimization

The viral launch feature is a game changer in the Amazon marketing space. As the #1 software for listing optimization, keyword insights, and SEO, it arms you with the necessary tools to make sure your products land higher up on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

With this comprehensive suite of tools, you can easily analyze search terms and find out which keywords generate significant traffic for your published listings.

This helps shape your listing messages so you are adding targeted and relevant search terms that will help you make a strong impact on online shoppers.

In addition, the software’s dashboard will provide intelligent insights and inform your decision-making when you are choosing the best type of product launch strategy. With its powerful capabilities, you will be able to find out which elements to focus on for sustainable success and achieve greater success on Amazon.

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Conclusion- Viral Launch Features [Year]

To sum up, Viral Launch can help you take your business to the next level with its wide array of features. With powerful search and analytics capabilities, you can leverage insights about trends, competitors, and target customers to effectively drive more sales and discover new growth opportunities.

Its automated marketing features allow you to create custom campaigns in minutes that are tailored to each type of customer.

Furthermore, its comprehensive pricing plans offer competitive rates based on the budget size and user needs. Viral Launch is a great choice for entrepreneurs looking to boost their success in the e-commerce world.

By giving customers the tools they need to maximize visibility, engagement, conversions, and profits, this platform is sure to be a reliable ally in any triumphant journey toward success.

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