Viral Launch Pricing Plans 2023– Is This Amazon FBA Tool Worth The Money?

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Are you new to launching products and looking for a way to get them to go viral? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re here today with all the details on Viral Launch pricing, so you can make an informed decision when it comes time for your product launch.

With their robust suite of highly customizable survey tools, extensive marketing research options, and incredibly competitive prices, Viral Launch is one of our top picks for anyone ready to take their product global.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in and discover what makes this company stand out above its competitors.

Viral Launch Pricing Plans In 2023

viral launch pricing

Prices are the factors that could turn upside down the sales of software if the consumer cannot afford the software then its features are of no use.

The Viral launch has four plans according to the users. Although in all their plans users will get 24/7 support, automation of data, and integration with other tools you use.

There is also an annual and monthly plan. With the annual plan, one will get 2 months free which will save a little bit of money.

1. Essentials Plan-

This plan suits all beginners at $69/month which will only include some basic features of finding product ideas, validating product ideas, and tracking them.

• The Essentials plan of Viral Launch Pricing is offered at $69/mo.
• It provides the perfect solution for Amazon product research.

Key Features of Essentials Pricing Plan

  • Amazon product filtering
  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Browser research extension
  • Advice & guidance
  • Global data

2. Pro Plan

This plan includes some more features such as SEO listings and tracking keywords daily on an hourly basis. All this is included in $99/month for those who want to grow their brands.

Key Features of Pro Pricing Plan

  • All Features from Essentials plus:
  • Use metrics like monthly revenue, historical sales, and price trends
  • Competitor monitoring
  • SEO & listing optimization
  • Rank tracking & alerts
  • Listing health analysis

3. Pro Plus Ads-

this plan includes all the features of the software including the formation of the PPC strategy and insights into the strategy. As the features suggest, it is for those brands who want to grow their brands and improve their PPC at $199/month.

Key Features of Pro Plus Ads Pricing Plan

  • All features from Pro plus:
  • Robust Amazon advertising platform
  • Detailed advertising analytics and data
  • Create & customize your own automation
  • 24/7 campaign monitoring & adjustments
  • Organic + PPC keyword tracking

What’s included in All Viral Launch Pricing Plans?

1. Robust Data & Automation:

  • Provides access to powerful data science teams and AI-powered insights, coupled with billions of Amazon data points.
  • Ultimate Advantage: Leverage all these resources for enhanced decision-making.

2. Amazon Strategy Resources

  • Amazon provides access to various resources to help users succeed on its platform.
  • The resources include video tutorials, guides, and courses.
  • These materials are designed to equip users with the necessary information and tools to be successful on Amazon.

3. Seamless Integration

  • All tools seamlessly integrate for an all-in-one solution.
  • Streamline everyday tasks with no more time wasted on copy and pasting.
  • Achieve business goals with ease.

4. Expert Assistance

  • Expert assistance is provided by a 5-star customer experience team to help customers get the most from the platform.
  • This assistance can be accessed via chat, email, or phone.
  • Customers can use this service for answers to questions and helpful advice.

Ultimate Viral Launch Plans Comparison

viral launch plan comparison

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Conclusion – Viral Launch Pricing 2023

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post on Viral Launch pricing! It’s an important topic to consider, especially when you’re launching a product online – you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Whether you choose to go with Viral Launch or pursue another marketing strategy, there are a lot of great options out there for promoting and releasing your product.

If you’re still undecided, give Viral Launch a try first and see if it fits into your specific business plan. Regardless of what route you take, do not forget to remain flexible as things are constantly changing in the digital space.

Reassess frequently and be willing to re-strategize if needed; that is the key to success in product launch pricing!

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