The Importance Of Amazon Product Research In 2023

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In Amazon’s marketplace today, there are more than 353 million items available to purchase. How do sellers know which of all the products they sell will be profitable with that much variety? In order to make the right choices when selling on the Amazon marketplace, third-party sellers have relied heavily on Amazon product research.

Product research at Amazon looks to analyze current market trends in order to choose products that will generate high sales. Most of the time, third-party sellers lose out on their expected profits when they fail to conduct the necessary research.

The purpose of this article is to define Amazon product research and give 6 reasons why Amazon Sellers should take advantage of it when choosing which products to sell.

What Is Amazon Product Research?

Analyzing current trends in the market and finding the right product with high sales potential and greater profits is the purpose of Amazon’s product search.

why Your Amazon Products Needs their Listing Checked

As well as enabling you to find products that are available for a lower cost and can be sold competitively to generate a good return on investment, it can assist you in finding products that are available for a low cost.

Just as doing your homework and studying for an exam will improve your grades, doing your homework on the products you sell will help you make more money from sales.

It appears that all Amazon sellers are making money, but what can they do to generate high sales through product research? In what ways do third-party marketplace sellers learn about Amazon’s product research in order to gain a greater chance of selling?

1. How To Choose The Right Product To Sell In The Best-Selling Category

You need to do your research into the Amazon market in order to find the right products to sell. A good understanding of the market will help sellers determine what will sell and what won’t, putting them ahead of the competition 

2. Pricing Your Items Properly.

The best way to determine what price is selling the most at a particular price point is to analyze the competition and find out what they are charging. A browser extension such as Helium 10 lets you view real-time sales statistics about your competitors.

The tool shows sales information for the past 30 days, price, revenue, BSR, and many other metrics to help sellers determine the best price.


3. Enhances Sellers’ Understanding of Customer Expectations

You will have a better chance of profits and of meeting potential customers’ expectations by conducting product research. Sellers would benefit from understanding what customers expect when they shop on online marketplaces.

4. Determine who your competitors are

When sellers know who their competition is, they can better determine their price and how they are selling on the market. Knowing their competitors allows sellers to gain opportunities because they can see what is being done and what is not.

It is essential to stand out from the competition in a crowded market. If another seller doesn’t offer boxing gloves along with punching bags, a seller who is selling punching bags may see an opportunity to bundle them together. 

5. Risk Management

The Importance Of Amazon Product Research - risk management
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The best way to avoid making poor decisions about what products to sell is to spend time analyzing the market as explained in the definition of product research.

Making a snap decision without doing proper research can result in a seller missing out on opportunities to increase sales. Missing out on saturated markets can be detrimental to a seller.

6. Save Time

Whether you’re a first-time Amazon seller or a seasoned pro, research for products on Amazon can be a time-consuming, frustrating process which requires manual data entry.

It takes hours and hours to research and enter multiple products into spreadsheets, gathers the product information for each ASIN, and then crunch the numbers to determine profit margins, even if you understand trends and consumer behavior very well. Researching products on Amazon can take days if you’re new to selling there.

Additionally, you should remember to prepare and fulfill orders while you are conducting product research. Also, you should follow up on reviews and feedback. You can save time and avoid frustration by using a product research tool.

save time
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Marketing Strategy Assistance

Successfully selling on Amazon requires a profit-generating sales strategy and selecting the right products at the right time of year. There are many hours, days, and even months to be spent researching when what, and how to have sales and promotions.

A product research tool from Amazon eliminates the need to do so. BigTracker’s Deal Tracker lets you see what deals other sellers are running, allowing you to use those ideas to boost your own sales and increase profits.

By researching what to sell on Amazon, sellers will have a greater chance of gaining the profits they desire. Sellers can be confident about the product they choose on Amazon after researching the market.

The Importance Of Amazon Product Research - marketing
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Conducting research will not only enable sellers to identify their competitors but will also point out where they can do things differently.

Sellers can reduce the chances of making bad decisions if they conduct proper research and analysis of the Amazon marketplace, increasing the possibility of greater sales for the products that they sell on Amazon. 


When researching a product page, keep these tips in mind

If you thoroughly examine a product page, you will find many new product ideas.

When you are conducting your product research, it’s important to be clear about what you’re looking for, especially since it’s easy to list more products than you originally intended.

You can follow these tips if you are in doubt:

  • It doesn’t matter what product is on the Best Sellers page!
  • Consider sections like Frequently Bought Together, Sponsored Products Related to the Item, and Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.
  • There is a great deal of useful intelligence and product ideas in these sections that could help you upsell or increase your inventory.

Apart from that, what are the other factors that make a good Amazon product?

Once you’ve found a product you like, you should test it to see if it meets the most important criteria.

According to our research, the best options will have the following distinctive features:

  1. Average selling prices for small items range from US$10 to US$50.
  2. A minimum of 10 units should be sold every day.
  3. Rankings for main product categories should be at or below 5,000.
  4. There are more than 50,000 searches per month for the top 3 keywords.
  5. Ideally, products should weigh less than 2-3 pounds.
  6. Amazon’s standard packing size is better suited to the product size.
  7. With less than 50 reviews, rank on the first page.
  8. Non-brand products
  9. Products that are not seasonally available
  10. It is possible to set the price lower and still be profitable.
  11. Whether you can add new features to the product.
  12. Items that are not easily broken or malfunctioned.
  13. Repurchases at a relatively high rate.
  14. Finding reliable suppliers is easy.

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Summary: The Importance Of Amazon Product Research 2023 

Do not lose heart if you feel it’s tricky to start out as an affiliate marketer. Finding the right products is the key.

It may take a while to research products on Amazon, but if you follow the right tips, you’ll be able to do it easily.

Utilize the tools above to get it done quickly, and get a better ROI.

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