How To Sell On Walmart? 2023– Dream To Join Walmart Marketplace? Follow This Guide

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Have you tried selling your products through Walmart, but you have no idea where to find buyers? Would you like your product to be seen by Walmart’s online shoppers? Joining Walmart Marketplace is an excellent first step!

Prepare yourself by reviewing the following information before beginning the application process (and to get a better understanding of what is expected).

How To Sell On Walmart? 2023

What Is Walmart Marketplace?

How To Sell On Walmart? - walmart review

The third-party seller will be able to list items on via the Walmart Marketplace, just like they do on Amazon and eBay.

You can easily get your products in front of a huge audience by selling through Walmart’s online store. Items in Walmart’s marketplace appear alongside other items in search results.

The Walmart Marketplace: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Step 1: Register as a Marketplace Seller

Fill out all required fields on to become a Walmart Marketplace seller. When all the information is readily available, it should take about 10 minutes to complete.

You can save each section by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom. Make sure every section is correct before saving.

If the information is incorrect, the approval process will be slowed down. If you are approved for a Walmart seller account, you will receive an email notification.

Step 2: Complete the registration process

Your Partner Profile can be created by following the unique link in the email you received upon approval (subject line: “Your account has been created in Walmart Marketplace”). There are five main sections to the Registration Wizard: Account Creation, Partner Registration, Taxes (W-9),  and Shipping Info.

A digital copy of your recent W-9 form is required (or you can download a blank W-9 during the Registration process).

Filling out standard information is the bulk of the registration process. The last section, “Shipping Info”, requires that you configure shipping rates, as well as the dates and times your orders will be processed.

Step 3: Complete Partner Profile

Your Partner Profile is now complete, and you can access the Seller Center. Below is a “Launch Checklist” that summarizes what you need to do to launch your account.

Complete your Partner Profile as the first item on your list. You can include a description of your company along with a logo, policies, tax information, and more in your Partner Profile.

Once your Partner Profile is complete, a 100% progress bar will appear next to the Launch Checklist step Is ready for launch, and you can cross it off as completed.

Step 4: Complete Item Setup

Creating your Walmart Marketplace account involves the most work since this is where you will upload all of your content (photos, videos, descriptions, attributes, etc.).

If any fields are highlighted, correct them, and then upload your file to the Seller Center once you have completed all required fields.

Your Seller Center items will move to Active status once this process is complete.

Step 5: Test Items and Orders

You can review the content and pricing of any active products in the Seller Center by selecting “Preview Item”. Remember, the preview will be seen by your customers.

Update your item inventory to 1 in order to test orders.

In your Seller Center, click on “Publish Item” and “Purchase Item.” After updating your inventory, click on “Purchase Item” in your Seller Center.

Step 6: Launch Your Account

Your account has to be launched before you can sell on Walmart Marketplace. Once you have marked all your items as done in Seller Center, a pop-up message will appear asking if you are ready to launch. Once you click “confirm”, a launch request will be sent.

Once your profile is reviewed by the Walmart Marketplace integration team, your products will go live on within 24 hours if everything looks good. Selling Best Practices

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The approval and setup were easy. Real work begins when you establish a relationship with your expanded customer base.

You should keep in mind:

Win the Buy Box

This is the most important thing for you to think about when you’re a seller on Walmart Marketplace or a Walmart supplier. Shopper behavior is heavily influenced by the Buy Box, so having top representation is critical for getting the sale.

Know Your Audience — 

A store shopper’s needs are different from those of an online shopper. is visited by more millennials than any store. Plus, online shoppers typically have higher incomes than brick-and-mortar shoppers. The item is hard to find in stores, which gives you a sale-through advantage.

Price, Price, Price

Your business will benefit greatly from being on Walmart’s website. You’re listing items alongside those of the world’s largest retailers and you need to be aware of that! They offer low prices to their customers. Be competitive, but know who your customers are.

Rank Higher in Searches

Getting your products found by customers is the next step once your products appear on

Build Better Item Pages

Building your item page correctly helps in search ranking and makes it easier to sell once a customer reaches it.


Marketplace Seller vs. Walmart Supplier

It’s understandable if you’re just starting to look at Walmart as a possible partner. You might be considering whether to become a Walmart Marketplace seller or a supplier. It’s a good choice for both.

In the first place, becoming a Walmart Marketplace seller is easier and faster than becoming a Walmart supplier. You do not need credit information from Dun & Bradstreet or insurance to apply for a Walmart seller account.

Due to Walmart’s closer relationship with its suppliers, they are held to a higher standard before approval and throughout their relationship. Marketplace sellers are technically only associated with Walmart if their products can be purchased on

Walmart suppliers, however, may be able to extend their product offerings in-store, and they have access to reporting.

Walmart Marketplace FAQs

👉 How much does it cost to sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Marketplace seller fees are more advantageous than those on other sites like Amazon. The fees are not recurring, also no annual fee. Walmart Marketplace seller fees do not apply to product listings. Rather than paying suppliers a commission, Walmart simply sends them a referral fee.

👍 How much does Walmart charge for referrals to Marketplace sellers?

According to Walmart Marketplace, your referral fee varies between 6% - 20% of the product's gross sales. That percentage depends on what you are selling.

🙌 Walmart Marketplace reviews: how do they work?

On, customers can rate and review items and sellers. It is possible for multiple sellers to share the same Item Page to display item ratings and reviews. In addition to showing up on the Partner Profile Page, Seller Reviews and Ratings are also taken into account when calculating your Seller Scorecard.

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Conclusion Walmart Marketplace 2023

Small suppliers can easily sell on Walmart Marketplace. You can not only expose your items to the millions of Walmart shoppers, but you can also get them on the shelves of the store.

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