AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout 2022: Which Tool Is Better For Amazon FBA Sellers?

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Looking for ranking our services and products on Amazon? Let’s dive into AMZ TRACKER VS JUNGLE SCOUT to find the best tool for your business. 

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout: If you’re looking to get more insights into Jungle Scout then check out our Jungle Scout Review.

When you optimize a blog post, you will search for keywords that can help you to rank your blog posts. You do this to ensure that your blog post is considered relevant and rank in the top list if any person searches for information related to your keywords.

Your blog post gives a better quality score if it has a higher CTR.

The keywords which you use in your web content make it possible for people to find via search engines.

Optimizing your blog post will help your post rank higher in the search engine rankings. Optimizing your Amazon product listing is also a great way to help people find your product.

Bottom Line Upfront:  JungleScout is not only a market research tool it also has features as they provide chrome extension and many more things. JungleScout is the best tool for those who have their businesses on Amazon.

JungleScout has all the things which are need to Amazon FBA seller.  These details are the reason that JungleaScout is better than AMZ Tracker. Get started with JungleScout today to get their benefits.

AMZ Tracker

Check out

Jungle Scout

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Pricing $50/month $39/month
Best for

Small Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs.

Helps you find winning products, estimate sales, research keywords, and spy on competitors all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Super URLs
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Account Performance
  • Listing Builder
  • Product Tracker
  • Sales Analytics
  • PPC Automation Tools
  • Keyword Index Checker Tools
  • Identify New Products
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • Advanced Reporting and Tracking
  • Accuracy of Data
  • Less Reliability
  • High Pricing
Ease of Use

AMZ Tracker does not provide accurate data on pricing history, product history, sales history.

Jungle Scout provides more accurate and reliable data.

Value For Money

AMZ Tracker offers a similar set of features in all four plans.

Jungle Scout offers different and more features in higher premium plans.

Customer Support

AMZ Tracker does not have an efficient help desk system.

The Help desk of Jungle Scout is more active and efficient, it offers various free and premium plans to provide training to new Amazon sellers as well as entrepreneurs.

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Table of Contents

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout 2022: Overview

Selling your products or services on Amazon is not easier in this competitive world. There are hundreds of sellers sell their products on Amazon, so how can you rank your product as No. 1?  

We have listed two tools that can help you sell your products easily on Amazon and earn huge profits i.e., Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker.

Let’s see each of its features, merits, and demerits.

Jungle Scout Overview

Jungle Scout is known to be the best and unique tool for keyword research on Amazon.

Overview- Jungle Scout

This tool helps you to find the top most ranked products, evaluate, and estimate your sales and analyze them. It shows all the products which will be the most money-making and easiest to expand your business with.

Using Jungle Scout is a great option for sellers and buyers to easily make decisions and make sure that all your products are the ones that are succeeding.

The main purpose of Jungle Scout Success is: They want to save your time and giving you success in the products longer term for the growth of your business.  

AMZ Tracker Overview

AMZ stands for Amazon.

AMZ Tracker saves your parcel of time and helps you in raising your product standards and so its rankings as compared to your competitors in the market.

AMZ Tracker Overview

Using Amz Tracker, Amazon sellers can sell their products at discounted prices and increase their sales.

This tool sees how your keywords are performing daily. The tool also shows a really helpful chart so you can see how your rank is changing over time.

Spend most of the time on keyword research because keywords play an essential role in listing your products on Amazon.

Use AMZ Tracker to track the rank of your listing for those keywords.

Let’s review which tool is better in terms of pricing, accuracy, and customer service.

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Advantages of Amz Tracker vs Jungle Scout

The Amz Tracker software allows you to take an overview of your e-commerce business and track all your products at once. Jungle Scout is able to identify products by providing a user-friendly interface that makes it much easier to build up a large catalog quickly.

Benefits of Amz Tracker vs Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout provides an easy way for users to keep track of their own inventory, while Amz Tracker gives users the ability to do exactly that – monitor their inventory efficiently and easily.

Do you want to know what all will you learn in this blog? Have a look at these questions that I am going to answer for you:

  • Can you import products into Jungle Scout?
  • Which One Is Better Jungle Scout or AmzTracker?
  • What are some similarities between AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout?
  • What are the pros and cons of Jungle Scout?
  • What are some differences between AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout?
  • What are the pros and cons of AMZ Tracker?
  • What is pricing of Jungle Scout?
  • What is pricing of AmzTracker?
  • What are AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout?
  • What are the benefits of AMZ Tracker?
  • What is Jungle Scout?
  • How to use AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout for your business?

Unique Features: AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

  • Listing Builder

Listing Builder

The best thing about this platform is that it keeps on updating the given information from time to time. A new feature has been added recently on Jungle Scout i.e., Listing Builder. 

This feature offers that a user can easily create the checklist of all its Amazon listings at one point. “JUNGLE SCOUT IS THE ONE TOOL I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. A MUST HAVE TOOL FOR ANY AMAZON SELLER” – SCOTT VOELKER

  • Supplier Database and Accuracy

Jungle Scout has a great supplier database that provides information about the suppliers and offers more accurate data as well as it is more reliable.

Data collected by Jungle Scout is from actual Amazon sellers who have opted in to share their sales This means that as they collect the data required to populate the estimates you see in Jungle Scout, their systems analyze and test it daily

  • Helps You to Find Opportunity

To determine success, finding the right niche and product line is the most important factor.

Opportunity Finder

Jungle Scout has an extraordinary feature of Opportunity Finder which offers you to find out a new product or service line that maximizes your efficiency as well as your profits. 

To determine success, finding the right niche and product line is the most important factor.

  • Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout has introduced an amazing feature of NICHE HUNTER, this allows its users to find Amazon niche products.

It can also help them in evaluating a competitor’s listing and provide easily on how to determine the opportunity for a product.

If you are already using Jungle Scout Tool then you will find using Niche Hunter will be very helpful for quickly doing Amazon product research. 

AMZ Tracker

  • Account Performance

You can easily track the production of your company and get to know about sales, pricing, production history over a while.

And amazingly you get insights into your product and service as well as the growth of your business through Account performance features.

  • Deep Words

This unique feature of the AMZ tracker allows you to find long-tail keywords and phrases that you can use to list your product on amazon because long-tail keywords and phrases can easily find your product to the consumers when they search for it and it helps you to rank the product on the top list on amazon.

This feature can also help you in tracking competitors’ keywords.

Keyword Research is an essential part of your Amazon Product Launch.

  • Mobile Application

A user can use AMZ Tracker on his/her phone because it has ensured that all its features work in Android as well as iPhone.

This is one of the advantages of AMZ Tracker over its alternatives.

  • Uniform Resource Locater

As a marketer, every businessman wants more traffic on his site which leads to more customers, and more customers lead to more sales, and indirectly it leads to more profits. 

AMZ Tracker has an extraordinary feature that you can increase traffic on your site by using the URL interface.

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Comparison between AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout

Authenticity and Accuracy of Data

Jungle Scout

Up to date and accurate data can help you make correct decisions and can prevent wasting money on ineffective tactics, and improve customer satisfaction.

Jungle Scout provides more accurate and reliable data. The data is based on stock inventory available, sales history, product history, product rankings, and competitors’ data. It provides an accurate pricing history of the products available to the competitors.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker does not provide accurate data on pricing history, product history, or sales history. It is only useful in providing long-tail keywords to list the product on the website. AMZ Tracker’s data was found to be very inaccurate and irrelevant.

And even AMZ Tracker does not keep on updating its data from time to time for its users.


Data accuracy is the hidden pillar of the digital enterprise. In terms of accuracy, Jungle Scout is better in providing accurate and reliable data which makes users and sellers in making decisions because cleansed data can generate business value.

Similarities Between Jungle Scout And AMZ Tracker

When it comes to Amazon product research, there are two popular tools: Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker.

Both tools offer a range of features that can be helpful for anyone looking to launch or improve an Amazon business. For example, both tools allow users to track Amazon sales data, Keyword rankings, and Product reviews.

In addition, both tools offer reverse ASIN lookup and product database search functions. However, there are also some key differences between the two tools.

Jungle Scout offers a suite of additional features, such as product Trends and supplier Database searches. In addition, Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension is generally considered to be more accurate and user-friendly than AMZ Tracker’s.

As a result, Jungle Scout is generally the better choice for Amazon product research.

Customer Support System

Jungle Scout

The Help desk of Jungle Scout is more active and efficient, it offers various free and premium plans to provide training to new Amazon sellers as well as entrepreneurs. And the most important factor of their success is i.e., the help desk is open 24*7.

It’s important for the business to frequently interact with their customers and resolve their issues, it helps you in nurturing the customer-seller relationship. A loyal customer is more valuable than the first sale of your product.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker does not have an efficient help desk system. On their official website, they have a lot of unresolved questions about their product and information, which is one of the reasons AMZ Tracker has disappointed their customers.

They have not satisfied their users with the inefficient customer support provided to them. If a company has bad customer service, It leads to a negative impact on its customers and decreases the reputation of the company.


Jungle Scout has better customer support service because Various material is provided on their site that can be used for answering the questions of customers as compared to AMZ Tracker, and it gives more efficient services on time to its users.

In terms of Customer Service, Jungle Scout is a much more comprehensive tool and we consider Jungle Scout to be the winner here.


AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout

💰  Price

$50 - $39

😍  Pros

Identify New Products - Accuracy of Data

😩  Cons

Less Reliability - High Pricing


Jungle Scout is considered the best product research tool because it offers more features and in the longer term to its users. On the other hand, AMZ Tracker features are irrelevant and its customer service is not on 24*7.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Pricing Plan: Amz Tracker vs Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout offers a 14-day trial to its customers with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can make payments annually as well in Jungle Scout. 

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout offers 4 Pricing sets:

  • Basic pricing package: $39 (1-month subscription)
  • Suite Pricing package: $69 (1-month subscription)
  • Professional pricing package: $129 (1-month subscription)

Basic Plan Features

  • The basic plan costs $228 billed annually.
  • It offers 1 user license.
  • Full access to the browser extension.
  • This plan offers you the most amazing feature: you can get access to Keyword Scout to find the short as well as long-tail keywords.
  • Chrome extension and opportunity score are two features that are not included in this plan.

Suite Plan Features

  • The Suite plan costs $589 billed annually.
  • It offers an interesting feature i.e. ability to add more users.
  • It has advanced seller features for its users.
  • It also provides more in-depth historical product and keyword data.

Professional Plan Featuers

  • The Professional plan billed $999 annually.
  • It gives access to 6 users
  • Provides 2 years of historical keyword data.

AMZ Tracker Pricing Plans 

There are 4 sets of plans available ranging from the basic plan to the Legend Mode Plan. Here’s a piece of good news for you. If you wish to try a free version, you can do it for 7-days. 

AMZ Tracker Pricing

The 4 Pricing sets of AMZ Tracker are listed below:

  • Basic Premium Plan: $50(1-month subscription) (beginner plan). In this plan, 110 keywords are offered as well as 50 product listing and innumerable email reports.
  • Professional Subscription Plan: $100 (1 month subscription). In this plan, 500 keywords are offered to their users in addition to 100 products and innumerable email reports.
  • God Subscription Plan: $200 (1-month premium). Several email reports and 1500 keywords are offered along with 200 products in this plan.
  • Legend Premium Plan: $400 (one-month premium plan). In this kind of premium plan, you can get 3000 keywords as well as 400 products along with innumerable reports of emails. It only costs you $400 per month. 

Along with these 4 packages, AMZ Tracker also offers two more large packages:

  • Pricing of Corporate 2 Premium Plan:

This package allows you to 840 sales while having 5 concurrent users. As well as, this plan offers 6300 keywords in addition to unlimited products as well as several reports of emails. It costs $800 per month.

  • Pricing of Corporate 3 Premium Plan:

This package is costlier than the former one but offers more features.  In this premium plan, they offer 13000 keywords and unlimited products as well as email reports along with 8 users. In this package, you can track sales up to 1700 in addition to viewing 1200+ negative reviews. It costs $1600 per month. 

You can choose annual pricing if you want to save money.


 Pricing is the most important factor when it comes to making an investment decision. Jungle Scout takes the win as it offers different pricing sets with unique features in every plan and they also offer annual subscription plans where you can save more. AMZ Tracker offers a similar set of features in all four plans, while Jungle Scout offers different and more features in higher premium plans.

Pros and Cons: Amz Tracker vs Jungle Scout

Pros of Jungle Scout

  • Accuracy of data and reliability is more in the Jungle Scout tool.
  • It also offers full education and training resources to new entrepreneurs.
  • Excellent Customer service.
  • It keeps on updating its features from time to time.
  • Jungle Scout offers a feature of sales analytics that helps you to keep track of your sales.
  • Jungle Scout is superior in terms of product search and it provides better historical and quality data in its higher pricing plans.
  • Clear pricing details.
  • Provide well research analytics

Pros of AMZ Tracker

  • AMZtracker has an amazing keyword index checker tool present to help its users.
  • It allows you to customize your external landing pages.
  • AMZ Tracker has a unique benefit over Jungle Scout that it recommends a deep words feature that can validate you to find long phrases and keywords for the listing of your product.
  • AMZ Tracker is considered the best tool for small entrepreneurs.
  • It has tools for PPC Automation.
  • Amz Tracker allows its users to identify new products and markets to explore within their niche.
  •  Unparalleled URL feature.

Cons of Jungle Scout

  • Jungle Scout does not allow its users to download all the listing reviews.
  • Customization features are not provided.
  • Jungle Scout extension cannot be used on a mobile device. It works more efficiently on a computer than a mobile device.
  • Its software is not user-friendly and is intricately designed for a new user.
  • Jungle Scout has higher pricing sets for its users.

Cons of AMZ Tracker

  • Amz Tracker has less reliability.
  • It does not offer full training education support to its users like Jungle Scout.
  • Amz Tracker does not provide an efficient customer support system.
  • Its features are only useful when a business is starting up, not necessarily in the longer term.
  • The Dashboard of Amz Tracker is not user-friendly. It is a bit confusing and complicated for new users.
  • AMZ Tracker does not provide a Global supplier database to its users
  • Not have a deep and extended product and competitors’ product strategy.
  • Marketplaces are very few in AMZ Tracker.

Jungle Scout Customer Reviews

jungle scout customer reviews jungle scout user reviews jungle scout customer stories

user reviews

AMZ Tracker Customer Reviews

customer review

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FAQs About AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout

👉 For how much time, I can use AMZ Tracker for free?

AMZ Tracker offers a free trial only for 7-days. After 7 days, you have to take a subscription to use AMZ Tracker. The Premium version can give you more advanced features also to its users.

😁 Is it worth getting a Jungle scout premium plan?

Yes, Jungle Scout is worth it. It provides you dozens of features and detailed knowledge and it offers customization features.

🥳Can I use AMZ Tracker on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use AMZ Tracker on mobile as well as on your PC. AMZ Tracker offers its features for both Android and iPhone users. The link is highlighting only the tool’s name.

✌Does it track Kindle books and Android Apps?

All the sales and rank tracking capabilities of AMZ Tracker work for Kindle books and Android Apps.

👀 How long do you keep historical data?

Ranking data is kept for one year. Sales tracking data is kept for one month.

🤷‍♀️How often are the rankings updated?

Keyword rankings are updated once a day. Best Sellers Ranks are updated once a day.

😍How many products can I have on my account?

You can have as many products as you like on your account. However, the keywords associated with the products is limited by your subscription level.

🎉Do you track parent/child products?

Yes. If you add a parent product to AMZ Tracker, all the child products (or variations) are automatically tracked too.

😎How far down in the rankings do you look for my products?

We search the top 19 pages of Amazon. This is equivalent to the top 300 products.

✔Can I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time. If you cancel within the 7 day trial you will not be charged.

Conclusion: AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout 2022

Both of these tools provide a lot of transparency on price, user interface, data analytics, and audience targeting. 

Hence, Jungle Scout is considered the best product research tool because it offers more features and in the longer term to its users. On the other hand, AMZ Tracker features are irrelevant and its customer service is not 24*7. 

Jungle Scout has detailed information on their site as well as they make it easier for sellers to start an Amazon FBA business.

But at the same time, the AMZ tracker offers a unique feature of deep words that Jungle Scout does not have.

Jungle Scout offers longer-term benefits to its users and nowadays, it has every feature which sellers need and it also provides a more statistical procedure to the research data and it provides more attention to users’ competition marketing strategy.

Add to this, Jungle Scout offers free tools and extensive knowledge for new sellers and entrepreneurs.

After reading this article, I invite you to weigh the algorithms, pros, and cons, as well as the price and make a well-informed decision to help further the growth of your business.

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Jungle Scout is considered the best product research tool because it offers more features and in the longer term to its users. On the other hand, AMZ Tracker features are irrelevant and its customer service is not on 24*7. 

Price:$ 19
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16 thoughts on “AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout 2022: Which Tool Is Better For Amazon FBA Sellers?”

  1. I rely on the Jungle Scout software constantly and highly recommend it. It uses all of my data, helps me find what to sell, and then makes sure I research the right items so that I’ll be successful selling them. If you want to make money from Amazon FBA this is a must have!

  2. Being a seller on Amazon requires hours of patience, research and hard work. Recently, competitors are sprouting up left and right. While selling an item isn’t effortless by any means – the competition is stiff. Newer sellers will quickly find themselves struggling to make sales amidst the mass of copycats vying for high ranks in search results

    One name server who’s been in the biz for quite a while now is AMZ Tracker – stop wasting your time! I can confidently say that you’ll be happy with this service because it’s limitless (no pun intended).
    The extension works similar to Jungle Scout but rather than grouping products by specific categories they use keywords found in competitive listings across Amazon to identify fast-moving items which have already been generated.

  3. I used AMZ Tracker for 3 months to track the rank of the listing for my keywords, then someone suggested me this amazing and unique Amazon FBA tool- Jungle Scout, haven’t been happier since then!!

  4. Jungle Scout is a web-based app and Chrome extension that lets you find winning products to sell on Amazon. It’s like Google Analytics for Amazon!

  5. Very helping customer support team, always ready to help. They are very polite.

    I was using Keepa previously, but if you have Jungle Scout then why use Keepa when you have such a great tool to scale business on Amazon.

    Amazon keyword research is very useful when you are selling on Amazon, and I was among the top 1000 sellers only because of Jungle Scout

  6. I was using viral launch till now but when i given a try to jungle scout i didn’t have a thought to switch to another tool again. I loved jungle scout so much. Its features in different versions it’s team work their response to our issues. it is far better when compared to VL in many aspects. With a subscription to jungle scout you’ll have access to way more tools than just analytics. Heartily suggested to give it a attempt.

  7. Hi there, of course this paragraph is in fact good and I have learned lot of things from it
    regarding blogging. thanks.

  8. If you are out of ideas on what to sell and which products will yield the most business, AMZ Tracker is a nifty tool that can be your secret option. It not only tells you how much time each product takes to rank but also what type of keywords it needs to rank higher.

    I like that because then I know if I’m wasting my time on those tough/long-term ranking products or if there are some quick fixes available in this world wide web.

    Moreover, every marketer’s dream is to have an unfair advantage over their competitors so why not actually make one for yourself?

  9. Jungle scout is not just the market’s best product for research, it can also track individual products and find out what consumers are saying about them. A helpful tool for those looking to expand their business as well as review existing products to see how they rank against ones that are direct competitors in a similar niche.

    AMZ Tracker has a service offering distinctly different than what Jungle Scout does; while having useful features of its own and being worth taking into consideration.

  10. If you’re looking to expand your Amazon sales, then Jungle Scout is worth looking into. The module runs in an instant and has a strict process that you have to follow when using it so as not to affect its data results.

    So long story short, if you want guru-like predictions with regards to the revenue potential of your products on Amazon at any given time or for any particular category, this is the app for you!

    One thing I really like about AMZ Tracker is how user-friendly it is–the app learns from each use which means there’s a lot less guesswork involved than other apps out there.

  11. Jungle Scout has made my life so much easier! Any time I have a product idea, it takes just a few minutes to see if the idea is worth following up on. This app analyzes all of your competitors’ reviews and sales data so you don’t need to.

    For example, say I’m getting ready for another school year–I can sit down in 5 minutes with this app and find out which backpacks people are buying from Amazon’s marketplace right now by using Jungle Scout’s Best Seller Tracker tool. If any of them are not stocked in stores yet or priced too high, that could be the perfect niche for me to follow up on with my own backpack business!”

  12. Jungle Scout is the platform I can’t be without. It’s such a trove of data, info and knowledge that it could take up years to plumb its depths and goodness knows what else.

    A lot of time goes into finding products which are worth considering for expansion purposes but there are so many where all you need is this one tool and then use your common sense on whether they’ll work or not while understanding how to get them ranking properly in other places online.

  13. When I first started my private label business from scratch, I didn’t have a lot of sales flowing in and was struggling to find which products had high demand and made the most money. That was until I found Jungle Scout!

    The interface is easy to figure out and the app will track your product right down to where it’s been reviewed at so you can refine your search even more.

    AMZ Tracker also has some great analytics for figuring out how much you want to charge per unit, profit margins, as well as price analyses on top-selling items (and when they were originally posted). All around these are two marketing tools that are helping me turn a profit while encouraging others who want their own pockets full too.

  14. Imagine your profits doubling in the next month- All on autopilot. That’s what happened to me using Jungle Scout! It is the easiest way to make money online ever and it saves your parcel of time too!

    After I used their software, all my online stores just sky-rocketed in ranking! It was so easy and such a relief that my business would not have succeeded without them! Seriously- this tool has been like Holy Grail for making profit on Amazon FBA.

    If you want to optimize and figure out what sells BEST then look no further than at Jungle Scout. Trust me, this app is worth it.

  15. The Jungle scout tool has been helpful to me in selling products online. With this, I can find the most money making products and raise my standards as compared to competitors in the market while saving time.

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