Is Jungle Scout a One Time Fee? Complete Pricing Details In 2023

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Every seller on Amazon has one goal – to make a profit. But with so many other sellers competing in the marketplace, it’s hard to know how much you should sell your items for.

One option is Jungle Scout, which will help you find profitable opportunities by providing data and analytics about products that meet your criteria or are trending on Amazon. The best part? It only costs $589 one time fee! Learn more about all of the benefits Jungle Scout offers below!

Jungle Scout is an all-in-one platform where all the brands and entrepreneurs promote their products.

We have already done a detailed review of Jungle Scout. Rollover to check the complete Jungle Scout review here.

Bottom Line Upfront- What is the cost of Jungle Scout? What are Features of Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout helps you find profitable opportunities by providing data and analytics about products that meet your criteria or are trending. Get alerts when the price drops to a lower profit margin for even more profits! It’s never been easier to find great deals on Amazon than with Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout is definitely a one-time investment because it helps you in so many ways to excel your business on Amazon.

Get started with Jungle Scout now.

Jungle Scout 2023: Overview

The right place starts from here if you decide to trade your products on Amazon.

By clicking on the search bar helps you in discovering an option to select the most loved countries of your choice and helps to wish and desire for your best products.

It is useful and beneficial to stick with Jungle Scout as it helps in saving your time and growing your business.

It provides aid to help you get through product research, product launches, post-launch strategies, and financial.

The tips provided help you to succeed and make more money. It’s always awesome to get insights from the transparent Amazon sellers and guides.

Overview- Jungle Scout

The common feature of Jungle Scout is estimating sales, promoting the products, and providing powerful information and resources to help entrepreneurs and brands grow successfully in Amazon.

There are over 70 Million Products that are available in Jungle Scout.

You can find products which can supply a larger amount of people to promote their products but in most cases products are disturbed in large bulks rather than in small bulks.

This happens because the sales of the products give profits according to the distribution of the products and to avoid competition.

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How can Jungle Scout Help Me?

Jungle Scout offers a crate of technically sharpened online tools that guide businesses—small, medium, and large alike—to analyze their Amazon product listings and help expand their presence and profit.

Through their web app, the online third-party company allows users to make informed decisions that are predicted and verified by statistics.

Organizations can run their FBA business up the hill with a steady grip over finances, public outreach, and industrial acclaim by running various PPC campaigns and audience engaging review sessions as well.

Does it help your Business?

In order to establish your business use a tool like Jungle Scout.

If you deal with a product, say any handicraft items or anything, it is vital to find products that are sold on high demands but are there residing in low competition.

Jungle Scout helps us to get to that nerves and helps you to build an empire of your own and become a successful entrepreneur.

Metrics finances can be tracked down with the Sales Analytics of Jungle Scouts.

Profits can be viewed at your product level and trends are compared over time and insights are discovered to minimize the costs which really help in your business growth and profits.

Streamlining your Amazon business puts insight to get on with your more reviews, more finances, and more power to boost the sales of targeted campaigns.

Is Jungle Scout a One-Time Fee?

People looking forward to expanding their businesses often find themselves in the “To pay or not to pay” dilemma—particularly ones involved with newly formed start-ups.

To come out of it and understand why Jungle Scout provides no free services, we would like to bring to your notice the highly sophisticated tools that the company offers.

One must understand—that in a quest to achieve greater heights, the subscription with Jungle Scout is nothing but an investment—one that promises great returns.

With technology and interface provided by no other business-assisting brand, we’ll leave you no reason to stay disappointed. It is thus with immense gratitude that we hope that you’ll continue to collaborate to work with us and achieve greater heights—hand-in-hand and with love and heart.

Here are some questions that I am going to answer in this blog. I am sure it will clear a lot of your doubts:

  • What are some other Jungle Scout pricing strategies?
  • How many plans do Jungle Scout offer?
  • Are the plans monthly or yearly?
  • What features do Jungle Scout offer for each pricing plan?
  • What is a Jungle Scout pricing secret?
  • What are their payment methods?
  • Do they offer any discount?
  • What is the refund policy?

Jungle Scout Cost and Pricing Details

For first time sellers and already existing businesses:

Jungle Scout Pricing

  • Basic plans offer $19/month(if paid yearly) and $39/month(if paid monthly) packages to choose from—each awarding a single-user license and full access to the chrome browser extension.
  • Suite plans offer $49/month(if paid yearly) and $69/month(if paid monthly) packages to choose from—each awarding ability to add more users, advanced seller features, and access to the chrome browser extension.
  • Professional plans offer $84/month(if paid yearly) and $129/month(if paid monthly) packages to choose from—each awarding provision to include 6 users, 2 years of historical keyword data, priority onboarding, and 6 months of historical data

How does Jungle Scout Pricing work?

Jungle Scout will help with your product research when you are starting your own Amazon FBA business and to source a product line. Jungle Scout also helps in saving time to discover the products; speeding up the process to sell the products and gives much more accurate information.

It is one of the best research tools and it is recommended by so many. Jungle Scout’s research tool has a web plan. The web plan also consists of different plans. They are as follows:

  • Jungle Scout Business Plan
  • Jungle Scout Standard Plan
  • Jungle Scout Start-Up Plan

1). Jungle Scout Business Plan:

Jungle Scout Business Plan is a yearly plan where you can get access to track 150 products. You have to pay $69.

2). Jungle Scout Standard Plan:

Jungle Scout Standard Plan is a half-yearly plan where you can get access to track 80 products. You have to pay $49.

3). Jungle Scout Start-Up Plan:

Jungle Scout Start-Up Plan is a monthly plan where you can get access to track 40 products. You need to pay $29.

🔥Get Started With Jungle Scout Now

Jungle Scout is providing a 14-day free risk trial and money back. In case if you want to stop purchasing Jungle Scout you can simply refund your money.

Jungle Scout provides safe and secure investments with cashback.

Chrome Extension is a small software program that customizes the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor chrome functionally and behave to individual needs or preferences.

Extensions are distributed throughout the Chrome Developer Dashboard and published to the chrome web store.

Chrome Extension pricing plan helps us to better understand the software programs which are available to customize the browsing experience.

The users can either choose Chrome Extension Pro which costs $197 or Chrome Extension Lite which costs $97.

In Chrome Extension Pro you can explore more options compared to Chrome Extension Lite. In pro, you are having Historical Sales & Pricing, Product Profit Calculator, Fee Estimator, and Product Opportunity Score.

Worth The Price?

For the Amazon sellers, Jungle scout comes up as the most powerful tool. Yes, it is worth the price, and sellers can benefit from it immensely.

To grow your sales and efficiency, it is the one thing that can make it happen. It is customized by lists of products, sources of products, and other administrative things.

As it offers you information on the total number of sellers for a targeted product, it will further help you in knowing if you are able to survive the outer competition and the product is worth risk-taking or not.

With Chrome Extension of Jungle Scout, you get a look at sales of particular products whether history or monthly, or even daily sales.

With these changes in trends, it can easily be interpreted by you of what kind of performance the product will be offering and is it a good option to sell the product or not for the long term.

You can’t judge the true abilities of Jungle Scout till the time you tested it.

Test the platform and improve your efficiency and profits and get pleased and surprised by the capabilities of Jungle Scout as it is worth testing and have the power to make its customer happy.

Jungle Scout’s Features and How They Will Help You

1) Product Tracker

Product Tracker- Jungle Scout

With the usage of Product Tracker with Jungle Scout, you can track and analyze the products featured on Amazon and get a shortlist of the sales data.

With this, you can identify the products that are profitable as product performance is out shown during the specific course of time.

2) Builder Listing  

Listing Builder

With the establishment of keywords, this feature will get you along with the use of keywords and how to list the optimization in listings of Amazon.

Hence, the best words are placed in the best place with this feature of Jungle Scout.

3) Supplier Database

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

To find reputed suppliers all over the globe without much hustle and bustle. The volume of customers, delivery time, and other things help in procuring and comparing the potential suppliers.

4) Niche Hunter

It comes out as a strategic tool. With this tool, you get along with identifying apt niches for your products to sell. With this tool in hand, you can go and stand against your competitors easily.

5) Product Database

Product Database

These ideas can be generated in seconds and can match your products in specific areas and sort them on the basis of sales, revenue, and quickly reveal opportunities that are profitable.

6) Promotions of Product

With this feature, you are exposed to a promotional platform where on discounted products you can avail of promotions. It helps in boosting sales and your rank. The products become more discoverable.


Hence, all these features of Jungle Scout help you search for the best products and access the data to find a great market for building opportunities. Hence, it is worth investing in Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Pros and Cons


There are some benefits as we consider the tool. Some of them are as follows:-

1) User-Friendly

Jungle Scout relies on one of the apps that don’t get your head on fire while learning how to use it. Hence, it is very user-friendly and does not incur much knowledge on how to get started with it. In the field of product research, it comes very handy and saves time.

2) Learning is Plenty

For beginners, learning is an easy process with Jungle Scout. It has an easy and accessible guide that is readable and understandable.

3) Customer Support

One thing you need to be sure of is how many hours your grievances can be solved if you are working with an application? So, on that consideration, Jungle Scout is here for you 24 hours into 7 days with the most accuracy and support.

4) Reliability

Jungle Scout is highly reliable as it comes with a 14-day trial and offers easy navigation with data of high accuracy.


1) Expensive

The plans for web applications and chrome extensions are seen as a little pricey by some people. However, you can always go for the annual plan which budgets well with your pocket.

2) Understanding the Chrome Extension and other Applications of the Web is somewhat challenging, but with the guide, everything can become easily approachable.

3) Performance

PPC performance is not included with Jungle Scout and even the restoration of the search history is also not applicable.

Alternatives to JungleScout 

1. JungleScout vs Helium 10

Helium 10 is an alternative to Jungle Scout. It has more than 12 tools and it is good for people who want to start a business on Amazon. Helium 10 can help you find the right product, choose a niche, and drive traffic to your store.

If you are interested in researching a product with Helium 10, then there are different plans. There is a free plan and you can use it to see if you like it. If you do, there are other paid plans that provide more features.

2. JungleScout vs  AmzScout

AMZScout is a website and extension that helps you find products to sell on Amazon. There are many benefits of using AMZScout.

One is that it will show you what other sellers are doing, so you can do the same thing and make more money.

It also has data about trends so you can see what your customers want, and then give them exactly that. And this data backs up the results with detailed analytics so you know for sure if it’s a good idea or not.

How many users can I have on my account?

Jungle Scout is a fantastic tool for teams. They urge you to add other users to your account, each with a unique login for increased security. Their Basic package allows for just one user.

You may add as many people as you need for $ 49 per month per seat (or $ 459 per year on an annual plan) with their Suite plan.

Their Professional Plan already includes 6 users, but you can add more at $ 49 per month per seat or $ 459 per year on an annual plan. All you have to do is, go to the Jungle Scout Pricing Page. Choose one of the three depending upon your needs. 

Jungle Scout One Time Fee

For this demonstration, I have chosen the Standard Plans. Scroll down and choose whether you want to see the monthly plans or yearly plans.

Click on ‘Buy Now’ below the plan you have chosen. If you wish to add more than one users, make sure you choose either the Suite Plan or the Professional Plan.

Jungle Scout One Time Fee

Then, just fill up the details asked for, make an account and you are good to go. 

What Marketplaces are Supported by Jungle scout? (Countries)

Here is a list of all the 17 marketplaces supported by Jungle Scout – 

Amazon Singapore

Amazon Australia

Amazon Japan

Amazon UAE

Amazon Saudi Arabia

Amazon India

Amazon Turkey

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain

Amazon Netherlands

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon UK

Amazon Brazil

Amazon Mexico

Amazon Canada

Amazon US

However, not all features work in all marketplaces. So, here is the breakdown-

Jungle Scout Breakdown

Also, the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension only works for the following marketplaces as of now- 

Amazon Mexico

Amazon Canada

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain

Amazon India

Amazon Japan

Why Should One Choose Jungle Scout for Amazon FBA?

Amazon’s net revenue has grown by $100 Billion between 2019 – 2020. Which makes it a 40% increase in just one year!

jungle scout statistics

You can make a lot of money online, and that’s not all! According to Financial Post, 62% of new sellers reported increased profits in 2020.

Not only does Amazon give you the opportunity for success without any risk on your end; it also provides an easy way for finding products with high demand.

Quick Links

Jungle Scout FAQs

👉 Are there any free alternatives to Jungle Scout?

Honestly, Jungle Scout is the best app when it comes to product research. Chrome Extensions and Web Applications help people to quickly go through the offers of customers without seeking heaps of problems. The main alternatives are:- 1) Scope It is an unfastened Amazon device with product analytics and a 100% unfastened alternative to Jungle Scout. 2) Unicorn Smasher There’s not anything amazing about Amz Tracker’s Unicorn Smasher. This loosened to down stack item ponders gadget is highlighted on the ‘quality to be had’ leaderboard and capacities real-time total records and redress wage gauges. 3) AMZ Scout Yes, it is considered to be the most dependable app in the marketplace for Amazon dealers.

⚡ Is Jungle Scout accurate?

Yes, when started with Jungle Scout you can trust the accuracy of the estimates. It is verified that Jungle Scout estimates the true numbers. Hence, most of the time like 99%, it is accurate. Also, information gathered from Chrome Extensions and Web Applications are also true and accurate.

✅ Does Amazon India get along with Jungle Scout?

Yes, it works. They have formally declared it. Product Database of Jungle Scout found interior the Net App will assist you to discover productive items in seconds. Halt sitting around idly browsing a location built for shoppers. We’ve revamped Amazon’s catalog particularly to assist vendors to discover beneficial items. Within the competitive Amazon commercial center, knowing what your competitors are doing is the contrast between victory and disappointment. The Product Tracker appears to give you the information you would like to guarantee a beneficial item opportunity. The Niche Hunter include of the Web Applications is the most straightforward way to discover specialties of opportunity on Amazon. Niche Hunter is the way to reveal the wealth within the specialties in a proficient and adaptable manner.

✌Does it track Kindle books and Android Apps?

All the sales and rank tracking capabilities of AMZ Tracker work for Kindle books and Android Apps.

👀 How long do you keep historical data?

Ranking data is kept for one year. Sales tracking data is kept for one month.

🤷‍♀️ How often are the rankings updated?

Keyword rankings are updated once a day. Best Sellers Ranks are updated once a day.

😍How many products can I have on my account?

You can have as many products as you like on your account. However, the keywords associated with the products is limited by your subscription level.

🎉Do you track parent/child products?

Yes. If you add a parent product to AMZ Tracker, all the child products (or variations) are automatically tracked too.

😎How far down in the rankings do you look for my products?

We search the top 19 pages of Amazon. This is equivalent to the top 300 products.

✔Can I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time. If you cancel within the 7 day trial you will not be charged.

Conclusion: Is Jungle Scout a One Time Fee? The Complete Pricing Details In 2023

To get successful on Amazon, get along with Jungle Scout then. It makes a difference if you investigate the leading item; the best specialty and spy on your competitors giving you information that makes a difference when you discover your showcase.

It can take you a few trials and mistakes to induce a pleasant niche without Wilderness Scout.

With that in intellect, it is worth contributing within the Wilderness Scout device over its competitors to drive your Amazon FBA commerce.

Jungle Scout can spare you apart from the foundation. It recognizes all the leading items concurring to your specialty, which can make your commerce more beneficial.

Not fair this, the way Wilderness Scout guides you all through with the optimization, we think that no other application can do it. The entire history of sales information enrolled to you’ll assist you to make key decisions.

You’ll be able indeed to revamp budgeting and lower the cost of advertisements and PPC since you may have all the desired information within the, to begin with, place.

Hence, the foot line is to urge yourself to bundle, attempt it for months by utilizing the over rules, and boost your Amazon offering commerce within the right way!

So, stop thinking and get started with Jungle Scout.

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