Jungle Scout Features 2023 : Why It Is The Best Tool For Amazon Sellers ?

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Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world. With over two hundred and fifty million active users, it’s no wonder that entrepreneurs and small business owners are constantly looking for ways to capitalize on the platform.

Jungle Scout is a tool that helps sellers do just that. It offers features like product research, competitor analysis, and price tracking to make selling on Amazon easier than ever. Whether you’re an experienced seller or just getting started, Jungle Scout is definitely worth checking out.

Jungle Scout Features


Niche Hunter

A fantastic tool called the Niche Hunter. As a product research geek, it’s my favorite part of the web app and I couldn’t imagine starting my day without seeing what products and niches Jungle Scout’s diamond team has found.


The Niche Hunter is a nifty little feature that lets you find profitable niche ideas, products, and keywords based on parameters like:

Product Category: Self-explanatory.

Competition: A score of 1-10 with 1 being the least competitive and 10 being gadget accessories. A score of 1 usually means a low review count and a good chance to rank on page 1.

Listing Quality Score (LQS): Amazon SEO is a thing and there’s a specific way to optimize listings to rank higher. LQS is a measure of how well the listings in each niche are optimized.

Average Price: A ranking that shows how popular products are within that niche. I usually avoid anything over $50 since it’ll be harder to compete with the “big guys.”

Reviews: How many reviews have been left for competing products? The more reviews, the better!

Average Sales Rank (ASR): Jungle Scout automatically calculates this so you don’t have to fiddle around with numbers. It takes into account all of the other factors mentioned above and tells you where your product would sit amongst similar items on Amazon’s list of bestsellers.

Product Database

A robust product database containing over 70 million products from the Amazon catalog. We’ve added some preset filters that give you instant inspiration when looking through the massive list of products and niches.

Product Database

When you’re staring down a huge list of potential products, it can be easy to get analysis paralysis. The filters allow you to choose things like best-selling items in high-demand categories, as well as those with low competition – for an immediate snapshot on what’s hot. You can also use our Profit Calculator (including fees) as well as our international marketplaces feature.

This is just scratching the surface – we encourage everyone who uses Jungle Scout to explore and discover all of the powerful features we have built into this tool!

There’s a lot of good information here—things like profit calculator (including fees), international marketplaces, and product ranking.


The best thing about this tool is that it is updated frequently to reflect the Amazon changes, meaning you always have the latest data on each product. If you’re looking for wholesale sources, see our Wholesale Sources feature.

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Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout is one of their most popular features, as it gives you a great way to do Amazon keyword research. Before more advanced KW tools, finding the right keywords was more a process of trial and error. You just did some basic research, ran some ads, wrote some content, and hoped something stuck. It wasn’t that accurate (unlike with Jungle Scout), and it could be incredibly time consuming.

This is one of the reports you can generate using this tool – the top 100 most searched keywords in your niche. You can compare them to your main keywords (or any other keyword you enter), and even see the amount of monthly searches for each search term. This is extremely valuable information, especially when you’re planning on creating an Amazon listing or writing content for your website/blog.

The Keyword Scout gives you access to a ton of extra data when it comes to finding the right keywords to use when building out an Amazon product listing . Here are just some of the benefits that come with Jungle Scout’s recent release:

* Easily find profitable niche markets in minutes by seeing exactly how many people are searching for each term

* See what terms people use to find your product and then optimize your listing around that specific keyword

* Compare keywords against one another, and filter out low search volume keywords automatically (and much more!)

Product Tracker

JungleScout Product Tracker

Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker is a feature in the Amazon seller app, which gives you a real-time snapshot of a product’s sales history.

You can discover its average price, highest selling prices, total fees (including Amazon referral fees & shipping costs), weight , and see what other products are selling well next to it! It can also help you determine if certain FBA niches have the most demand.

Product Tracker is like getting superpowers for your Amazon business! Track any product an get answers like: what has this product always retailed at? When did I sell the most units in one day? Have my margins gone down over time? At what price did I sell most often? And tons more.

What can Product Tracker tell me?

The main section of Product Tracker is the “SALES HISTORY” chart…

This tells you the average price, number of units sold for that price, how many days in a row it has been selling at a specific price… etc! So you know what to expect from this product if you want to sell it yourself.

Next up, there’s the “FEES & MARGIN CALCULATOR” section… This shows you your total fees (Amazon referral fee + shipping fee) from each sale & all the different prices where this product has sold over time. With Scout’s margin calculator, you can then instantly see if this product will be profitable for you to sell.

Product Tracker

Lastly, there’s a “SEARCH TREND” section that shows the search volume of related keywords over time… This lets you know if certain products are being searched for more or less often in Google! This can help you determine which FBA niches have the most demand. Note: Product tracker is currently only available on Amazon Seller accounts in the USA .

Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker works on any Amazon product listing ever saved to your account. You can learn its average price and highest selling prices, how it has sold through time (aka the trend), fees involved (like percent referral fee ), weight , and more.

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Conclusion: Jungle Scout Features 2023

Jungle Scout is an amazing tool that can help you find and analyze profitable products to sell on Amazon. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, Jungle Scout makes it simple to research potential products and determine their viability for selling on Amazon.

We highly recommend using Jungle Scout to streamline your product research process and improve your chances of success in the world of Amazon FBA. Have you tried out Jungle Scout? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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