Jungle Scout Customer Reviews 2023 : Why Choose JS ?

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Jungle Scout is a web-based software that helps you to find and validate profitable products and niches to sell on Amazon. This product is developed by Greg Mercer.  He has been successfully selling physical products on Amazon for 7 years now and will help you grow your business with it.

His success story really impressed me, so I decided to take a further look at Jungle Scout (What’s in the name? It sounds like he literally went deep into the jungle to investigate about his products).

This article closely looks into Jungle Scouted product research tool and teaches people how they can use it effectively.

If you are interested in selling physical products on Amazon, this might be the perfect guide for you. However, before I tell you how to use Jungle Scout effectively to find profitable products, let me first show you why it is different from other similar tools.


Jungle Scout Customer Reviews


They do truly offer the data they promise. All the data I needed was there. It was very confusing at first, however it became clear later on. The only party I did not like about JungleScout is that you have to link your Amazon account in order to access real time based data, and if your Amazon account gets suspended temporarily, you can not perform products research with the real time based data, you will only use the data that has been stored in JungleScout database, which is also nice but it could have been better.


I have used Jungle Scout for years and they have always been very supportive and fast on responding. Thanks!!

Brenda Capestrain
I needed some clarity on which plan to get for what I want to do with my business. The support team provided me with a thorough explanation of each of the plans. They could have (just as easily) sent me back to the plans page. I appreciate the reply to my request. It was so carefully thought out. I was able to choose the plan right for me.
Thank you

I love this tool❤️

I love this tool, essential to work efficiently and be successful in business

Rosa Mejia
I think Jungle scout is the most user friendly tool for product research. The interface is accessible. The data may not be so fancy but it is more amenable to helping you develop your own hunches and then you can check the data. Nothing is so scientific about choosing a product and launching it successfully, there’s a certain amount of hunch and luck involved and jungle scout allows you to do that organically. Yes it can glitch out a lot, it loads like your grandads car getting in to gear on a Sunday drive sometimes but the support staff are genuinely nice and friendly despite my rants about tech issues, they’re a cool bunch. The videos for training are awesome and not geeky or supercilious just friendly and approachable and more important the tips actually work. The tools are just enough and not over whelming. I like watching the training vids and YouTube guys jake and Lenny make a great team. Lenny is the sensible approachable teacher and jake is the cute and quirky smiley student always finding new stuff to share haha I need to get out more
Top Quality Service, have been paying monthly for 2 months and now looking to upgrade to the year membership. If you have Jungle Scout you will know how much money this can make a business!
Jake Farr
I was skeptical of getting an issue we had resolved without speaking to someone- I was incredibly surprised at the quick response and resolution – It definitely made our business continuing running smoothly – Thank you Jungle Scout!
This source is irreplaceable when researching and trying to understand the market for your product. The sales and tracking tools and educational resources make my work world easier and my selections educated
Ronny Cromwell

I have been using Jungle scout applications for almost 3 years now as an Amazon e-commerce seller. I started off learning how to sell on Amazon via the million dollar case studies and blogs and I have achieve much success based on the open and transparent information provided. The software tools are incredible and utilise them every day for both profit and loss overviews as well as new product and supplier evaluations. As the title of the review suggests it is essential for my business! Well done to the team for the continuous developments!

JS (Jungle Scout) is a great tool to scout Amazon. Consider it a complete pack of your gears when you go scouting the Amazon rainforest. You will love the support you get from their support team. Keep it up JS team
I had taken out a basic subscription at $ 49 / month
But ultimately this subscription did not offer the options I absolutely needed to work
I wanted to take out the subscription following $ 69 / month but the system did not offer me to change my subscription by only paying the price difference between the 2 subscriptions, i.e. $ 20
So I contacted customer support who answered me very quickly
Not only did the support allow me to change my subscription but in addition I only paid $ 15 instead of $ 20
So I am very satisfied with the service provided
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Customer Reviews
Jungle Scout Customer Reviews Jungle Scout Customer Reviews Jungle Scout Customer Reviews Jungle Scout Customer Reviews

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Conclusion: Jungle Scout Customer Reviews

Jungle Scout is a powerful tool for online sellers. It allows you to quickly and easily gather data about your competition and find profitable products to sell. The customer reviews we gathered showed that the vast majority of users are happy with the product and find it helpful in their business ventures.
If you’re looking for an edge over your competition, or just want to be able to make better-informed decisions about what products to sell, Jungle Scout is a great investment.
Mike Alfaro

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