What Does LQS Mean On Jungle Scout? 2023 : Guide

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To support themselves, everyone wants to earn money. People often think about selling things on Amazon when they try to make extra money.

You need to keep a number of things in mind if you’re looking to become an Amazon vendor.

Products and keywords are optimized by algorithms on the selling platform. Maintaining your listing quality score on Amazon is an essential part of being a seller.

So, here I will explain you all about What Does LQS Mean On Jungle Scout and how it proves to be a game changer for you. 

What Is a Listing Quality Score?

Amazon uses a listing quality score as one of its algorithms for sorting and organizing all of its products. Each product listing is analyzed by the LQS in order to determine if it is optimized.

If you want to improve your current product or branch out from your competition, the Amazon tool can help. The algorithm analyzes your product in the following ways:

Product description length on Amazon

Your Amazon listing will have a high search ranking based on how long your description is. Getting to the point should be balanced with being informative.

Use of Keywords

Keywords can sometimes be overused. In order to maintain ranking, it is important to include a sufficient amount of product keywords.

Keyword Density in the Product Title

There is a title on every Amazon listing, and it’s a great place to put important keywords. If you want to rank high on Google’s search results page, you should focus on finding a balance.

A bullet-point list of the product’s features

It is important that the features on your Amazon listing set you apart from the competition. Use bullet points to summarize the features quickly for potential buyers. You can gain more conversions and more clicks if you use bullet points and other optimization techniques.

Your product has how many images attached to it

Before they make the final purchase, people love clicking around and viewing product images. Make sure you have enough photographs of your Amazon product to encourage sales.

If the photos are of good quality

Seeing blurry photos might cause users to find better images that the competition is using. Low-quality pictures on product pages don’t appeal to consumers.


So, how to use LQS feature in Jungle Scout

LQS determines the quality of a listing based on an in-house algorithm. Simply improving your listing quality can give you an advantage over your competitors when you’re looking for potentially good products.  

A listing’s title, bullet points, description and number of pictures are all taken into account as well as the keyword density of the title, bullet points, and description. Listings are ranked one to ten, with ten being the best.

In addition to the Extension, the LQS is also available for the Product Database (the average LQS is also displayed in the Product Tracker).

Enter your search parameters into the LQS filter Min and Max fields, and click ‘Search’ to find products whose listings you can potentially improve. For each ASIN that matches your search criteria, results will be displayed under the LQS column:

Product Database:

What Does LQS Mean On Jungle Scout?: product db


⚠️ You must first enable the LQS column under “Customize your view” in order to see it. Make sure you have enabled this option if you don’t see it in your settings:

  • The Menu can be accessed from the top, left corner
  • Customize your view by clicking Customize
  • You should be able to find Listing Quality Score under Add/Remove Columns
  • Click Apply Changes after checking this box 

What Does LQS Mean On Jungle Scout : extention

How to Find a Product Based on the Listing Quality Score

ASINs with scores below 3 are generally considered low quality listing. Look for products with a low LQS and high demand with low competition. Adding such products to your Product Tracker is always a good idea, and monitoring their performance is also a good idea.

Generally, ASINs with an LQS of 7 or higher are more highly regarded. You will need to dig deeper than this to find out whether they are a good product choice or not.

  • Are there other aspects of these products that could be improved?

Does the quality of the listing of the competitor outweigh the high demand and low competition?

In summary, these are just a few things to consider, but once again, use the Product Tracker to provide you with more data points for making an informed decision.   

Why Should I Utilize the Listing Quality Score?

why Your Amazon Products Needs their Listing Checked

The Amazon online marketplace is saturated. Vendors continue to sign up for it, and most people use it for shopping. To outsell competitors and grow your customer base, you need a toolkit.

Amazon offers free resources such as the Listing Quality Score. In the LQS, you can optimize keywords, descriptions, and titles to attract more attention to your product. There are several advantages:

  • Sales will increase as a result of the optimization.
  • Through optimization, you will gain customers.
  • Your Amazon ranking will improve.
  • Users can easily search for your products using this tool rather than by using an ASIN number.

In a search for a good seller, your products will appear more often when you have a higher score. Look at your results after using the listing quality score to boost your product listings if you want a better ranking and more sales.

Take your game to the next level with LQS

Knowing and using LQS is essential to success as an Amazon vendor. Customers can search for and buy your goods more efficiently when they have the free information at their fingertips.

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