Amazeowl vs JungleScout Features Comparison 2023– Which Tool Is Best?

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In order to be good product research, each product research company should satisfy certain features to be considered as an effective research tool.

Go through the key features of Amazeowl vs JungleScout that help you select the best one.

In this following portion, I am going to compare Amazeowl and Junglescout based on these features and you can decide which one will be suitable for you.

Amazeowl vs JungleScout Features Comparison

1. Product Database

The product database is one of the basic features of a product research tool. Because Greater database size means Greater accuracy regarding the information of the product. So, Let’s see the product database for each of these companies.


Amazeowl Features

Amazeowl has a product database of over 600+ million items along with 11 marketplace analyzers around the world. Amazeowl updates its product database daily which gives the sellers up-to-date information on any products available in the database.

Jungle Scout

Product Database- Jungle Scout

Jungle scout has a product database of around 475 million products along with several marketplace analyzers around the world. Jungle Scout offers several filters like estimated sales, revenue, etc.. to generate new product ideas within seconds.


Having a greater database makes Amazeowl the more reliable source for information and Amazeowl has more marketplaces for reference but Junglescout does not have that much variety of markets for reference.

But Junglescout has a user-friendly interface that Amazeowl to navigate around its database.

2. Data Accuracy

Data Accuracy is the most important feature of any Product research tool. How well the research tool tracks a particular product’s sales? Or How accurate is the research tool for estimating sales in the nearby future? These are some of the questions which give an answer for an individual research tool’s accuracy. 

This feature only determines whether a particular product research tool is efficient or not. So, Let’s see the accuracy of both competitors in various kinds of data.

3. Sales Estimate

In order to find out the answer to this, we need reference material to compare their data. So, as reference material, I took the toolkit which is provided by Amazon itself the FBA toolkit. Let’s find out how close the sales estimate of these two companies is compared to the FBA toolkit.

I took a rank 1 toy as an example of this experiment and compared the sales estimate for that particular toy. According to the FBA toolkit, the sales estimate for that toy is 109 pieces per day. 

Let’s see how close the competitor’s sales estimate is compared to the FBA toolkit sales estimate.


According to the Amazeowl sales estimate, the estimated sales for this rank 1 toy are 97 pieces per day which are pretty close to the FBA toolkit.

Jungle Scout

By Junglescout’s sales estimate, the estimated sales for this toy are 400 pieces per day which are not close to Amazeowl’s sales estimate.

4. Rank Tracker

Let’s compare the two competitors based on their ranking system of products and find out which one is closer to the actual

Similar to the sales estimate, I took a specific toy and compared its rank on both of the websites.


Based on Amazeowl data, the rank for that particular toy was given no.1 in its category.

Jungle Scout

Rank Tracker Jungle Scout

Jungle scout analysis also gave rank no.1 for that particular toy.

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Based on the data comparison of sales estimate and rank tracker, Amazeowl provides more accurate data than Jungle scout. 

5. Uniqueness in Approach

This is also an important feature of a product research tool. Because so many research tool competitors are in the market, the tool should follow a unique approach to product research to give its users an edge over their competitors. 


Amazeowl only uses a common approach like most of the competitors with one or two unique features to give more data compared to their competitors.

Amazeowl Features comparison


Jungle Scout developed its own profit product tracker called Opportunity finder which uses a unique approach for market analysis and emerging trends.


Based on the available data, Junglescout follows a more unique approach than Amazeowl for market analysis.

Extended Features

In addition to the basic features product, researchers must provide some extended features to their users in order to differentiate them from the competition.


Amazeowl provides some unique features such as 

  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Competitor Alert
  • Intense keyword research

These features give their users some unique data than their fellow competitors.

Jungle Scout

Jungle scout provides unique features such as

  • Keyword scout
  • Listing builders
  • Sales Analysis

These features will give their users more information about the products.


By comparing both companies’ extended features Junglescout’s extensions are appreciated more by the customers than Amazeowl’s features.

Conclusion- Amazeowl vs JungleScout Features Comparison 2023

In the end, it all comes down to what suits your needs best. If you are looking for an all-inclusive extension that will save you time and money, Amazeowl is the better choice.

However, if the price is not an issue for you and you value data accuracy above everything else, JungleScout is the way to go.

Whichever platform you choose, remember that in order to succeed in dropshipping, dedication and commitment are key – no tool can do the work for you.

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