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Are you looking for powerful all-in-one Amazon software to optimize your e-commerce business? Helium 10 is the answer to your search.

With over 20 power tools and a team of over 60 staff working around the world, Helium 10 has helped over 250,000 users across the globe.

The only thing better than having access to Helium 10’s vast array of tools is getting it at a discounted price. Luckily, Helium 10 offers exclusive discount codes to its users, providing them with an opportunity to save money while taking their business to the next level.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Helium 10 discount codes, where to find them, and how to use them to your advantage.

Helium 10 Discount Codes & Coupons [Year]

Helium 10 Discount Code

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What is Helium 10? – All You Need To Know Before Buying

Helium 10 is an Amazon software that has been designed to help merchants to enhance their business on the Amazon platform. It offers a vast array of features such as product and keyword research tools, business management, analytics, and marketing functions, making it the industry’s first all-in-one Amazon software.


The software comes equipped with over 20 powerful tools to assist sellers in expanding their businesses.

From entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, Helium 10 caters to businesses of all sizes and has a user base of over 250,000 worldwide. It has tracked over 450 million products and processed a whopping $1.4 billion in monthly sales.

Helium 10 started back in 2016 with its first tool, “Scribbles,” which was aimed at optimizing Amazon listings. Today, the company has a team of over 60 staff working globally to support its ever-growing user base.

Helium 10 has been trusted by many successful Amazon sellers worldwide, and its features have proved valuable to many businesses.

Its all-in-one platform has simplified the process of managing an Amazon-based business, making it easier for sellers to stay ahead of the competition.

Helium 10 – Best Features

Inventory Protector:

Inventory Protector

As soon as you put your items on Amazon, they might be taken by rivals and coupon stackers who are out to hurt you. Helium 10 gives you a feature called “inventory protector” to assist you to keep your stock safe and stop losses.

This tool may help you keep track of your stock and see how well your product is doing.

You may set up personalized notifications to let you know when your stock is running short, and you can restrict the number of coupons that can be used per purchase to stop people from abusing them.


Helium 10 Adtomic

Adtomic from Helium 10 is one of the greatest Amazon PPC solutions that you can use. This tool may assist sellers to run their Amazon marketing campaigns, monitor how well they’re doing, and get a better return on their investment (ROI).

You may use Adtomic to improve your advertisements, find successful keywords, and keep an eye on what your rivals are doing with their ads.

Inventory Management:

Inventory Management

Helium 10’s inventory management feature may help you keep track of all of your products from a single dashboard.

You can keep track of how much inventory you have, predict how much you will need, and automate the process of replenishing.

With this tool, you can make sure that your customers never run out of your items and that you never have too much of them.


Helium 10 Frankenstein

Frankenstein is an Amazon keyword processor and cleaner tool that may help you clean up big keyword lists and turn them into traffic generators.

This tool can help you find the ideal keywords to use in your product listings and optimize them.

With Frankenstein, you can get rid of keywords that aren’t relevant, arrange keywords by how relevant they are, and make high-quality lists of keywords.



Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that lets you locate the best keywords for your product listings on Walmart or Amazon.

This tool may also help you find out how your competitors are doing for certain keywords, which you can then employ to improve your own results.

With Cerebro, you can find lucrative keywords, figure out how many people are searching for them, and make your listings as visible as possible.


The Magnet tool from Helium 10 is an Amazon keyword research tool that may help you identify keyword chances that can make you money.

Now, retailers at Walmart may utilize it to improve their listings and bring in more consumers.

With Magnet, you can find high-volume keywords that are related to your product listings, look at keyword trends, and make lists of keywords that you want to rank for.

Blackbox-helium-10-reviewBlack Box is an Amazon research tool from Helium 10 that may help you identify very lucrative product prospects in a matter of seconds.

You may use Black Box to look for items in any category and identify ones with minimal competition and big profits.

This application may help you save time and effort by automating your product research and providing you with precise information about the market.

Listing Builder:

Listing Builder is the most recent tool to be included in the Helium 10 suite. Sellers may create, improve, and manage their Amazon product listings using this application.

This tool may help you improve your conversion rates quickly. With Listing Builder, you can make product listings that stand out, optimize your material for SEO, and keep track of how well you are doing.

Market Tracker 360:

Market Tracker 360

Market Tracker 360 from Helium 10 is a tool for researching the Amazon market that may help you improve your listings and get more traffic and sales.

With this application, you can keep an eye on your rivals’ listings, figure out what they are doing, and remain ahead of them.

You may also track the success of your own products, keep an eye on what customers say, and improve your pricing plan.

Here, I’ll briefly talk about the new features of Helium 10:

Portals: Portals are the newest tool to be added to Helium 10. It is an Amazon landing page builder for advertising that lets you make landing pages for your items that look good. With just one click, you can change the way your pages look. You can also build pages for your entire funnel.

Market Tracker 360 is an Amazon market study tool made by Helium 10. Sellers can improve their ads with this tool. This tool gives them correct information that can help them get more visitors and make more sales.

Helium 10 – Listing Builder

Black Box: Helium 10’s “Black Box” is a tool for researching products on Amazon. In just a few seconds, this tool can help sellers find highly profitable product options. They can find products that don’t have a lot of competition and make a lot of money in every area on Amazon. Using the Helium 10 Black Box tool can be hard if you don’t know how.

Helium 10 Pros and Cons

Helium 10 Pros

Helium 10 is an all-in-one tool that provides over 20 power tools to cater to every aspect of Amazon’s sales. This includes product research, keyword research, marketing, analytics, and much more.

With over 250,000 users worldwide, Helium 10 is a trusted software among Amazon sellers, including entrepreneurs, start-ups, and even Fortune 500 companies.

The software boasts a high success rate and has helped sellers track over 450 millions of products and process $1.4 billion in monthly sales.

Helium 10 offers a wide range of features, which means that sellers do not have to subscribe to multiple tools, thereby saving them both time and money.

The platform is easy to use, and the tools are designed to help sellers improve their Amazon-based business with minimal effort.

Helium 10 Cons

The pricing can be a bit expensive for small businesses, and the subscription fees can add up quickly, depending on the number of tools required.

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Conclusion: Helium 10 Discount Codes 2023

Helium 10 is a comprehensive suite of Amazon software that empowers sellers to optimize their business and streamline their operations.

With over 20 powerful tools, it is no surprise that Helium 10 has become a must-have for Amazon sellers of all levels, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. 

While it can be a bit expensive, Helium 10 offers a lot of value for the money and can help sellers increase their profits and grow their business. By taking advantage of Helium 10 discount codes, sellers can access these powerful tools at a reduced cost, allowing them to maximize their ROI and achieve even greater success on Amazon.

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