Sellerboard Review 2023: Is It The Best Accurate Profit Analytics For Amazon Sellers?

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As an Amazon seller, you know that making accurate profit calculations is essential to your success. But doing this by hand can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Without accurate profit data, it isn’t easy to make informed business decisions that will help you grow your Amazon sales. You may be losing money without even realizing it!

Sellerboard is the solution to your profit calculation problems. Their easy-to-use software provides accurate and up-to-date profit analytics for Amazon sellers.

They’re trusted by many businesses worldwide, so you can trust us to help you take your Amazon business to the next level.

Sellerboard Review 2023: What Is Sellerboard?

It makes no difference if you use Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), or schemes like Prime by Seller, dropshipping, or even online arbitrage.

No restrictions are associated with using Sellerboard as an analytical service for your organization. Several metrics include gross and net profit, ad expenses, margin, return on investment, etc.

Additionally, you must deal with various fees and payments that may vary from nation to country. In Sellerboard, all necessary indicators for analyzing your selling activity are included.

You may compute your margins and expenses on your own if you sell one or two product categories once or twice daily. However, it becomes more challenging to monitor several goods and sales.

Sellerboard Review

Using Sellerboard is the most straightforward approach to boost your cost-effectiveness without wasting your valuable time.

Let the application do this tedious but essential task while you concentrate on more vital tasks, such as company activity planning and forecasting.

There may include inventory management, follow-up mail campaigns, PPC optimizers, the LTV function, listing change notifications, reimbursements for missing or damaged merchandise, and other FBA issues among the Sellerboard’s capabilities.

Want your customers to evaluate the products they’ve purchased from your store? Try the so-called “autoresponder” tool, which sends emails to consumers who have bought anything on Amazon requesting product reviews.

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Major Features & Benefits of Sellerboard

Here are some of the major features & benefits of sellerboard explained:

1. Users & Rights Management

Users and privileges management enables you to offer access to your Sellerboard account to other users.

Sellerboard Users & Rights Management Features

Every user has a unique login and password. If required, you may implement function-based access restrictions for each user.

2. Export

Export all Sellerboard information to an Excel or text file. Use Excel or other tools to conduct a thorough analysis. The sales and profit statistics may be exported by-product and for any period.

3. Cashflow

The Cashflow tool enables you to manage your cash flow by clicking “add” to enter the amount of extra investment in the firm, the amount paid for the products, dividends, and VAT.

Sellerboard Cashflow Features

Payments and Expenses are automatically populated. The prediction will assist you in planning the available funds and making sound management choices.

4. Refunds For Lost Inventory

Sellerboard lets you identify FBA problems and displays instances where seller support may seek a refund.

Amazon will not refund you if Amazon personnel in the FBA facility lose or damage your product. Returns paid to the consumer but never returned are another potential FBA fault.

Sellerboard automatically identifies these occurrences and generates a report, which you may use to contact seller support to investigate and refund you for the missing products.

5. Inventory Management

Sellerboard’s inventory notifications will ensure you never again run out of stock! You may customize each product’s manufacture and delivery time to the FBA warehouse or your prep center.

Based on your historical sales, programmable seasonality factors, and predicted growth, Sellerboard computes the product-specific adjusted sales rate.

Sellerboard Inventory management Features

Sellerboard tells you when it is time to make a new order with your supplier and recommends the amount. You will also get a message when it is ready to ship items from your prep center to the FBA warehouse.

6. PPC Optimization

The PPC dashboard monitors the performance of keywords, ad groups, and PPC campaigns, and assists you in optimizing your bids to achieve the desired profitability.

Sellerboard PPC optimization Features

Sellerboard has created a unique algorithm that assesses PPC campaign profits. Based on this expected profit, Sellerboard computes the Break-even-ACOS and the Break-even-bid for each term and provides advice on optimizing your bids.

7. Request a review of campaign automation and email follow-up

Send automatic messages to your purchasers based on Amazon’s standard “Request a review” template or your email templates to gather more feedback, product reviews, and customer service ratings.

Amazon’s Selling Partner API enables Sellerboard to automate “Request a review” messaging.

Create campaigns with versatile targeting parameters (e.g., by repeat customers, marketplace, country, and product). Define the optimal time for your message (e.g., the day your product is delivered).

8. Listing Change Alerts

Sellerboard monitors your seller feedback and listings and alerts you through email of significant occurrences requiring your attention (e.g., hijackers or fee changes).

9. Trends

The trends function of Sellerboard allows you to monitor all relevant KPIs for every product to ensure no negative trend. Such KPIs include BSR, sales, refunds, and profit.

If any of these recently deteriorated, the seller must take action (e.g., decrease price, check the quality, run ads, etc.).

Sellerboard Trends Features

You may pick a KPI like return rate and a period to see a table with your goods’ month-to-month performance. Sorting the table will reveal all problematic SKUs quickly.

10. LTV Dashboard

Customer lifetime value (LTV) is the revenue generated by a typical customer throughout their lifetime as a customer. The LTV dashboard enables you to assess the client’s lifetime value.

Understanding the LTV lets you create efficient marketing campaigns, estimate your customer acquisition cost (CAC), and determine how much you should spend on maintaining existing customers vs. gaining new ones.

With Sellerboard’s LTV dashboard, you can measure the lifetime value of your clients based on several KPIs. You may also study these KPIs by-products and see their evolution over time.

11. Monitoring your fixed costs & other expenses

Sellerboard pulls all Amazon-related data automatically. Sellerboard allows you to keep track of additional charges, such as owning a warehouse, a virtual assistant, sample costs, and software tools.

Expenses may be either recurrent (e.g., monthly) or one-time, either general or product-specific (e.g., packaging design or photoshoot).

12. Product Breakdown

Exact information about any product, for any period or market. View actual sales, profit, fees, and expenditures associated with each product, such as VAT tax, PPC, cost of returns, and COGs, for any given time.

13. Accurate display of all Amazon Fees

Amazon has many fees, which might be challenging to keep track of. The good news is that Sellerboard properly monitors all expenditures and reimbursements, such as storage fees, long-term storage fees, incoming shipping, remissions, labeling fees, etc.

14. Profit and Loss Table

It is an intelligent, interactive profit-and-loss statement that allows you to concentrate on each period’s characteristic (e.g., Amazon fees).

Customize the time range and granularity of the data (e.g., last year by month, last month by day), filter by marketplaces or goods, and examine products sold during any specified period. Accurate business information for vendors on Amazon!

15. Configurable Charts

Sellerboard’s adaptable charts allow for a rapid and straightforward examination of your Key Performance Indicators.

Everything is adjustable, including key performance indicators (such as sales, units, profit, and return costs), time range, and output granularity (e.g., last year by month, last month by day).

The view may be filtered by product or marketplace (with multi-selection). View summary information or delve into the product list and specifics by era.

16. Live Dashboard

Display in-depth information on Amazon expenses (such as the FBA charge and commissions), PPC expenditure, return costs, advertising costs, and your fixed costs (e.g., Virtual Assistant, Prep Center).

Sellerboard Live Dashboard Features

You may also view by-products and periods (today, yesterday, or this month).

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Sellerboard Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, there is a 30-day free trial, after which you may pick a monthly, half-yearly, or annual membership.

There is an opportunity to contact seller assistance if you need additional information about the pricing of Sellerboard before making a purchase.

Sellerboard Pricing

  • Pricing Plans (Standard):

We will discuss the Standard price plans since they are the most common. The Professional, Business, and Enterprise programs may be on their website.

  • Monthly Plan:

The monthly plan is an excellent alternative for people who like to trial the service without paying the total amount. It is only $ 19 per month, and you can cancel anytime, making it ideal if you run a small Amazon company or are testing the waters before diving in.

  • Half-Yearly Plan:

The half-yearly plan is ideal for people who wish to check out the service but do not need it monthly. It is only $ 17 per month, and you can cancel anytime, making it ideal if you run a small Amazon company or are testing the waters before diving in.

  • Annual Plan:

The annual plan is the most excellent choice for people who enjoy the tool and wish to use it for the whole year since this subscription offers a discount.

It costs $ 15 per month, so there is not much of a price difference between monthly and annual subscriptions. However, if you are sure that the software would be valuable for your Amazon company, you should choose the yearly plan.

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Sellerboard Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of sellerboard:

Sellerboard Pros

  • Used by tens of thousands of Amazon merchants throughout the globe, with excellent results.
  • Identifies potential areas, such as conversion rates, rank position on search engine results pages (SERPs), product ranking, and more.
  • It has a free trial, which is helpful if you want to test the program before paying for it.
  • Provides actionable suggestions based on seller information and internal computations.

Sellerboard Cons

  • You should hunt for an alternative profit statistics solution if you sell on other sites, such as eBay, Shopify, or Etsy.

FAQs About Sellerboard Review

Does Sellerboard work with multiple Amazon marketplaces?

Yes. Sellerboard serves the US, Canada, Mexico, and all European markets. Each marketplace has its referral, FBA fee system, and currency. Sellerboard contains the specific fee calculation of every regional marketplace.

Is my data secure with Sellerboard?

Absolutely. They are a German organization. The software of Sellerboard is housed on German servers that are protected according to industry standards. They save the information required for the reports and nothing more. They will never analyze, sell, or disseminate your data, nor will they utilize it for any purpose other than program functioning.

Is there a Sellerboard free trial?

Absolutely! Sellerboard provides a free 31-day trial period, during which you can understand why I love it and why I’m sure you will.

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Conclusion: Sellerboard Review 2023

Sellerboard is an incredible tool for monitoring the notifications and information of your Amazon account, allowing you to maintain a daily eye on how your sales are doing and whether or not you need to refill from your FBA warehouse or your supplier.

Additionally, the fact that KPIs can be downloaded as a text file or a spreadsheet is quite helpful for comparing results and data with other tools and applications you may be using.

And the Mobile Responsive design is a bonus!

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