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The Jungle Scout Web App (Web App for short) is a Chrome-based web application that can be used in Google Chrome to find Amazon products to sell.

It primarily uses the Amazon API, which provides information about all of the current best-selling products on Amazon at any given time.

It also combines other data points, such as sales estimates and the number of reviews per product, to help you select the right items to sell so that you can build your Amazon FBA business even faster.

You can use the Web App just like you would use any other tool for sales research, because it will augment your efforts rather than replace them, by helping you quickly refine your search results while browsing through different potential items that have good profit margins.

Jungle Scout Web App 2023 – eCommerce Platform

The Jungle Scout Web App has four primary sections, and we’ll go through each of them here one by one.

1. Product Database & Searchable Categories

Like most sales research tools, the first section you’ll see is a list of categories that can be searched to drill down into Amazon’s massive catalog of products.

You can select any category you want from this list, or alternatively, type in any keywords you want to search for on Amazon so that you can find relevant results there instead.

Either way, your final product results will all come from the same database and will populate automatically based on what you’ve searched for.

The full title of each item within the database is displayed at the top of the Web App, along with its current best-selling rank (BSR), which tells you how well it’s selling within its category.

The BSR changes every single hour as new sales are made on Amazon, so it’s always up to date and provides extremely accurate information that can be used to determine whether or not an item has potential.

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2. Product Analysis & Estimated Sales

The next section details some important data points for each product that shows exactly what kind of demand it has right now, which helps further refine your search results by eliminating items with poor profit margins.

A high estimate of monthly sales makes an item very attractive because if enough units can be sold per month, then building out a full Amazon FBA business around that product will generate a lot of revenue, so the Web App takes this metric into account by giving it more weight than other data points.

The estimate of monthly sales is determined by using your selected category and filtering out items that have less than 500 estimated sales per month.

This figure was chosen because 500 is the minimum monthly requirement to join the ranks of Amazon Millionaires within any given niche, but you can change this threshold if you’d like.

3. Sales Estimates & Revenue Calculator

Next up are two additional ways our Web App helps you evaluate potential items to sell on Amazon: the estimated total annual revenue bar chart and revenue calculator.

The best-selling rank meter shows well an item is selling compared to other best-selling products in its category, but it doesn’t provide any insight into the total amount of revenue that has been generated by those sales.

The estimated total annual revenue bar chart above each item provides this information for you, because every time a sale is made on Amazon, revenue from that sale gets added to a cumulative running total.

This helps to give you a better idea of just how much traffic an item can drive and money it can contribute based on current rankings while filtering out items with poor profit margins that won’t have enough volume or strong demand within their niches to ensure success.

The revenue calculator also helps reduce the risk associated with selecting new items to sell by letting you see exactly what of return on investment (ROI) you can expect to see when you sell that item on Amazon.

This is based on the estimated monthly revenue and the price of the item, which gives you a good idea of how much money will be left over after subtracting your FBA fees, product cost (if any), and other expenses such as shipping or marketing campaigns.

This feature alone makes it very simple for anyone interested in private labeling products to get an accurate estimate of potential profits, because if an item has too small of a profit margin compared to its sales estimates, then there’s no reason to move forward with it since you’ll never reach your target ROI.

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4. Product Comparison & Sales Estimates

The last section lets you compare up to five items side by side with each other and view their estimated sales and revenue, which helps you make well-informed decisions about which items you want to research more thoroughly.

Since all of the data is already populated in our Web App, all you have to do is select how many products you’d like to compare and wait for the results.

The best selling rank meter at the top will update as new sales for each item occur on Amazon, so you can easily see if one product has a significant edge over another by having better current rankings within its category.

You’ll also notice that the app provides two types of estimated monthly sales: “Aggregate” and “Calculated.”

The former gives an estimate based on what you feel is the maximum amount of units that could be sold per month for that particular item, whereas the latter is an estimate of how many units are being sold per month at the moment.

This is based on our own algorithm, so it’s based on data collected from all Amazon sellers using our web app.

The best-selling ranks shown underneath each product title are also averaged out, so you can see which items have better current rankings compared to others within their categories.

The Web App also has a section dedicated to automatic alerts, where users can subscribe to have e-mails sent to them when certain items reach certain price points or rank milestones.

Because he gives them the opportunity to start buying materials and manufacturing their products before they even launch into full-blown scaling phases.

By getting in early like this and securing high profits, you can make a lot of money from your product before anyone else even knows about it.

What’s really nice is that all of these alerts are based on your own profitability goals, so you won’t have to waste any time or energy researching items that don’t fit into the budgets and monthly revenue forecasts that you’ve set for yourself.

This makes life simple for those who want to scale quickly and efficiently because they can just wait for their Web App alerts to pop up in their inboxes with complete confidence that those items will be worth pursuing as soon as possible after launch.

Jungle Scout Sales Estimater

The Web App in Action

Jungle Scout’s Web App is a very powerful and effective tool in the private labeling world because it takes all of the guesswork out of selecting items to sell on Amazon.

This removes most if not all barriers to entry for newcomers, who can just use our technology without having any previous experience or knowledge about selling online.

Our goal with Jungle Scout has always been to level the playing field and help more people find success when they’re competing against billion-dollar corporations that try their best to dominate these types of markets, so they’re proud to provide this type of value and make it accessible for everyone within the industry

It’s possible you’ve noticed that the Jungle Scout Web App has undergone some changes as well. Same great value, same great foundation – just redesigned with a slick new look and some very cool features.

Even more accurately estimated sales were added to the foundation, but more on that later.

The new design focuses on making the information flow more intuitive for users, as well as simplifying the user experience to make finding product ideas faster and easier.

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Jungle Scout Web App Redesign: The Background

Jungle Scout launched the Web App in August of 2015, in order to help people locate and validate profitable products they can sell on Amazon.

This mission has not changed since then. In regards to sales data estimates and product features, however, they have continued to focus on “behind the scenes”.

They have also been collecting your feedback, feature requests, and questions since their launch so that they could enhance the Web App in v2.0. Please let me take you on a brief tour…

“This Product Database Filter is generating tons of gems… Is there a way to save them for later?”

It’s good to save a Product Database filter you’ve found that works for you. This wasn’t possible until recently. It was necessary to re-set your categories every time you logged into the Web App’s Product Database.

Imagine, for example, I wanted to study a market where the listing is poor, but it still generates over 2000 units per month. A filter like this might be useful:

Would it be possible to have another session tomorrow on the same criteria for a different category? The filter set has been saved, so I can load it in the future!

It would be named here. Specifically, I include the Country (Marketplace), Categories, Price, Listing Quality Score, and other criteria for easy recall so I can filter more efficiently in the future.

Several of you have asked for this feature, and it is useful for building upon each product research session. Now that it’s available, I am thrilled!

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Create Product Notes For More Thorough Research

When I do product research, I usually have some basic checklists that I follow. . However, as I went through this process I took a lot of notes that I eventually scattered between many different online notes, Google docs, and spreadsheets.

Jungle Scout has just created an easy way for you to easily create unified notes for any product you are tracking. Introducing Product Notes, inside the Product Tracker. In this section, you can add new notes:

I find it useful to categorize notes when adding them. Furthermore, you can insert images (useful if you have a screenshot of a sample or a competitor’s product that you’d like to include).

Get Keyword Ideas With One Click

You may want to dig into your Search Term Report if you’re running pay-per-click ads in order to see what people are searching for. When you have an active listing and are able to dig through actual search queries and advertising data, then this is an excellent method.

Especially if the product isn’t actually available yet, not everyone has that luxury. Here’s what you need: Keyword Clouds. You can pull up the Keyword Cloud by clicking on the ASIN in the Product Database:

When you are crafting your listing, and you are trying to figure out what the most important keywords are, then you should use this tool. it pulls the most important keywords from your listing.

This is done by adding some of the main competitors for my new product, and then pulling up the Keyword Cloud. Are you using any of these words in your product title, features, or description?

In order for Amazon to identify the type of keywords you wish to rank for, what about your backend keywords?

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Niche Hunter Keywords

In addition to the Keyword Cloud (Standard Plan and Business Plan), Niche Hunter customers also have access to Niche Tips, Niche Opportunity Scores, and Top Keywords. 

Where Are These Sales Estimates Coming From Anyway?

As I mentioned in my HGTV thought earlier, every house makeover has an undercurrent of importance: a house’s value and integrity are only as strong as its foundation.

There is no point in having a gorgeous house if it has a shoddy foundation. This holds true for Amazon product research software as well.

As an Amazon seller, you can improve product research by using the new features and updated design. The redesign is a decoration on top of accurate sales estimates, the strongest foundation.

Quite honestly, Jungle Scout’s Amazon sales estimates are the most accurate in the world! AccuSalesTM is the name they’ve given to these estimates.

In recent years, the team at Jungle Scout has focused on developing the most robust algorithms to estimate sales. Data Scientists, Statisticians, and smart developers make up the team.

They are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that over 500 million data points per day are being processed by the algorithms to deliver you the most accurate estimates.

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Conclusion|Jungle Scout Web App 2023

We hope that now that you have seen the new and improved Jungle Scout Web App, you will take advantage of these capabilities to find your next opportunity. Let us know what you think. Share your opinions below! 

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