Sellzone VS Jungle Scout 2023: Which Amazon Tool Is The Best? [Comparison Of Features, Pricing]

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In this post, we have highlighted the Jungle Scout Vs Sellzone comparison which incorporates point-by-point differences between Jungle Scout and Sellzone. 

Amazon is a profoundly serious commercial center and merchants need the correct apparatuses to prove to be the best.

There are a lot of administrations and answers for your vendor misfortunes, however, which one is the ideal fit for you?

Considering the plenty of decisions that a merchant has, we’re taking a gander at two amazing assets embraced by dealers around the world – Sellzone and Jungle Scout.

Need to know whether jungle scout is superior to Sellzone? Here’s an itemized article looking at Jungle Scout versus Sellzone, visit this article and know which stage is ideal for your utilization.

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Overview of Sellzone Vs Jungle Scout:


sellzone review

Sellzone is one of those very reliable tools that is provided by Amazon for the people who are doing the e-commerce business here.

Sellzone is a type of a very efficient toolkit that is used by businessmen or businesswomen to achieve some sort of growth sustainability in their business. 

This toolkit is also used by the business people to help their business to build from the scratch and also help them to gain extensive profits

You can sell your products very easily using the Sellzone toolkit and also make listings and protect them.

Amazon makes this platform so easy to use that the people who are doing business here have to just worry about their own product pages or business and do not have to worry about the competition that they are going to face.

Now as this tool is for Amazon, it provides its users loads of features like the option to manage the listings of your page and also how to optimize the product performances on the basis of how those products are faring in the market. 

Sellzone is powered by one of the leading business tools producers that have produced over seven million marketers and so it provides one of the best platforms to do your business on.

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Jungle Scout:-


Jungles Scout is one of the best tools for business that is provided for Amazon and is one of the most renowned tools that is provided to the people who come up here with the interest of doing business.

This business tool has already helped thousands of newcomers with loads of advice on how to avoid failure in business and move forward. This self-equipped tool also helps the businessmen to decide what they are going to offer.

To read about Jungle Scout in detail, click here.

This is one of the platforms that only work on data-driven research and also does not meddle much into the research that requires haywire solutions.

The most interesting thing about this platform is that they help the people thereby to find very nice and well thought out keywords that in turn help them to find the products of the maximum profit potential.

They also give the business people a track by which they can track the sale of their products monthly, weekly or yearly. 

This tool also tells everyone which product has been in the highest demand over the past few weeks and also gives personal advice to every businessman on how to improve their business and increase their profits.

They also provide some amazing filters with which the product that is being searched can easily be searched.

They also give a profit calculator that helps to compare revenue and prices for each and every product opportunity. 

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Common Features:

As we know that both Jungle Scout and Sellzone are sales estimators and that both of them are two of the finest sales estimators that Amazon provides and hence in this segment we will dive into the common features that these two have: 

1. Ease Of Search:- 

Both of the sales estimators have exceptional search filters that help to search the product with a lot of ease.

Hence whenever a customer visits this site they can easily search for the product that they want to see or purchase from that product page.

  • Sellzone

Sellzone is a sales estimator tool that is so user-friendly that it is preferred by all the newcomers that are new in the field of sales estimation.

This tool is so easy to use that it has only one dashboard and it contains all the tools and features in that particular dashboard itself. 

  • Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout is also quite easy and a very user-friendly tool to use.

This sales tool is rather more famous for its super easy interface and moreover, it is designed in such a way that it can handle when some sort of bulk work is being done on this website as it is designed to prevent lags. 

2. Products with maximum profit

Both of the sales estimators help to find the products that have the maximum profit potential. These tools have been designed in such a way that they automatically find the best product or deal which is supposed to give the customer the most profit. 

  • Sellzone 

Sellzone is the type of sales tool that in itself gives the profitable deal or product to the customer itself.

The software is designed in such a way that it helps the business people here to work more and more on the product that is bound to give them the most profit. 

  • Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout is the type of sales tool whose software is designed to work in such a way that it shows the product that is being sold the most or in short that product which the people are buying the most and after that, it gives preference to the products providing us with the most profit.

All in all, it provides us with the choice of both types of going with the most sold product or the most profitable product. 

3. Keywords:-

Both of the sales estimators also help to find the right keyword for the products to sell. Keywords are the most important for businessmen when they come to any product page in order to search for the products and keywords are just a single worded asset for them.

  • Sellzone

Sellzone is the type of software that is designed to showcase all the keywords to the business people once they enter the product page.

They in addition to this also help the entrepreneurs by providing them with the best keywords and also help them to check if there is an error or so that is occurring. 

  • Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the type of platform that provides all its business doers with a set of keywords and whichever product we use or design for our product page we have to use the keyword from that list itself and have to buy a premium plan for using more keywords.

4. Help To Newcomers:-

Both tools have helped many newcomers to avoid failure at the start of their business. They are the best-known tools that have helped many not just prevent failure but also grow their businesses so much that these two tools have themselves become very popular because of that. 

  • Sellzone

Sellzone is one of those tools that have a so easy interface to use that even the ones who have just come into this business or are using these tools for the first time, can also learn to use this themselves.

This tool provides all the help to the newcomers and also supports them in every way possible. To guide them effectively they also provide guidance videos and with a lot of blogs and guidance videos available on the internet. 

  • Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout is one of those tools that can handle very heavy work on their article very effortlessly as this tool is designed in such a way that even after putting a lot of load on it, this website does not hang and does not create lags, this is the biggest advantage to the newcomers.

Moreover, except for the guidance videos, they also provide a lot of help to the newcomers and also give many blogs and some step-by-step written guides also on how to fare through their site easily. 

Unique Features:-

features of sellerzone


  • Listing Protection:

This is a type of feature which lets all the business people who are using Sellzone monitor their earnings over a month, how their products have fared over the last week or month, changes in the ownership of any product by any firm, it also shows the various product titles and descriptions, it also keeps all the users alerted and highlighted about all the products and their prices regularly.

This tool also notifies the users if by any chance there is a shift in the keyword positions of any word or if any changes in the profit of your business.

It also allows you to run scouting campaigns and also alerts if there is any increase or decrease in your competitor’s prices and also tells you which of their products has been the highest grossing.

In short, this tool is the most amazing tool that Sellzone provides. 

  • Traffic Insights

sellerly features

This feature that has been made by Sellzone tells us in-depth about the amount of traffic accumulated on our website in the past few days.

It tells about the products that the customers require whenever they have visited our websites and it also tells all the business people that which product in their collection is in the most demand right now and which product in their collection has become some sort of old or basically old fashioned and the customers do not require or need that product from now on. 

It also tells all the business people which product amongst yours will create the highest impact among the customers and if not then which of the products should we buy so that the market position of our business amongst our customers remain the same and also tells us the various ways through which it could increase and hence increasing the value of our business. 

This feature also has the potential to tell us which website from the browser is drastically helping our business by attracting the most crowd from the online through different websites that our customers log in through.

Having access to all this helps our business to grow and also inculcates various ideas in our mind regarding ideal places and ideas for market buildings and also teaches us various things about how to run our business on a particular site over the long run and how to get success so that we also get to claim the customers from others also. 

  • Listing Quality Check 

upgrade listings

This is a kind of special feature that is given to basically all the members of this website as this helps all the business people that are engaged here with a chance to improve the look of their website or more precisely the work page or the product page, it also helps to determine some of the major factors like the sales and the ctr and also shows us the steps on how we can increase or decrease it. 

Then this amazing tool will also automatically check that all of the products that you make are always in strict adherence to amazon terms and conditions.

This means that you don’t have to do any extra effort to match your items with their terms and conditions.

They will also provide us with some of the data-driven ideas that are made to boost the visibility of the items that we have posted on our website and it will also eventually help us to build your conversion rates. 

  • Split Testing 

split testing sellerly

This is one of the very few features that are included both in the free plans as well as paid subscription plans.

One of the major advantages of using this tool is that you can conduct any number of split tests that you want to on your product page until and unless you find the ideal patterns that are best for your amazon listing patterns which in turn help you to craft the ideal listing in your product page. 

This feature is one of the easiest features that Sellzone provides you to work with, it also helps the business people working here to effectively fine-tune and work so that they can create their parameter list very quickly and without much hassle.

It also provides many things such as a very apt title, a good description and many other things such as a body and it also makes sure that all these things use the performance page fully so as to maximize the content which also helps in increasing the sales a little bit as when the customers come they are actually very tempted to see all the things that are available in that particular market and also are tempted to buy many things as they find that page to be extremely well made and neatly assembled and aligned. 

Jungle Scout:- 

  • Recognizes the past searches, drifts, and seasonality:

jungle scout features

Now as we know that jungle scout is one of the famous tools and it is also very widely used as a sales estimator.

So one of the major features that they provide their users is that this tool can easily recognize past searches, drifts, and seasonality.

This basically means that if we do something new to our product page in pursuit of making it a little better and if according to jungle scout our previous search was better then it would either alert us or prompt us to shift to our previous search. 

It is because according to this tool our previous search was better and as a result, it would tempt our customers to buy things more than the current search.

Then along with this as we also know that the demands of the customers change drastically as the seasons change, so this tool also helps us to find and put new and the latest things on our product page so that our product page is fully equipped to meet the new and drastic demands of our customers and also that when our customers come to look at our product page they can find anything they want and hence have a great experience. 

  • Identifies the right keyword to influence and focus your efforts  

keyword opportunity

Another important feature that this amazing tool provides us is that if at the time of adding a new product or even editing our product page.

If we somewhat write a keyword at the wrong place then this tool is actually equipped with the feature of correcting the keyword itself without any hassle and it would automatically replace it with a keyword that is more appropriate. 

It will also make sure that the new keyword that they have replaced will actually be a very nice and a tempting one and which will surely attract more customers and in return, it will also help us to get more customers.

As we know that these keywords play a very major role in attracting new customers as to when they enter a website, before buying anything what they see is how the necessary information about the product is written. 

As we know that if the product information about any of the products is not written in a proper manner, then the customers are more likely to go away because due to the lack of diction they would not be able to understand the product and why it is there for.

Hence it is very important to have the right keyword at the right place as it will help the customers do their work very quickly and they would also understand how the product they are interested in would work and in short they will have a great experience on our product page and will definitely come back for more orders.

  • The ease at tracking a competition of a product:

This is one of the most important features of this tool, this tells us that if we are in the process of making a new product and if someone has made that product better than us, so obviously the better product will sell more, hence this tool helps us to compare between the better product and our product and even tells us that what is the difference between our product and the better product and why is the better one. 

After telling us all this, it will even tell us how we can make our product better and also the ways by which it will sell more. It will also provide the necessary keywords for it.

In this feature, there is another feature by the name of Rank Tracker, it tells us that where does our product is after we have kept a good keyword for it and have launched that product stand, it also tells us various ways by which we can do better, and also make our product fare much better. 

All in all this tool is the best amongst all as it after telling us the standings of our products also tells us what we can do to make it better and also suggests some very meaningful and apt keywords for it.

So this tool can make your product flourish very easily but yes you will have to constantly work for it to get better. 

6 Reasons why Sellzone is your best option in contrast to Jungle Scout:

1. Simple to Use, Personalized On-Boarding:-

At the point when you go along with us, you will not need to stress over exploring the various parts of Sellzone without anyone else.

Our Customer Success chiefs specifically welcome you ready and acquaint you with the different highlights of the apparatus.

He/she will comprehend your business necessities and assist you with acknowledging how you can utilize the product to drive your business forward.

The various highlights of Seller have been planned with the end goal that you get a center, significant bits of knowledge, and information about your business in an improved way.

Gone are the days when you would need to manage 10 unique tabs attempting to comprehend what is happening.

2. Worked on Product Research:

To improve on the way toward tracking down that ideal item for you, Sellzone in-house calculation has formulated a measurement known as happenstance score.

This comes in after investigating 500 million information focuses across an expansive range of umpteen items.

The score is allocated to each item with the goal that you don’t invest your valuable energy sorting out if an item is possible for your business.

This score is dictated by thinking about five unmistakable components β€” request, rivalry, costs, net revenue, and quality.

The Sellers calculation takes these variables and produces a score on a size of low, medium, and high, with working on clarification.

Peruse our information base of in excess of 50 million things effortlessly. Get results for singular item classes and channel it further dependent on various measurements like number of audits, assessed deals each day, value range, number of vendors, and so on, for more refined outcomes.

On the off chance that you are searching for something more explicit, utilize our ‘Utilization Cases’ component to discover specialty things and construct item thoughts.

3. Get an Exhaustive Range of Keywords:

Utilizing Sellzone you can create potential catchphrases for your items as well as concentrate watchwords from the postings that are your immediate rivalry.

Advance beyond the bend by investigating the catchphrases your rivals are utilizing to direct people to their postings.

The ‘Watchword’ and ‘ASIN’ apparatus, when utilized together, will give you an exhaustive arrangement of catchphrases to focus on in your postings and Sponsored Products promotion crusades.

This incredible component is somewhat like Jungle Scout, however, Sellzone will enhance your catchphrase research, in an exceptionally rearranged and exact way.

To simplify everything, we have parted the outcomes into ‘customary’ catchphrases and long-tail watchwords.

For every catchphrase, you can likewise examine search volume and cost per click. Our calculations investigate more than 100,000 hunt questions each and every day to comprehend the most recent market patterns and how individuals are searching for items on Amazon.

4. Track Products and Get Extensive Insights:

Contingent upon the size of your business, you can follow upwards of 500 items with Sellzone. For every item, get an outline of authentic patterns like value, orders, income, Best Sellzone Rank (BSR), and offers.

Furthermore, for each item that is followed, get all the pertinent and moving catchphrases, and see if they have been fused in the posting.

This element will assist you with seeing how well the posting is streamlined with watchwords and if some other significant catchphrases are absent.

You can follow different watchwords with this free Jungle Scout elective for every item and perceive how its presentation is fluctuating with time.

Investigate the quest receivability for various quest terms for a similar item.

Also, recognize precisely where the posting is positioning for that specific catchphrase, in light of page rank and position in the output.

Improve your Listing Quality and Drive more Traffic.

The nature of your posting is one of the key central considerations that go into directing people to your items.

Seller’s calculations decide how extraordinary a posting depends on two elements β€” discoverability and attractive quality.

These two measurements are dissected for each and every posting that is being followed and from that point onward, a score is balloted.

Alongside this score, rules are likewise given on the best way to improve the nature of the posting.

For instance, if your posting lacks list items or backed characters, it will be brought up promptly and you will get ideas to improve them.

You can likewise set up a discussion with our Customer Success administrator to see how to improve your posting.

5. Lift the performance of your PPC Campaigns.

Envision running a PPC crusade on Amazon without anyone else and going through the hunt term reports for quite a long time together to discover noteworthy information to work with.

That being said, the information isn’t adequately methodical to draw significant bits of knowledge. It sounds like a significant drawn-out work, right?

With Sellzone PPC Analyzer Tool, you will not need to stress over the entirety of this. We do the truly difficult work for you and straightforwardly present the outcomes.

With this option in contrast to Jungle Scout, you will get a 360-degree perspective on your PPC crusades with summed-up outcomes in a single spot.

Our robotized suggestions will assist you with killing negative watchwords and diminish your advertisement spends on non-performing words.

Besides, you will get smoothed out experiences into which watchwords are getting changes and how you can utilize them to advance your advertisements further.

Our customers have detailed a diminishing of over 10% in advertisement spends and an expansion of more than 25% in change rate, and we endeavor to improve these numbers further.

6. Screen the Health of your Business Effortlessly:

You are maintaining a business β€” you need to see basic reports that reveal to you precisely how your business is performing.

From one viewpoint, you need key measurements like incomes, deals, orders, deals speed, and so on while on the other,

You ought to have the option to screen your stock levels effectively to restock on schedule.

You need to accomplish the entirety of this without investing a great deal of energy.

Fortunately, with Sellzone our Profit Dashboard include is all you need to see how your business is getting along.

You will get a 10,000 foot perspective of your whole business domain with the capacity to investigate every component exclusively.

Moreover, our prescient calculations will likewise reveal to you how long your current stock will last before you need to restock it, allowing you to follow up on it.

We will likewise reveal to you the number of ruffians who are effectively selling under your posting so you can react to it quickly and forestall losing deals.

While there is no Jungle Scout free preliminary, we give our customers 7 days to attempt its option free of charge.

Ease To Use:


The very user-friendly interface of Sellzone is considered to be one of the easiest amongst all and hence once a newcomer joins Sellzone, he or she does not have any problem and can easily learn to operate Sellzone themselves.

The most interesting thing about this is that they have a single dashboard and anything that needs to be done by anyone can easily be done using that dashboard.

The best thing is that they have a single dashboard so it consolidates all necessary tools and features in that only and gives access to the users in a very easy form. 

Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout is also quite an easy platform to work on but yes as compared to Sellzone it still has a difficult interface to work on, unlike Sellzone it has a difficult dashboard to work on.

And also it has multiple dashboards, so you will have to wander around the website in order to find where the features and all the necessary tools are because you will literally have to wander around the website so that you can complete the work and launch it on your product page. 

Customer Support:


Sellzone is one of those very few sales estimator companies today that provide excellent customer support across all the sites.

The customer support team of Sellzone is very active on social media and is always willing to cater to all the doubts and queries that are posted on their social media handles. 

Sellzone is always known to be one of the sales estimator companies that have always cleared all the doubts of their customers over the years.

Apart from the social media pages, phone numbers, email id all the customers have access to all the blogs, interviews, product demos, and also all the content on YouTube, thus having outstanding or simply the best customer support a website can have. 

Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout also has amazing customer support, the customer support and the software team is also quite active on social media.

Although they also have some media teams and also have blogs and FAQ’s for the customer support and also have an email id where they respond to everyone they get doubts and queries from but they do not have a mobile number from where they can receive calls from and help the customers who could have easily called them over. 

But yes that is not a problem as they get thousands of emails every day and have a very large software team that is always available to clear the doubts of everyone who mails the queries to them through their email id. 

They also clear the doubts anyone has after reading their blogs and FAQs through social media or even reply back to the mail.

Pricing of Sellzone vs Jungle Scout

Sellzone Pricing

sellerzone pricing

Sellzone is a type of platform which has two types of plans: the free plan and the paid plan. The Paid Plan comes with a seven-day free period and in those seven days, you can decide whether you want the paid plan or you are happy with the free plan.

In the free plan, we get features such as unlimited split tests and a check for amazon requirements whereas in the paid plan you get many other features like a full list of quality checks and improvement ideas, listing protection with all the security alerts, and in-depth traffic channels.

The following is the pricing of the various plans, Sellzone offers:- 

  • Free Plan – $0 per month
  • Paid Plan – $50 per month

Jungle Scout Pricing

Junglescout Pricing

Jungle Scout offers a variety of premium plans namely; The Basic Plan, The Suite Plan, and The Professional Plan.

The Basic Plan provides us with all the essentials that are needed to kickstart a plan about research in the products and also to start your amazon business.

The Suite Plan is the most popular plan that is favored by most people and this plan provides industry-leading methods and solutions that helped the most to manage and accomplish an Amazon business.

The Professional Plan is the most costly plan, gives more data and more solutions, and is the one-stop solution for all your business needs. 

  1. The Basic Plan – $19 a month  and $228 if billed annually
  2. The Suite Plan – $49 a month and $589 if billed annually 
  3. The Professional Plan – $84 a month and $999 if billed annually. 

Pros & Cons



  • Sellzone has exceptional and outstanding customer support.
  • Sellzone provides a seven-day trial period to test all the paid features.
  • Sellzone is very user-friendly and has only one dashboard and so it makes the product page very easy to use. 


  • Sellzone does not provide a variety of plans for the customers to take an interest in it. 
  • Sellzone does not provide enough questions and answers about its software and that how does it function.
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Jungle Scout –


  • Jungle Scout provides a whole day of customer service that helps the customers to rectify their problems at any time of the day. 
  • Jungle Scout is known for systematically guiding the newbies and youngsters into the type of business they want to pursue. 
  • Jungle Scout provides the depth analysis of the report of the sales and the business that is done
  • It also provides a very worthy software to work on


  • Lack of the mobile app in the case of Jungle Scout makes it a case of a limited audience 
  • Integrations of the Jungle Scout with the web browsers and extensions make it a rather unsafe app to use.
  • The paid features are quite costly but provide fewer features than they are expected to do so.  
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Decision: Both Sellzone and Jungle Scout do the work and it boils down to individual inclination.

User Reviews 


customer reviews



Jungle Scout

jungle-scout review jungle-scout review

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FAQ | Sellzone VS Jungle Scout:

πŸ‘‰ Would I be able to utilize Jungle Scout on my telephone?

Indeed, you can see Jungle Scout on tablets and telephones. In any case, the Extension isn't presently accessible for survey on cell phones.

πŸ‘ Is Jungle Scout worth the money?

It's 100% worth the money. If you can't figure it out, just ask for your money back within two weeks and you're all good.

🀟 When and how often Sellzone will bill you?

Paid users are billed for every month on a monthly basis. The charging occurs automatically on the same date as you first paid for a monthly subscription.

πŸ™† Does Jungle Scout have an application?

Indeed, there's a web application accessible for each and every individual who needs to start item deals.

πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ Would I be able to utilize Jungle Scout on my telephone?

Indeed, you can see Jungle Scout on tablets and telephones. In any case, the Extension isn't presently accessible for survey on cell phones.

πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ Is there a free alternative to jungle scout?

There are only 2 free alternatives for JungleScout: Unicorn Smasher and Helium 10 Xray (free for the first 1000 product lookups).

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Is Jungle Scout worth the money?

It's 100% worth the money. If you can't figure it out, just ask for your money back within two weeks and you're all good.

πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ What is jungle scout used for?

It is mainly used to start, grow, and manage your business on Amazon. Also, helps to find products to sell, source suppliers, optimize your listing, manage your inventory and sales, and more.

Summary | Sellzone VS Jungle Scout:

SellerApp and Jungle Scout are both generally utilized Amazon vendor devices. They are 100% worth the speculation.

The two of them offer component-rich stages to assist you with developing your Amazon business.

While SellerApp offers a coordinated arrangement with income and volume-based valuing. Wilderness Scout offers a more easy-to-understand stage with a broad item data set and a lower value point.

Our broad audit should direct your choice on which instrument will turn out best for you.

Conclusion: Sellzone Vs Jungle Scout 2023

It is useful and beneficial to stick with Jungle Scout as it helps in saving your time and growing your business.

It provides aid to help you get through the product research, product launches, post-launch strategies, and financial. The tips provided help you to succeed and make more money.

It’s always awesome to get insights from the transparent Amazon sellers and guides. I hope you have liked the Jungle Scout Review and would love to give it a try. 

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As I would see it on the off chance that you are hoping to build your Amazon deals and upgrade your advertising methodology, you should attempt Sellzone.

It has a wide assortment of instruments you would require as a vendor on Amazon. It is advantageous, cost-effective, and far-reaching, and this separates it from the rest.

It is a solitary device that gives information-driven bits of knowledge and answers to enhance your Amazon development.

The interface is not difficult to explore to help you gather market experiences. In particular, even with just their free instrument – split testing, you can perceive what a little change can mean for your Amazon deals.

Thus, while Listing Protection is astounding at following Amazon postings or seeing any instability, the Listing Quality Check guarantees every one of the items has all proficient substance to drive deals home.

Also, Traffic Insights is an incredible wellspring of data about the outside traffic of your posting, which is extremely valuable for changing your promotion system.

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